ZoNation Video: It’s Christ-Mas Not Christ-Less

It’s that time of year when many celebrate the birth of Jesus. Some just enjoy the theme aspect of the holiday. Some say you don’t need Jesus to celebrate Christmas, and some are Bah Humbug over Christmas all together. But here’s a commentary on some reasons why we celebrate the birth of the One many take for granted. Hear more in this ZoNation.

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  • Wibbins

    Hey zo, I’ve been wondering which Bible translations you use during your study?

  • UnhyphenatedAmericanVet

    Merry Christmas ZO, and looking forward to a New Year with your insights and posts!

  • Robert Brumbelow

    I appreciate what you are trying to do, but your theology is headed in some strange places. Example. you talk about God being laid back and trusting in people to do the right thing and yet compare that thought to 1 peter 1 18-20 and its parallel Rev 13:8 where it is plainly stated that Christ is the lamb slain before the foundations of the world. You cannot have ot both ways. Either God knew before and what was going to happen and laid down plans to deal with things or He did not.

    • Jonathan Glass

      Robert, can you provide more context for your point? I don’t see any paradox here. God, the Omniscient, knew before He created anything that Man would choose to sin. Thus He prepared the sacrifice before He created the earth (and time and space, etc). That doesn’t necessarily mean that He doesn’t show mercy (being laid back) and give us a chance to live righteously. The Old Testament is full of examples of God warning the people of imminent doom if they don’t turn from their sinful actions. In several instances the prophets even convinced God to show more mercy and postpone judgments.

    • Zo

      Thanks, Jonathan. Blessings!

    • Robert Brumbelow

      I am going to assume a few things in my reply:

      1) That Jonathan Glass is responding to my comment alone and not in the proper context of the video. I assume this because the reply does speaks of God being merciful, but does not touch on the ambivalence touted in the video.

      2) Mr Alfonzo Rachel is not a trained theologian or even a formal student of theology, there is nothing wrong if this is the case, but I highly recommend that before someone post a video about theology they spend some time doing a systematic study because looseness in terms quickly leads to some very strange ideas in theology. In sports it is called armchair quarterbacking, in theology it gets called ‘folk theology’ I highly recommend The Christian Faith: A Systematic Theology for Pilgrims on the Way by Michael S. Horton a professor at Westminster Theological Seminary California it is inexpensive concise and approachable

      3) Not an assumption on my part but a disclosure: I am not a nice person. I am kind, but definitely not nice. I have a health condition which has caused personality changes over the years. I know I am going to come across in a blunt and potentially condescending manner, please ignore those factors, they are not intentional merely byproducts.

      4) That this will be listened to: In other words I don’t write these long winded replies for some joy of my own, but because I genuinely believe the addressee is worth the time and effort it takes for me to reply.

      Sure: The context starts with Genesis 1:1 and ends with Rev 22:21.

      What you have said bears no correlation with what Alfonzo Rachel stated in his clip.

      1) timestamp 0:48 Christians are often judged by the secularists with the Old Testament when the know we are under a new covenant.

      Reply 1) There are historically 3 covenants: 1st Between the Godhead regarding redemption

      2nd Covenant of Works: Garden era

      3rd Covenant of Grace: Post fall aka Postlapsarian

      At issue: Conflation of Old Testament with Old Covenant and New Testament with New Covenant. The reality is that the vast majority of the Old Testament and the vast majority of the New Testament is all God’s unfolding of His plan under the New Covenant. It could be argued all of both, with prelude and epilog. Confusion about this can lead to the belief that man has been saved in different ways at different times

      2) Timestamp 1:21Confusion about the Trinity. Jesus is the Incarnation of that same Hod of the Old Testament…

      Reply 2) Yes and no. Yes, Jesus was God in the Old Testament; however, most people tend to think of God the Father as the Wrathful OT God. Jesus Christ who became flesh and tabernacled among His people is very God of Very God, not the incarnation of God the Father. Similarly, He is also not the incarnation of the Holy Spirit. One God, Three Persons. There is only one God, there are three Persons, each distinct. So the Father is God, the Son is God, The Holy Spirit is God, but the Father is not the Son, nor the Spirit, The Son is not the Father nor the Spirit, likewise the Spirit is neither the Father nor the Son

      At issue: The Trinity is a mystery. Anyone who tells you they fully understand it is either lying to you, or holding a conversation with you after the 2nd coming however it is important to stay within the guidelines we know and not equivocate or be ambivalent lest we fall prey to the ancient heresies of Modalism, Monarchism, Patripassionism, or Subordinationism depending on how they get twisted

      3) Timestamp 3:40 the assume they could know more than God

      Reply 3) No, in fact reading Genesis 3:2 we see that Eve misquotes God, adding to what He said and Satan then in Genesis 3:5 makes the offer that they would ‘be like God, knowing good and evil.’ So not knowing more, but rather being like God.

      At issue: The arrogance of Adam and Eve was presumptuous enough without repeating Eve’s mistake of Gn 3:2 and adding to what the revealed word actually says.

      4) Timestamp 4:58 ‘God didn’t risk Adam and Eve’s life with the blessing of free will with that tree without risking His own'[sic]

      Reply 4) There was 0 risk. God absolutely knew beforehand that Adam and Eve would eat the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge. Not only did He know beforehand, but God the Son sacrificed Himself before the fall (1 Peter 1 18-20, Revelation 13:8) to account for it. It was not a contingency plan. God did not trust Adam and Eve to do the right thing, He created them knowing they would fail and that something greater, God’s plan of Redemption, was already present.

      At risk: The relatively new(~400 years old) heresy of Molinism or so-called ‘Middle knowledge’ Molinism is an attempt to converge the idea of libertarian free will with the sovereignty of God. Basically: Molinism says that God knows what the potential free will choices of people will be and chooses who will be saved based on that knowledge. This is fairly popular today as people are insistent on the concept of a libertarian free will and do not take into account the lapse’s effects on all of creation, let alone the human will.

      5) Timestamp 5:55 God could have made more laws but He didn’t

      Reply 5) There was 1 Law in the Garden, 613 in the Old Testament (including the 10 Commandments), ~1050 in the New Testament.

      At issue: The purpose of God’s laws. The laws serve 3 purposes:
      1) pedagogical: to show us our sin and drive us to Christ;
      2) civil: to curb vice with the threat of temporal punishment;
      3) didactic: to guide Christian living.

      6) Timestamp 7:43 Stone Tablets etched in Sapphire

      Reply 6) Nowhere in scripture are the original tablets referred to as being blue, let alone being sapphire. The idea that they were sapphire is a Talmudic construct (circa 300-500 A.D.) not a Biblical one.

      At Issue: We need to be very careful to use extra-biblical sources only for clarity, not for expansion. A famous preacher found himself claiming Adam had to have wings or be able to fly like Superman. His reasoning was that since Adam had dominion over the birds of the air, he then must have been better than them at everything they did, including flying.

      7) Timestamp 8:00 Only one law: love

      Reply 7) If you want to go for simplification, and someone asked Christ the same thing, do not simplify more than He did.
      Matthew 22:36-40 (ESV): “Teacher, which is the great commandment in the Law?” And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets.”

    • Jonathan Glass

      Robert, thanks for your thorough and insightful analysis. I’m just a Bible believing Conservative Christian and nowhere near as versed as you appear to be. I cannot argue with you, but I will research your points for my own edification.

      I cannot speak to Alfonzo’s intentions or motivations. No offense intended to Alfonzo, but I don’t watch his videos for deep theology. I watch his videos for his insightful and often colorful perspectives on the culture and political scenes. I assume that since he’s human, he’s bound to have a few errors in what he says. I prefer to read Ravi Zacharias and staff for apologetics.

      Thanks for the book reference. I’m purchasing that so I can further improve my walk and my understanding of Christianity.

      FYI, my kids regularly ask me when we can see the next Wife Shoe episode.

  • Tony Yankalunas

    Well done! I may not agree with some fine points, but the meat was right on! BTW, I fianally made it out to Cali (Long Beach) from Jersey, and am dying to meet you and the band. Please contact me at beachwhistle51@aol.com so we can hook up…

  • Jacob

    Well technically he did wipe everyone out during the flood except Noah and his three sons and their wives. And they were spared because they remained true to the Gospel.

  • Robotpals

    I’m as theologically conservative as they come, Zo, and I’ll tell you that was brilliant. It hadn’t occurred to me that not only would Adam and Eve die, not only would their descendants die, but GOD would die because of their sin. I’m totally breaking the eighth commandment on this (that’s stealing, depending on how you count them).

  • Zo I know this has very little to do with the video but seeing how this was shot today I thought this should be shared in the spirit of our Lord. December 24 1968 Apollo 8 made this film and read from Genesis. By the brave astronauts Commander Frank Borman, Command Module Pilot James Lovell, and Lunar Module Pilot William Anders.

    Merry Christmas Zo and to everyone.


  • johnfromjersey

    Another home run from Zo.
    Zo puts in context, the whole Gospel in a nutshell. Of course the one who spoke the words, “UNIVERSE BE”, which was, btw, the big bang, knew ahead of time what the entire outcome would be, and planed it accordingly. He understood that the (man) He created could not, or would not hold up to His standards. The one thing I don’t hear many talk about is His other creations, Angels, for one. Does anyone else ever think about us humans being created to prove to the Angels who rebelled that they didn’t have to… rebel. From every account of G_D, old and new testament, He proves time and again that He is a just and loving G_D. He never corrects anyone against their will. Remember something, He created the Angels prior to humans, and their relationship could’ve gone on for millions or trillions of years before He created the universe that we know. Angels aren’t human, and although they’re said to be messengers of G_D, there is very little of their history with G_D written. The only things we’re told is about their rebellion and punishment. Remember Satan/Lucifer was 2nd to Him. What we don’t know is for how long? Did G_D choose to prove to His right hand that rebellion wasn’t necessary and if Lucifer only trusted Him… just like we’re to trust in Him, and not ourselves.

  • FormerLadyLaw

    Zo…! 🙂 Thank you for a fresh perspective on the ‘why and what for’ and for giving my faith a real
    shot in the arm to start the new year which just has to be better than the last one. At least we can
    still dream! Regarding “air:” That’s what I align with faith, you can’t see it, but it’s always there. 🙂

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