ZoNATION: Part Two–2013 in Review: Transparency Arrogancy

FROM PJTV: “President Obama was elected with the promise of transparency. So why is this the President who has had NSA leaks, who’s promises have been directly confronted by Edward Snowden, and an IRS scandal that only Nixon could have dreamed of. Transparency arrogancy is what this is.”

In case you missed part 1

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  • Obama is so transparent he is Invisible.


  • Bob Beezer

    That graphic is missing the venerable Walter E. Williams!

  • Bob Beezer

    Or Frederick Douglas, or Kenn Blanchard, or Colion Noir, or Joseph C Philips, or Ken Hutcherson, or Star Parker, or Elbert Guillory, or K. Carl Smith, or Condoleezza Rice, or Wayne Dupree, or Sojourner Truth, the list goes on and on….

  • Sherry Jones

    As always, Alfonzo is right on target

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