ZoNation: Part 3–2013 in Review: Anticipation for Future Elections Could Give GOP Nasty Side Effects

As we enter 2014, Zo reminds all Republicans out there not to get too excited for 2016, especially without knowing who our alternative is going to be. He warns that, if its Chris Christie, the side effects might be worse than the problem.

In case you missed part 2

In case you missed part 1

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  • Can we please stop with this whole Chris Christie bull. I really don’t want him anywhere near the 2016 elections and will screw up everything we been fighting for.

  • Tony Yankalunas

    My governor-Christie- has been put in a bad light because the extremists don’t feel he is far enough right. As a citizen of Jersey, you guys have him all wrong. Yes, he’s more moderate when he needs to, but he’s all about the business of righting the ship of state, and has done more for us than the last several before him. Don’t judge him by the media, judge him for what he’s done for us…

  • Jack

    You are not
    looking at the absolute best potential candidate for 2016. He is intelligent and is not a career politician,
    cares about the future of America and would make an outstanding President. Dr. Ben Carson. Don’t know him? Watch Fox News and read his
    book America the Beautiful.

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