Mellisa Harris Perry’s Panel Shows Bigotry, Not the Robertsons

Zo weighs in on Mellisa Harris Perry’s bigoted panel, which took a shot at Romney’s adoption of a child who is American black, and MHP’s subsequent effort to say she was sorry (with tears to boot). Does Zo buy it? And really, how is it that Phil Robertson is a bigot and MHP and her panel aren’t? Find out in this ZoNation

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  • Joseph Haynes

    Thank you,again, Zo.
    I am a white male married to a black woman and have 3 black daughters and a bi-racial son. I was cut to the quick by MHP and her panel mocking the Romney’s bi-racial child. It was sick. It was sad. And I can only hope that they are ashamed.

    • Zo

      Righto Joseph! Thanks!

    • Joshua Mcclain

      ha, ha…”righto.” that word is so funky. it gets me every time. 😀

  • Bryan Lyman

    Though I think MHPs tears were sincere, I think you are right that the reasons for her apology probably weren’t as they appeared to be. I grew up in a community where certain groups of parents told their kids that it was perfectly fine to steal, lie, and cheat as long as you didn’t get caught doing it. I think MHP was more shocked that after all the years of race-baiting, someone finally called her out on it. Her reaction struck me as being like those kids in my home town, whose parents were mad because they had been caught and asked them to apologize just because they had to. I am sure MHPs parents (MSNBC) threatened her in some way and that was the reason for the emotion, not really that she thought she had done anything wrong. I could be wrong, but it will be easy to tell if I am right. If she continues race-baiting (this time choosing her words more carefully) in the future, it will show her true character.

  • Monica Carter

    Spot on as usual. Happy new year!

  • urbanvrwcmom

    If I were to place a child for adoption and could choose a family for her, it wouldn’t be black LEFTISTS. As a member of an interracial family, Mellisa should be the last one to run down the Romneys. She should have taken the high road and told those who were part of it, not to go there

  • Clearly a example of liberal racism.

  • Marian

    I didn’t buy Mellisa Harris Perry”s apology either.
    I believe her ” tears” were more for having to apologize than for an actual apology. She was required to apologize (IMO) to save face and her job.
    Had Mellisa really felt the way she purported in her apology, the incident would never have happened in the first place,and she would have called her panel on it immediately…The very fact that she laughed and agreed with her bigoted panel making such disgusting comments towards the Romney’s adopted infant grandson was enough to show Mellisa’s true colors, not too mention this is NOT her first bout in spewing racism via her job at msnbc…

    Her apology was about as sincere as Obama claiming he LOVES America!

  • PoorPitifulPearl

    Zo, you are one of the most articulate young men I’ve discovered in the blog-o-sphere and congratulate you on your “lectures.” I call them lectures because I think every sane person will gain education from them, and every liberal should be hit over the head with them until they either lose their mental illness or wise up. Oh, that’s right…once they “lose” their mental illness, they will be wise. Sorry. I got carried away by how much I love your website. Take that as a supreme compliment from a very old lady who remembers what it was like back in the 40’s. I just feel bad that we can’t adopt you because we’re so old. Smile, Zo! You are loved anyway.

  • Rustytruck

    Thanks Zo for using the term ” American Black” instead of “African-American” , you said it before about not having ever been to Africa so it’s a falacy term. Remember back in the 60s-70s when we all heard the term “Black and Proud”? I like that so much better than African American. I hate this damn racial thing anyway, if the scientists are right, we are all from Africa in the first place, everyone of us. Don’t know if I buy that one but I do buy we are all the same, loved by God!

  • jaws4316

    Don’t take this the wrong way but, I Love You Man!! You hit that one clean out of the Ballpark.

  • Melissa

    Telling it like it is Zo, you the man! I am so glad you are pointing out these things, don’t take this the wrong way, but if it was a white person that was saying what you say they’d be called racist. I’m with you, people refuse to see what they don’t want to see, they will take it and turn it into something bad no matter how good it is. The liberal democrats constantly try to hold the black community down, and they buffalo them by saying they are helping them. How do you help someone by taking away their need to work, their need to actually help themselves? It’s like a physical therapist saying, no don’t try, let me hand you that glass of water, here let me hold it to your lips…it doesn’t help the person it makes them dependent on someone else, and when that person can or will no longer help them, then what happens?? They have to rely on themselves and are so far from able to that they no longer know how. It’s the same way with how they treated women back in the 60s and 70s, when they were trying to come into the work place, and even now sometimes, they (the powers that be) pacify, they massage, they take one way and do another. True equality will only happen when everyone is treated and treats other equally, not just one race, not just one group, it takes all, and saying you’re not racist then saying the things that people like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the people you mentioned here say makes them racist themselves. When people stop seeing color and start seeing people then that’s when racism will cease to be.

  • JoJo L

    Hi Zo

    I am from Australia and I just love watching your videos. The liberal media and liberals more generally here in Australia is just as bad, if not worse. They pretend to have sympathy for the “lower” ethnic groups but yet fear their success when they become successful. Australia prides itself on egalitarianism. I have advertised your website on my blog at Please don’t take it the wrong way, I was writing for a majority liberal audience who think that conservatives are all Bible-bashing, racist, sexist, bigoted Christians, or careful moralistic non-Christians, It can be found here: The liberals distort the truth using political correctness – the language weapon of liberals to brainwash the ignorant masses.

  • DJU333

    Outstanding commentary ZO!

  • Don Ruhl

    I would love to hear Melissa Harris Perry’s response after watching this excellent video. What could she possibly say in response? Thanks for your comments, Mr. Zo.

  • James Paterson

    Gotta love that double standard that the dems live by! I cannot stand their racist ideology! We could probably all get along if the democrats would quit pointing out that something is racist even if it had nothing to do with race, thereby breeding hate and racism!

  • Kyle Capellan

    Liberals do the exact same thing with matters regarding Sexism. They look for it, make excuses for why something is sexist (heck, they even have their own definition for sexism which is inconsistent with what sexism actually is), and defame the Republican party with such falsified accusations.

    Their method is to force people to examine social power: who has it and who doesn’t have it (who is the majority, who is the minority.)

    Whites have social power, so whites must be taught to hate themselves because they are innately racist for being born white and privileged, and racism is evil…therefore whites are evil. Absurd.

    Males have social power, so males must be taught self-hatred because they are innately sexist for being born male and privileged, and sexism is evil…therefore males are evil. Absurd.

    I completely agree with what this man is saying. Hatred. They thrive on it. It is the only string that connects the Liberal-puppets to center-stage. Constantly associating whites, males, Republicans, and Christians with intolerant views is intolerance in itself. The Liberals ignore their hypocrisy. If we desire true equality, people need to stop trying to draw the line of where their rights end and where others’ rights begin by hand. If people open their eyes and stop fighting over pointless garbage like the Phil Robertson incident, perhaps the line will draw itself over time. Of course, this will never happen. The Liberals are far too ignorant, persistent, and belligerent for true equality to ever be a realistic outcome. The war will only escalate.

    God have mercy. May we avert a future where we draw iron. He will punish the hypocrites and reward the fearful. Amen.

    • American Girl

      I’m behind you all the way!!! I am (to a fault) one of the most independent people I know. I am a strong, educated woman and I whole-heartedly believe that women can do anything that a man can do: however, that doesn’t mean they should! That said, I am very clear on my expectations as a married woman through God’s eyes and I proudly vowed to my husband “to love, honor, and obey”. And I strive everyday to fulfill those vows everyday, just as, in turn, my husband does.

  • Florida Baked

    To be Liberal is to be racist. To be racist is to hate. To hate for the sake of hating, is just stupid. Yup, liberals are stupid.

  • MyNightmare

    Democrats who are the party of Jim Crow and the KKK found the best way to control the black population was through entitlements. It wasn’t enough that they wanted to eradicate the black population through eugenics and planned parenthood, they had to have complete control to promote their progressive agenda. Thanks Zo, for sharing the truth!

  • Kevis

    Liberals should be tied to a chair and forced to watch this. There are 2 kinds of liberals – evil and ignorant. The evil ones might melt like the wicked witch in Oz, but at least the ignorant ones might get enlightened.
    Once again, Zo hits a grand slam.

  • American Girl

    The use of the song, “One of These Things is Not Like the Other”, in this manner, is repulsive to me and I question why this woman is still employed!!!! To me the issue of race is especially ridiculous in this day and age as we have concrete, scientific proof that on the cellular level black, white, pink, or purple: We are all the same! In addition, Sesame Street was one of the first programs to openly encourage inter-racial families and/or friendships. What a slap in the face to the history and legacy of such an amazing educational institution!

    • PaladinPierce

      Absolutely! I could not have said it better myself. Great point.

  • Mamakin

    I’m a new member of Zonation….LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David

    God bless you ZO!!! keep up the great work….you are now one of my heros

  • PaladinPierce

    Your hitting the nail on the head super hard this time Zo, Keep your teeth sunk into the elitist left’s jugular vein and someday (with any luck) liberalism will be a footnote in history. I would vote for you for political office in a minute… But I would not wish that on anyone, especially someone I liked! lol

  • JonBaer66

    I keep sharing your stuff brother, hope more and more people see it, and let it sink in. God Bless!

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