ZoNATION– Unemployment: Feeding the Cow Her Own Milk

Nancy Pelosi says raising the debt ceiling, to pay for higher unemployment benefits, will help the economy. Zo points out that this is like feeding a cow her own milk. How can paying someone not to work benefit our economy? Zo is worried about this backwards logic, and also the idea of continuing to raise the debt ceiling.

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  • I find it rather insulting to my intelligence what liberals have been saying about the economy for the past five years. I am one of these people who cannot find work I looked everywhere and even willing to flip burgers for a living if that is what it takes for me to find work but all I seem to find is temp work. Liberals have been claiming for years that the economy is so much better that we are in a recovery. What recovery!? 90 million people drop out of the workforce and they claim oh that is all baby boomers. If these idiots truly cared about the poor they would get out of our way. Instead of demanding us to pay for healthcare we have no money for. Instead of printing more funny money to give to us. Instead of lying to us. Just leave the people alone so we can take care of ourselves including business because for some odd reason liberals need reminded that people control business big and small instead of Satan.

  • golftilidrop

    If leftist-socialist-democrats had their way, unemployment would become a profession.

    • Ruby_Con

      It already is, especially for the kids with degrees in “lesbian, gay and transgendered studies” and the like.

  • Don’t forget Obama new plan to help the poor Obamaviles oh I mean promise zones. http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/budget/factsheet/building-ladders-of-opportunity

  • Dempsey Coleman

    We do not want the Debt Ceiling being raised any
    more this is why John Boehner is taking it off the
    table till after 2014 elections

  • LCM☝✊

    Democrats can’t figure that out Zo. Recently In CA when the EBT system went down one said “We had to cancel a picnic because we couldn’t buy the hamburgers.” Assistance? What? Picnic?

  • Florida Baked

    I lost 66% of my income due to my hours being cut back as compared to years before. Many unemployed complain they can’t find work. B.S. I found work, at 70% less than my “other” job. Its not easy, I don’t “like” it, but its my earned income, not a hand out. These people that can’t find work will find it within a couple of weeks when and if the government enforces the cut-off of unemployment benefits. We ALL suffer when socialist are empowered. We need more than people to just wake up and learn their lesson. We really need to STOP repeating history over and over again. Every time we give power to the government we loose our rights, our independence, our choices, and equality. One example: In my local county, government without the consent of the people, voted to make all children under 16 wear helmets using statistics regarding head injuries. So parents now have to buy not just the bike but the helmet. So now lets talk the kids out of a bike, it going to be too expensive. And lets not forget those “cool kids” who won’t ride a bike because the helmet makes them look like a ‘dork.’ So my local government has a better idea. Lets protect children from head injuries, instead let them die from juvenile diabetes from a lack of exercise cause thats more humane. Obama and his cronies want the same thing. Save the people from themselves. They can’t be trusted to save for their future so collect Social Security Tax. They lost their job and can’t be trusted to find another so lets collect an Unemployment Tax. They don’t know how to take care of their health so make them buy and pay for Health Insurance and don’t forget to also TAX them for all the others who still can’t afford it. Then lets run up a debt cause government knows how to do that better than any American too. Yeah, government has all the answers, right. Sounds like Socialized Tyranny to me. At the rate people are waking up, I will be dead and gone. I think thats what governments count on, keep the machine running until those still alive don’t know any better. Thats the socialist agenda. I am done ranting……. I feel a little better…… thanks. : )

  • Jim

    How about privatizing unemployment insurance? When you get a job, you buy unemployment insurance in the same way that you buy health insurance…oops…obamacare changes that. But back to the free market. You want a 6 month plan? It costs $. You want a 1 year plan? it costs $$$. If unemployment insurance was in the private sector, they would have a profit motive. It would be in their best interest to get you hired…at the best rate…as quickly as possible. I know how the game is currently played. Apply for jobs that you can’t possible qualify for, or jobs that pay so little that you can refuse offers without losing benefits. A private insurance company would have it’s own rules and would tell you up front. “If you punch out your boss and can’t prove self defense, you’re not covered.” If it were my business, I’d have a “resume” dept, a “job leads” dept, an “interview practice” dept…etc, etc, etc! It would be my “job” to find you a job! Maybe even a “job creation” dept. Some people don’t work well for others, but just need a little help getting their “widget” idea started. Apple Computers started in a garage. I read that at one time, there was no money to pay employees, so they were offered stock…they’re all millionaires now! So much potential!

    • mark

      Jim…you nailed it. Agree 100%…

    • Florida Baked

      I like it. But first we have to get health insurance back into the free market. I hope 2014 will be the year known as… “the year Obamacare failed” and was rebuked. Anyway, good idea Jim.

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