DAN JOSEPH: The 2014 March for Life and Responses to the War On Women


“MRCTV’s Dan Joseph braved the cold for the annual March for Life to speak with the younger activists at the gathering, specifically young women, to hear their views on life issues and the so-called war on women.”

Children of Rape For Life:
“There are very few topics in America’s ongoing debate over abortion that are as controversial and politically dangerous as those regarding rape. Recently several candidates have been asked to clarify their positions on the matter and it has ended up costing them their political careers. With the media’s consistent vilification of the pro-life movement, it is understandable that many pro-life Americans stop short of being outspoken advocates for the right to life of those conceived through rape. That being said, it would be difficult for even the most hardened abortion advocate to to disregard the views of an individual who was conceived through rape and whose mother chose to carry the pregnancy to term. MRCTV spoke to one such individual at the 2014 March For Life. MRCTV also spoke to a woman who was impregnated by a rapist and decided to go through with the pregnancy.”

  • yacope

    Is about human rights. Funny that many of the pro-abortion crowd will tie themselves to a tree and defend a turtle egg but don’t think human “egg” are as precious of those. At least a human “cluster of cells” has the potential of becoming the next great surgeon or the person who may finally cure cancer.

    FYI, having been pregnant 4 times, lost one very early in gestation, I can tell you that I never thought of any of my children as a “cluster of cells” or a “fetus”. They were all OUR children, my husband and I, from the moment I found out I was pregnant.

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