Sarah Silverman: Deep in the Womb of Texas

I keep hearing people say, “You need to move out of California and move to Texas, Zo!” I dig Texas, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like even Texas is immune to the infection of liberalism. Before you know it, abortion will be quite fashionable in Texas.

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  • Bryan Lyman

    It takes courage to stand on your principals. You can believe with all your heart that abortion is wrong, but if you stay silent as your “friends” shame you into silence because you “don’t want to loose friends”. Then you are not only a coward, you are enabling the growth of ideas you know to be wrong. I am not saying it is easy to show courage, progressives rely on shame and lies in order to whip people into line. I am just saying, you can either face it with courage now and say something; or face it in desperation later when enough people have been brainwashed by the culture that you are outnumbered. Whomever made up the adage “words can never hurt me” obviously didn’t understand propaganda very well.

    • f8tule

      You are going against God in the case of abortion,,which simply stated is murder of the innocent. and with God in your corner, you should not be scared and show courage. you are correct, we can either face it now, and stand up to those cowards who kill defensless babies, or face God later for doing nothing..

      And thank you Zo for yet another great podcast… keep them coming.. and Texas fought for what it has now, and we need to continue the fight, especially now that we know the world is watching us.

    • IncognitoChupacabra

      Yeah, we need more rude pushy Christians. Or not.

    • IncognitoChupacabra

      Or, you could mind your own business because not everyone is Christian.

    • Bryan Lyman

      @IncognitoChupacabra:disqus, Interesting coming from someone who didn’t take their own advice to “mind their own business”, and uses the propaganda of you should never speak up because I spoke up and demanded that you not say anything. You prove my point exactly, thank you!
      Also, I never mentioned anything Christianity related at all in the statement you replied to, further showing your prejudice and intolerance. *clap clap* kudos, you just demonstrated everything I was trying to point out was wrong in our current society in a single sentence, you are talented!

    • pearl87

      YES, they ARE!!!

  • louisk

    I have, for the time being, stopped supporting the Republican party financially and its state level subsidiaries. I can no longer tell the significant difference between them and the demlibs. I will, on an individual level support any and all strictly conservative/an or tea party leaders. Does not leave me much room . does it.

  • David McDougall

    Zo …people are leaving the Republican Party because of RINOs …not because of Lefties in the Leftist Party. We’re finally realizing there are two parties: The TEA Party and everyone else.

    • IncognitoChupacabra

      You guys should for a 3rd tardy…err….party.

  • Cameron Samuel Kranig

    I for one am fed up with Republicans….and am not cleaving unto the Tea Party. I am a CONSERVATIVE…something neither of those parties really embrace.

    • Their is a reason for that and that reason is fear. The elitist in both parties fear losing their power.

    • IncognitoChupacabra

      ‘there’, not ‘their’.is a reason.

      I thought ‘baggers believed in English Only?

  • Life is too important to just throw it away when it is an inconvenience. Someone I graduated with died last night at the age of 26 a great man. I cannot help thinking the lives he touched the people he helped. To think if his parents would have aborted him because people like Sarah Silverman only care about selfishness lives and not the lives of others because in the end that is all abortion is another form of selfishness.

    • purveyor1

      I forgot or didn’t know who you are! Yet I did kind of know in my recognition system, so to speak.

      Anyway, you know how I feel… Amigo!

    • Guest


    • IncognitoChupacabra

      I told you not to eat any berries while we were campining at Sexy Lake. Did you listen? No.

      How’s your bunghole feeling? Still store? You were a madman! Holy Mother of Dog!

    • IncognitoChupacabra

      What does ‘inportant’ mean? By ‘touched’ people do you mean like a groper in an elevator?

      You’re right, Sarah Silverman is hilarious AND a total fox.

    • pearl87

      FAIL indeed, you spawn of Satan. Can’t you amuse yourself with a razor to your throat? Take care of that little oversight your maternal parent made when she FAILed to abort you.

  • Ticked Off

    ZO – Any word on Operation American Spring, Seems this movement is taking on steam!

    • IncognitoChupacabra

      More like Operation Fart in a Windstorm.

  • pearl87

    Zo, I love your enthusiasm, but the GOP has already self-destructed. What’s a conservative to do? I CANNOT support the Democrat-lite policies of Boehner and his troup of RINOs in the House, or McConnell and his gang of 8 in the Senate. These people have utterly betrayed their constituents and the people who trusted them to defend our values and our Constitution.

    You’re right about the lack of gumption and conviction among conservatives, though. Just give them a lollipop and a celebrity and they lose all memory of having any love of God and country.

  • Nancy DahnSchuh-Boyd Eustice

    I have stopped going to movies because I don’t want to support any liberals. It drives me nuts when I see the discourse in the Republican Party. We need to stick together. Democrats love it when they see squabbling in our party amongst it’s members.

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