Color Me Collegiate, Or Else

The new way to get into college and have prime accommodations is no longer making the grade. It’s now done by making threats; and these students expect to be treated special by making others feel guilty. Hear more in this ZoNation.

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  • I got a question for all liberals. If you guys do not want collages basing their picks on race than why do you guys still push affirmative action.

    • Knowbody

      Because Affirmative Action benefits the poor rather than minorities which is why it mostly benefits poor white women.

    • No it does not stop lying.

    • Knowbody

      Look these facts up for yourself. Denial: It’s not just a river in Egypt.

    • Your the one making the claim but of course leave it to a liberal to never back it up with facts.

  • Ed Walters

    Zo is loved by people of intelligence, compassion, logic, and morals. It’s not his color that makes him loved, it is his message which espouses those qualities. Rock on Zo.

  • Ticked Off

    I’d go to college, but ain’t illegal.

  • Ticked Off

    ZO – Any word on Operation American Spring. Seems this movement is taking on steam.

  • Excellent as usual!

  • Sherry Jones

    As always, Zo hits the nail on the head with an excellent delivery. You really are an inspiration Zo 🙂

  • postalinVT

    Just for the record ZO, you do say just what I want to hear; Of course I’d rather hear it from every politician on the planet, but that’s not going to happen. So, in the meantime, thanks for using your platform to say it. God bless you and yours.

  • Sully1133

    I am one of those white people that likes what you have to say.
    But your serious I can’t lose weight by taking a pill?
    That sucks!!!!!!!
    Keep on doing what your doing. Wish there were more people like yourself. No matter what their skin color.
    God bless

  • AlwaysRight

    Right on! Right on! Right on!

  • Lorena

    What a wonderful message do you speak at churches too? I am not offended by the truth. Some youth groups should be having you speak!

  • marylamb72

    Does anyone know when this protest happened?

  • Antonio Liles

    I despise skin color being a criteria at all for anything! For example, where I live in Louisiana there is a school program here called MTM.

    This stands for Majority to Minority. It allows parents to move their kids from a school where they are in the majority skin color to a school where they would be in the minority skin color! There is not other criteria in the law!!! I find this completely racist, simply because it allows someone in power, the school board, to discriminate against a person because of a trivial fact such as the amount of melanin in a persons skin!

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