ZoNATION: They’re Not Food Stamps, They’re Munchie Stamps

Marijuana is now legal for recreational use in Colorado. The people who legalized it were probably stoned. And when they passed this bill, like a Joint, they didn’t consider that people would toke off the workers taxes? Hear more in this ZoNation.

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  • Susie-Q

    When talking about the ways folks misuse food stamp monies, besides drugs and alcohol, they also spend it on fake nails, Nike’s and hair weaves. Not like they feed their kids breakfast and lunch; the schools (excuse me; we) do that!

  • Edwin Hutchins

    Grandmothers side of my family had 3 children 7 grandchildren over 21 great grand children, and of those only 4 of us graduated HS, the rest have spent entire lives on food stamps and welfare and taught that culture and how to game the system to their children and so on. So the liberal lie of ” There is nobody I have ever met that wants to stay on welfare” should be preceded by the caveat “I do not get out much”. Im so much happier now that its been made easier for the system to be taken advantage of. Cause nobody wanting to get high would commit fraud right ?

    • Richard G

      hahaha, well said, thank you for sharing your experience and perspective!

  • knight2k

    Zo, while I wholeheartedly agree with your stance re: food stamps and their abuse I do have to disagree with your characterization of cannabis. I know about the various risks in smoking it as I am aware of the numerous benefits of using it as a compound (processed into oil) to treat cancer as well as other ailments. On a side note, vaporizing cannabis has not shown to produce any carcinogens as smoking it does while retaining the medicinal value.

    The fact is cannabis was fraudulently placed on Schedule I not due to any research or evidence that it was dangerous, but due to pressure from various industries that opposed it. I do not condone giving it to minors as it has been proven to be detrimental to their growth (as is alcohol). That said, there is no compelling evidence that it poses any danger to the general public. At a minimum it should be regulated at a much lower level or outright legalized and regulated as alcohol is. We spend far to much money, as a nation, to fight a losing battle against drug use. That money would be better used in other areas. Same goes for incarcerating non-violent drug users whose only crime is simple possession.

    Place cannabis alongside any other schedule I narcotic and make the case that cannabis belongs there.

    • NameWithheldForPrivacy

      I am a conservative, and I am a Christian. Marijuana has helped me manage my menstrual cramps. The pain would be so bad, I often curled up in a fetal position all day, hoping for a moment it would ease so I could just sleep. (We’re talking labor pain levels.) Someone suggested giving marijuana a try, and I am now forever thankful. I can function during this cursed part of every month! I had done my homework on it, like I do with any drug I’m going to put into my body. (I’m loathe to take medication for anything; postponing medication until the pain renders my useless.) Besides consuming it via smoking, marijuana is the safest drug out there – comparing it to over the counter OR prescription medications. I’ve seen how much it helps cancer patients during chemotherapy. I’ve seen people cry with relief, finally finding something that can manage their severe pain.

      The argument people make regarding alcohol vs. marijuana is based on a recreational thing vs. a recreational thing. There are a lot of things that can be abused, but we can’t judge the thing itself. Yes, marijuana will be abused, but anyone who has seen what that looks like, knows that it will be so low on our list of worries, it’s almost comical.

      It would be nice if people didn’t judge it based on preconceived notions, or previous education. I’m sure everyone can name a point in their lives that they were wrong. Being who I am, and what I stand for, I rarely say anything, as Christians and/or conservatives can often be just as judgmental as liberals. There’s nothing quite like standing firm in your beliefs, yet hearing those who stand with you label anyone who does marijuana as a stoned loser looking for another high.

    • Laura Watts Ruiz

      Very well said.

  • I have to ask. Why do I have to pay for liberals bad habits. whether it is their sex life or drug life I feel like I do not need to pay for their fun time. As for food stamps I tell you Zo as a guy down on his luck I would rather die of starvation than take the money the government extorted from the rich. Sure it is harder but it is better than being their slave.

  • Bye Bye. Can you get rid of this nut he has been following me all over the internet because I misspelled one word. Thank you Zo.

    • purveyor1

      Some people read ‘Playboy’ for the pictures. I read the Constitution for the “Articles”


    • You ever got that feeling you ticked off someone crazy? Oh well I guess Churchill is right. I wonder if their a bug spray to get rid of troll? Oh one can dream friend.

      “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” – Winston Churchill

    • purveyor1

      EXCELLENT quote!

      Thank you

    • IncognitoChupacabra

      Wait…..are you Sam Fishtard? Jesus can’t stand that dude. He is so gonna show Sam that it ain’t floppy. I hope they have Astroglide in the Afterlife! That dude is gonna have some buttpoundings to endure!

  • James P. Birkholz

    Zo, The left loves to get us off in the weeds on semantics, easier to discredit us. So, it’s important that we are as accurate as possible. EBT=/= Food Stamps only. Electronic benefits transfer delivers food stamps and welfare. You cannot actually buy Marijuana with Food Stamps. The only cash that can be removed from them is from welfare benefits. Withdrawing “cash” from your food stamps isn’t possible with EBT. One of the reasons they introduced the EBT card was to stop people from selling the physical stamps, people sending kids in to buy cheap candy, and then coming in later to buy alcohol and tobacco, and to stop those people that went from state to state in a big circle each month collecting from each. I worked for DES and I’ve personally seen all 3 of those things happen. The card was supposed to be a step in the right direction. Of course, people are still going to figure out how to “game” the system. I also agree people shouldn’t be using public assistance to purchase Marijuana, Alcohol, tobacco, etc. etc.

    I’ve been watching you for years, and love your videos. I don’t want your message to get lost or simply discounted because of somebody being able to just dismiss you as an “ignorant” right wing hack. Your voice is too important. Unfortunately we can’t just have the right message as conservatives, We have to also be ridiculously accurate, so they don’t pick you apart before they hear the message.

    Just trying to help. Keep doing what you’re doing. You are an inspiration to a lot of people! God Bless!

  • Jeff

    When people withdraw cash from an EBT card, it is TANF benefits, not food stamps (SNAP). It is not possible to withdraw food stamps as cash from the EBT card. In order to get cash for food stamps, they have to offer to buy someone “x” amount of food in exchange for “x” amount of cash. People used to withdraw cash from their TANF benefit on their EBT card at strip clubs. I’m not sure how many states put a stop to that, but I know Indiana did… you can’t withdraw cash from ATM’s that are in or near liquor stores, strip clubs or casinos. I believe California passed that legislation as well because it turned out most of the TANF beneifts they paid out was being spent in Las Vegas… it would be nice if the federal government would pass legislation to ban certain things, but that is one of the few things they leave up to the individual states.

  • Randy Enderle

    I heard that JP Morgan gets .40 to $1 per transaction on EBT cards! That’s crazy and even crazier that they take EBT inside of pot stores!

  • bunker

    I would sure like to see more people teach their brain to think like you use yours. Everyone has the ability to learn, some more than others, but some just don’t try and common sense and all the learning tools are thrown out the window. Don’t get it but, hopefully people like you can get the message through to the absent minded or at least give their brain a jump start and they will learn some on their own.

  • Florida Baked

    Back in the 1990’s Colorado saw a large influx of Californian’s leaving their state in hopes of doing better. In fact, all that has happened is the Socialist/Marxist attitude of the heavy left has sprung its head in a state that used to believe strongly in “Western Law,” an unwritten law of many who live in the midwest region of the United States. It used to be that people in Colorado took care of themselves and when necessary they took care of one anther without the assistance of the government. Things have greatly changed in the last two and a half decades. The attitude of the people there is unrecognizable to me today; than it was in the mid 1980’s to the beginning of the 1990’s. I can understand where the ‘poke’ comes from when “some” refer to Colorado as Calirado (California mixed with Colorado, in case its not obvious) or Colifornia. Its a shame when people become addicted to hand outs and stealing from the government, not only at the expense of others, but for some reason, they simply think “they” deserve it. In a word, its PATHETIC.
    BTW for those of you who have seen my comments in the past, my Nick, “Florida Baked,” comes from the fact that I am a part time “baker” of breads, cookies, cakes, etc. Not that I get ‘baked.’ Just saying.

  • Keep it up because once the owner get’s back your trolling days are done here.

    • IncognitoChupacabra

      I’m super scared!

  • Just wait and see.

    • IncognitoChupacabra

      I already know that ‘baggers are cowardy custard crybabies…duh.

    • The truth about spammers.


  • Blake McMillan

    Once again you have nailed it Zo! I don’t know how people can rationalize having the government steal from producers to give to non-producing consumers ESPECIALLY when those consumers are not helping themselves transform into producers.

  • Sunshine Kid

    It should be that any “welfare” type benefit should have a time limit. Social Security is NOT welfare, as it is paid into for life until the benefits are finally distributed, and because of this, it is not a “freebie”. Food stamps and other such benefits should never be given out for a year. A few (5-6) months, perhaps, to enable the beneficiary to find employment, but not as an encouragement to live off the government. Moreover, I think drug testing as a condition of receiving benefits from the government should be mandatory, and those failing drug tests should fail to receive benefits.

    • jaws4316

      Current Law limits cash benefits to three years total in your lifetime. But that’s another Law that the Obama administration simply chooses not to enforce.

    • Sunshine Kid

      True, but three years is far too long to have free money unless you pay into the treasury for that privilege. That is why I have no objection to social security – it is paid in to for your lifetime before you are qualified to receive any of it. Many never get to collect at all, and that helps those who live longer than the norm. I do NOT think that illegal aliens should have the rights to such funds, whether social security, welfare or ANY government program, as the term “illegal” means they should be in jail, just like robbers are Illegal and deserve nothing better than jail.

  • jaws4316

    I agree 100% with where you are coming from on this issue. Still, you and Fox News have a slight misunderstanding about how EBT cards work. Everyone who gets benefits has an EBT card, but there are two separate accounts attached to that card. One for cash, one for food stamp (SNAP) benefits. The SNAP account will only work at a store to purchase eligible food items. You cannot withdraw food stamp benefits as cash from a ATM anywhere. Now, I still agree that it’s outrageous for people to be spending taxpayer provided benefits on drugs, but that has been going on for a long time. When food stamps were actual stamps, people sold them at food stamp mills for 50 cents on the dollar. I personally know of crack addicts who did it to get crack and fed their kids mayonnaise sandwiches and nothing else. The EBT cards make this game a little more difficult, but it still goes on. People use their snap benefits to buy food for someone else and get paid back 50 cents on the dollar. Sometimes they even loan the card to someone and give them the PIN to spend what they want and give them 50 cents on the dollar. So, in fact no one is LEGALLY using food stamp benefits to buy weed. I’m sure though that some of them are using the workarounds I mentioned above to get drugs instead of food for their kids. And nothing prevents them from spending cash benefits on drugs either. I am also aware of several drug dealers who rake in thousands a month dealing weed, and also get food stamps, cash benefits and subsidized housing, and sometimes unemployment benefits, because, on paper they have no income. I think we need mandatory drug screenings for anyone collecting benefits, whether that be cash or food stamps. It is grossly unfair that working people who pay taxes to provide these benefits have to submit to drug screening as a condition of employment, but welfare recipients can do drugs with no fear of being tested.

  • Ignominious

    While I agree with your overall argument about welfare you also slipped in a rant about the legalization of marijuana of which I disagree. I am opposed to the recreational use of both alcohol and marijuana but I believe the government should stay out of it.

    Your position seems contrary to other things I’ve heard you say.

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