ZoNation Vid: A Grammy For Another B-S.o.T.U. Address!

I don’t agree with Obama and Democrats. But I don’t agree with the  energy Conservatives put into shaking their fists at politicians, while thinking it’s going to take another politician to solve the problem. Conservatives aren’t doing the cultural work to gain and maintain representation.

If they would put more effort into supporting the creativity of artists to illustrate and promote Conservatism, instead of always thinking the answer is going to be a politician, they would see more positive effects.

The reason why stuffy, rich, white-suit wearing Democrats are able to get votes is because they have relatable figures like Rock artists, rap artists, comedians, fashionistas, actors, models, R&B singers, punk rock bands, etc go out before them to condition the culture to embrace what they represent.

They have it down to a science.

And the formula is right there in front of conservatives. But too many republicans over look the most effective means to promote conservatism and to often think that people going into political office is the answer.  Hear more in this Zonation!

If you’re among those who get what I’m saying, follow this link and CLICK LIKE!

  • Susie-Q

    Right again! Alfonzo Rachel for RNC Chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jason Anthony

    This is a great way to say, we need to keep up the fight. It is going to be about how we need to live ritcheous lives. I just want to know when Zo is going to work for the Blaze?

  • Michael Bowen

    Mr. Rachel is one of the two smartest men I know ,I am the other ,LOL and so far he has been spot on about every subject he has spoke of .keep up the outstanding work

  • Bryan Lyman

    Pretty hard to argue with your logic. I don’t really know why I haven’t “liked” 20 lb Sledge, just haven’t gotten around to it; no matter though, *click* I remedied that.

  • I would first love to say I love your music and been trying to get the word out to everyone I know and pray someday you guys make it huge. Your right we need to turn public opinion around or we are very much screwed.

  • Rich Mars

    Great song, like the base line and the clean breaks. Keep it up, hopefully doors open for you, regardless of party affiliation.

  • Wibbins

    I never understood why liby’s think business owners want everyone to be poor and homeless, if they’re so greedy why would they want everyone homeless and poor no one would be buying items from said business and the business owner would eventually go under.

  • prncslea71

    we should all link this to the RNC!

  • Sharon

    You hit it right on. Thank you. The message I needed.

  • Nick

    Country music sells more than any other genre and has a conservative message . It’s the culture . I don’t think you can convince the hip hop or punk crowd that the world doesn’t owe them anything .

    • abbygal64

      You hit it on the nail!!!

  • Guff

    I would certainly hope that nobody bases their opinion on of social/economic political issues based upon what an artist tells you.

    • frankenbiker

      You haven’t seen the newest batch of voters? Thats about all they base their opinions, political views and votes on. Zo’s dead on, the conservatives need a drastic perception shift or they’re going to keep losing elections.

    • Guff

      Perhaps that’s why our country is in such a sad state. People listening to Kanye and Katy Perry rather then think for themselves.

    • frankenbiker

      That and their too busy wondering what Kim Kardashian is going to wear. Like who the hell really cares what some girl, who got famous because she’s got a “reality” show is wearing, or how she bounced by from her pregnancy, and got her bikini body back. Yeah, they’ve really go their priority’s straight. Fcking idiots.

    • Arthur Morse

      That is exactly the problem though. People, right or wrong, equate celebrity status with intelligence. If a celebrity says it, it must be true. So why not have a conservative celebrity give them the ideas that will put this country back on track?

  • webbie

    what’s the bands name? i don’t remember it being mentioned.


      20pound sledge

  • Horspadi King

    I agree wholeheartedly and we are trying to change that!! Seems a lot of the old white haired guys won’t listen to us out here and trying to do some turnovers!! We do shake our fists a lot at all the arrogant lifetime politicians for good reason…. it has been a long fight to try and turnover the lumps that don’t listen. Conservatives, Tea Party and Libertarians out here are working hard at changing the very things you are talking about… we need some prayers I think!

  • Jen

    Just saw your video “A Grammy for Another B-S.o.T.U. Address” and loved it so much I shared it with a bunch of pother people. One of the best thought out and well stated addresses I’ve seen in I don’t know how long. You nailed it. And thank you for that!

  • Jim

    Raising the minimum wage prices young people and the unskilled out of the job market. Employers hire people because they need someone to do a job. If they have to pay more, they will look for someone with a track record of being a good employee. No inexperienced high school students need apply! It also encourages them to explore the option of automation so they don’t need as many people. I’m seeing more self checkout lanes in grocery stores instead of cashiers. Are all gas stations self-serve now? Does anyone provide full service? I expect to see Roomba floor scrubbers instead of custodians in the near future. The necessary employees who are left will be expected to do more in exchange for the higher wage.

  • DHolt

    This are some extremely simplistic views, but it seems to work for you! Wish you the best!

    • HugoCabret

      “This are”?

  • Mary123s

    my fiance would rather watch paint dry than invest in politics, but even he knows increase of minimum wage guarantees job loss. He should know; he works in the very businesses that start off with minimum wage or hourly work. This nothing more than a desperate Dem pander to the poor because OCare is a disaster instead of a success that could keep getting them reelected.

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