Wednesday Stuff 02.05.14 Featuring Joe Dan, Kira Davis, and More


BOB PARKS: Black History Month Flashback of the Day

JOE DAN GORMAN: The Rebranding of Karl Marx – Intellectual Froglegs 2014 #2

KIRA DAVIS: MSNBC is a Culture, Not a Single Intern or Host

TRIFECTA: Super Bowl Ads: America, Land of the Defeated?!?

  • Dempsey Coleman

    Such a sweet lovely young Lady. Why can’t Liberal DemocRATS
    ever sound soo sensible? Like Allen West he NEVER Rants
    on any video or TV Show. It is only the Communist DemocRATS
    Ranting and Raving on TV Shows. They get edited or have small
    Captions run below their Picture.. Making them look Stupid while
    talking about the Subject at hand and the Captions are talking about
    something totally different. Here is Just no way to have an honest
    Conversation with narry a person on the Left!!!!!

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