ZoNation: Observing Black History Month


Zo takes a look at what Carter G.Woodson was celebrating when he pioneered ‘Negro History Week.’
Has more of the black community become what Carter envisioned as a cause for celebration?
Has too much of America regardless of race fallen for dependency and fallen further away from the independent and self reliant spirit that the founder of black History celebrated?
Hear More in this ZoNation.

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  • Why is the biggest racist on the left claim they are multicultural? No you guys are not because if you were than you would have no problems with people of other races disagreeing with you or not call people racist for living in the South. Yes their are still racist and still are problems with race in this country but come on people the KKK hates us as much as they hate you guys and that is the truth. Odd thing I would like to note the people in the KKK call anyone that is in their race and disagrees with their hate a race traitor and the NAACP calls anyone that is in their race and disagrees with their hate a race traitor. Isn’t that just interesting or is it just me that thinks so.

    • Warren

      Robert Byrd and the KKK were democrats, just like the NAACP. They are all leftists and use race to advace their agenda of complere control of the people. It works because white Americans are afraid.

    • LuniBird

      Just wondering if the KKK are all Democrats now??? So I guess it seems that since the racism groups changed, it is safe to say Democrats did as well. No?

  • Bryan Lyman

    That…was…AWESOME ZO! Look…I am a white dude, so the NAACP would probably say I have no business saying anything on this subject, and that is exactly what they want everybody to believe; that racism against white people is okay because of history. I am not a racist and I grow tired of being called one and worse things all the time. If I say, “I am on your side my friend” and then they respond with, “shut up you racist cracker!” Who exactly is the racist? (hint: its the one who used me being white as a racial slur).

    These haters who use history as an excuse to hate should actually look at history instead of just believing what some random person tells them history is. A true racists is proud of the fact that they are racist. My ancestors were abolitionists. My ancestors were also the only US citizens in history to have an extermination order passed upon them by a government official (Governor Lilburn Williams Boggs was his name if you don’t believe me and want to look it up). And they were attacked because of their religion, which was supposed to be protected by the constitution; men, women and children were ambushed, slaughtered and driven from their homes. So you could say, “Even white guys hate white guys,” or you could take a less racists approach and say, “there are good people and bad people and it doesn’t matter what their skin color is.” My bet is most people don’t even know this happened. Most people probably don’t even know about the trail of tears in which Native Americans were forced to march to reservations at gunpoint while those who died of exhaustion were left behind to rot. These things happened, and they will continue to happen if good people don’t stand up to the bullies. Calling everybody a racists at the drop of a hat to put them in their place is being a bully, plain and simple.

  • easyD

    Sorry Zo, no stamp for you. Great vid though! I wish everyone saw things as clear and obvious as you do.

  • Gregory71

    I think the real problem is black Americans (LIKE ALL AMERICANS) have fallen for the Hegelian Dialectic. Left-Wing/Right-Wing same dirty bird.

  • Florida Baked

    Its not just one color of Americans, its many colors of Americans that have been sucked into the “I’m a victim” B.S. ‘My parents did drugs so they held me down and I do drugs’…; ‘Alcohol is legal and I drank too much and became an alcoholic so I deserve stuff cuz I’m a victim’; ‘I dropped out of high school cuz my teachers hated me and now I can’t get a job or live on minimum wage…; I’m a victim and struggling cuz of everyone else, give me stuff.’ Who isn’t a victim of struggle, thats what life is we all belong to the same club, but the rest of us work our way to less struggle and more accomplishments.

    B.T.W. Love your audio book, bought it on iTunes, half way through and can’t say enough good about it.

  • Keith Wetzel

    Awesome as always ZO, keep up the good work!

  • Mark Ervin

    Great video…. stamps are antiquated. Just make some kind of Andy Warhol Picture with the cover of your book.

  • John Galt

    Black history month is racist! When can we expect a “White History Month”?

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