ZoNation Vid: Warming Us Up to Globalism

Liberals keep saying the rich get richer and the poor get poorer,
(Mean while many of “the poor” have cell phones, X-boxes, and obesity problems enough to make liberals feel like they need to ban foods. We don’t have a poverty problem if we need to ban food!)
But I sees through the greenhouse gases that the leftists are pootin’ at us. The ongoing agenda to destroy capitalism, and give power to the state, which will lead to people being sold on a One World Government. Hear more in this ZoNation

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  • Climate Change takes science and kills it because it is nothing more than a political weapon for if it were scince than it would not ignore the field of astronomy and physics when they say the sun is doing it.

  • ERB

    They experiment on our young every day under the guise of health, through vaccinations, and what’s worse parents line up to have there kids pumped full of this stuff, with out question, Nazi Germany didn’t die, the US government brought to us. Example they brought the scientist over here from Germany, that made fluoride to poison the Jews, and put them to work on us.

  • Florida Baked

    I just hope they’re listening Zo.

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