ZoNation Vid: Charlie Crist Is Officially a Democrat–He Played the Race Card

Charlie Crist’s mental wrist may be too weak to support a grip on reality: the fact that we disagree with Obama’s Policies, not his skin color. Hear More in this ZoNation

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  • Edwin Hutchins

    Zo if you’re a racist what does that make me? I admire you and your work. Oh well I am perfectly alright not being one of the cool kids in class..erm Liberal I mean.

    • Kellymatthew Barnes

      Could you be meaning Rockefeller RINO, or mayhap Tyranist, regressive (there is nothing progress oriented about them), Stalinist, fascist, or villain?

  • Hunrodr

    I spit up on my monitor…..”who is this black chick and why is she following me?”….hahahaha….WTG ZO! I have a new name for ALL this stuff…I have a pretty foul mouth and I’m trying my best to clean it up to honor my God…but I think he’d be ok with this one….I just file all this kind of stuff under “dumassery”…they can’t help it, we just gotta love on em and hope to make them turn….keep on keepin em honest Zo….you’re the best.

    • Kellymatthew Barnes

      That is not a new word.

  • Racist! oops I forgot to turn off the Democrat mode off on this computer. I sure would race these race baiting liberals would stop using us in the minority. I do not want these jerks representing me. It funny but I think the reason why we go rid of Charlie Crist is not because he huge a black guy. No it was because he was a liberal Republican and does not stand for what our party stands for. I know weird.

  • MaryAnnM1962

    Alfonzo, I so want to give you a hug right now, not because you’re Black and really good looking, but because you are saying so well (and always do) what I’m thinking in my head. love you!!

  • Miketrt

    Right on. BTW – Crist is wrong, 1/2 African American. So, 1/2 of a hug on a black man. So, the racists should only be 1/2 mad about it. Just sayin.

    • Kellymatthew Barnes

      He might even be 3 fifths.

  • C.L Edwards

    LOL look at me I am hugging black people !!!

    • Miketrt

      Let’s get Cristie in there and they can have a BIG hug.

  • Kellymatthew Barnes

    Charlie Crist was never even considered an option for me to vote for. Why? because he is just another Rockefeller RINO. Since when does Taxed Enough Already = Racist in reality? Like Never.

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