Bootin’ Out the Bible

Annie Laurie Gaylor, of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, is on a mission to do away with Christianity. It’s a step by step process, and one of those steps is centered around a hotel at Iowa State University.
Atheists of course will not be satisfied with forcing their beliefs in the classrooms. They’ll keep going until Christianity is no longer tolerated, while forgetting that Christianity is at the foundation of what made this the most tolerant, charitable, and prosperous nation in the world. Hear more in this ZoNation!

On a side note, I’m thankful for organizations like I AM SECOND! They’re doing amazing work in promoting the gospel! All though my personal experience was disappointing.

I reached out to I AM SECOND, and was met with a cold wall. The Promotions manager of I AM SECOND Told me that he does not hear much about Jesus in my work, but a lot about me being a republican. He told me that I offered no clear way to help with I AM SECOND, even though I said repeatedly that I wanted to offer them a testimony video. (A lot of people know about I AM SECOND because of testimonial videos, but for some reason that did not register with him.)

He implied that I’m controversial, and that I’m too in your face and preachy. (After he told me that he doesn’t hear enough about Jesus in my work mind you.)

Meanwhile, Phil Robertson is associated with I AM SECOND, and they didn’t brush him off after his controversy with GQ Magazine.

He says he doesn’t hear a lot about Jesus in my work, meanwhile the song I sent him (Divine Battery) Is a three and a half minute song talking specifically about the Lord.

Duck Dynasty is a half hour block that saves the last thirty seconds to mention Jesus. (I’m not dissing the show. I’m a fan. I just don’t get the selective attitude of the I AM SECOND promotion manager.)

“Head” From Korn is associated with I AM SECOND. Korn became rich by making profanity laden music marketed to kids. But I’m too controversial for I AM SECOND?

I’m not trying to dis Korn. I’m a fan! (Not so much of the content, but I dig their music)

Bottom line is the promotion manager seems to have a prejudice against me being a republican, as if that is a specific sin pointed out in the Bible worse than child sacrifice.

We had a lengthy email exchange of him insisting that he doesn’t hear much about Jesus in my work, meanwhile he over looks that my political commentary is based on what I understand Biblically.

Many of you know That I’m a high school drop out former drug using, former pro-abortion, former marriage redefining supporter, former Christ denying, and a bunch of other things.

I offered to make a testimony video of stating where I was without the Lord, and now this is where I am with him. But for some reason my testimony to maybe relate to others doesn’t register with the promotions manager.

I sent them videos of my work so they could know who I am, what I do, and that I have an audience. I figure that might be useful.

Again, I’m thankful for the work I AM SECOND is doing, and God’s speed to them!!!
Support them!!!

I reached out to I AM SECOND because I’m trying to do the same thing they are; promote the Gosple and relate it to people who often feel like nobody understands or “gets them”. That, I TOTALLY understand!

I wanted to contribute to an organization that involves reaching out with the Gospel to people who feel like people don’t “get them”. The Irony is, they don’t “get me”.

So what do you think?, Do you think I don’t involve Jesus enough in my work?

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  • TheAnthillGoddess

    Zo, I’ve said before and will never tire of telling you, what you’re doing makes a difference to me. I’ve come to understand messages in the Bible in a way I’d never been able to before simply because of the way you convey the message. I think you strike the perfect balance with your work…explaining your world view using Biblical references in “real” language that’s easy for me to digest (not that I’m a dullard, but some of that just isn’t easy to read!). Thank you again! Also, I’m from Iowa and heard/saw the coverage about this locally…the majority of regular Iowans agree with you. “If you don’t want to read it…don’t” was the main sentiment.

    • Zo

      Thank you!!!

    • dsinchrg

      Well put

    • TedCruzsEgo


  • Zo, way to be mature and classy in handling a “rejection”. Putting our savior and his cause above your own ego shows that you really are 2nd. Keep on being Zo, telling your story and keep the faith! Bless you, brother.

  • I think you’ve started mention Christ and the Bible in the last year or so much more than you did in the past. (Not a judgement, just an observation.) You’ve enver been shy about your beliefs, but it has really ramped up since the 2012 elections.

    I believe every episode of ZoNation mentions God, Christ, or the Bible in some capacity now. Many of the episodes are centered around Biblical passages and your own beliefs. If that isn’t enough “God” for some people, I don’t know what is. You are one of the few people from PJ TV to which I still regularly listen and that is because of your overt Christianity. Unfortunately, there are many shows I watched over there that kind of mocked my beliefs on Homosexuality (which has foundations in places like Romans 1 and such) but I never felt that from any of your broadcasts. You are a radical – as is any Christian that stays true to the word of God. if this organization is offended by that? So be it.

    God obviously has a plan for you to reach people that might not ever be touched by organizations like I am Second. Sounds to me like the organization is more worried about politics than a true and unadulterated desire for the truth of God. It could jsut be one person though – maybe reach out to others. See if you can get a hold of Head or Phil Robertson and others – if you feel like God is leading you to the organization, don’t let a PR person stop you.

    Keep on keeping on, brother. Let the light of Christ shine no matter what.

    • Brian Bennett

      I for one am glad Zo “keeps it real” while still laying a snack down on the intolerant left. I love that a Christian can also be cool…and I love his shirts…need to get some of those myself!

    • I love his shirts too. By his shirts we will know him. He obviously is a geek.

  • Randy Sparks

    Very much like your videos, completely agree with the point of view you project, enjoyed your book. I have no experience with ” I Am Second”, but this promotions manager seems more concerned with public image, than revealing Jesus. I believe your work is truthful and to the point,explained in a way that can be understood by everybody, for the most part.Don’t change your delivery to accommodate someone who is more concerned with your appearance than your beliefs.

  • Camden

    Wow, sorry about your experience with “I Am Second”… I was taught after I gave my heart to Jesus that “I Am Third”… Jesus, others, than myself… Just sayin. I hear more about the Bible and Jesus from you, than I do from Joel Osteen… :). You can find the Book of Mormon in Marriot Hotels…

  • ricksnazzle

    Saying that “atheists will keep going until Christianity is no longer tolerated” is a pretty messed up statement. Do you not realize you are doing the same thing but on on the other end of the spectrum? Christianity is a belief. It’s not math or biology.

    I’m not quite an atheist, but am not a christian either. I think the people that are trying to force Christianity out are just as bad as the ones trying to force Christianity in. I do think that beliefs are beliefs. And it is a hobby or an extracurricular interest such as sports. It should be treated as such. I don’t think it should be removed at all. If a students wants to pray in school, let it happen. If a group of students way to pray at lunch, that isn’t hurting anyone.

    Just like I say about gay marriage, if you don’t like it then turn you head or don’t be a part of it!!! We need to stop forcing our BELIEFS on others. And that goes both ways.

    • Zo

      We’re not trying to force Christianity in. It was already here. As a Christian I’m not going to try to force you to be one. However there are atheist groups that are trying to impede fee religious exercise. It’s unfortunate that you can’t see the difference and are trying at moral equivalence. you have no idea what you’re talking about with gay marriage. All you see is that they should have their way, but you don’t refuse to see what it cost others. You are too selfish to see the balance of freedom.

    • ricksnazzle

      This is America. The great thing about America is you can do whatever you want. Atheists will try to stop religious exercise, but this country is above telling you to stop believing what you want. That’s why we have voluntary churches. You can believe whatever you want whenever you want in your place of worship! At least we aren’t forcing people to stop believing.

      I already said I disagree with atheists trying to take away from Christians. I think that’s wrong. This country was founded on separation of church and state.

      What does 2 gay people in love cost you by the way? Your sight of having to witness something you think is nasty?

    • Zo

      If you want the answer to that question. Grab my audio book. It’s in there.

    • ricksnazzle

      No thanks.

      I will keep on supporting gay rights because I’m not going to base my entire life on a book that may not even be true.

    • Hoosier Daddy

      That’s great, but do you support right for ALL sexual deviants, or just one select group?

    • ricksnazzle

      Please tell me how 2 consenting adults is considered sexual deviancy??

      Don’t even try to compare this to bestiality or taking advantage of kids. Please don’t.

    • uncleroy1

      Rick than you mentally I’ll. homesexual activities only occur in the human race, no other species!

    • ricksnazzle

      I can’t even respond to this stupid post.

    • Hoosier Daddy

      I take it that you’re not too bright and don’t know what “deviancy” means. “Consenting adults” has nothing whatsoever to do with it.

    • ricksnazzle

      Please tell me what homosexuality has to do with deviancy then, Mr. Ace? Also, please don’t use bible quotes because that is not a dictionary,

    • Hoosier Daddy

      Aha! I knew you were ignorant and uneducated! Thanks for proving it.
      “Deviancy” is a scientific term. It has nothing to do with the Bible – and I’m not a Christian. But you intolerant leftists DO hate Christians, don’t you?

      Tell me, Cletus, if “two consenting adults” can only be sexually aroused by crapping on each other’s faces, are they deviants?

    • ricksnazzle

      What “two consenting adults” do sexually behind closed doors does not matter to me. And it shouldn’t matter to you.

    • Hoosier Daddy

      What drugs were you on when you hallucinated that I said it matters to me? But whether it “matters” to you or me or not doesn’t change the FACT that they are deviants.

      What’s wrong with you that you are so desperate to deny reality?

    • ricksnazzle

      Clearly, you are not understanding the real point here. Duh people deviate from the norm. I’m not denying that fact.

      Christians use the bible to BLOCK 2 consenting adults from getting married.

    • Hoosier Daddy

      “Duh people deviate from the norm. I’m not denying that fact.”

      *BIngo*! Yes, you WERE denyng that fact. I’m glad to see you’re finally “getting” it.

      Why so much hate for Christians? You’re a real hater.

    • ricksnazzle

      Please tell me where I hate Christians. My family is full of them and support gay rights. I don’t appreciate anyone that has a reason to hate somebody. Sadly, the man in charge of this site and people who agree with him hate gay people. I’m just here to help you overcome your hatred and defend a person who “deviates” from what you THINK is normal.

    • Hoosier Daddy

      I was wrong, Cletus, you’re STILL not getting this. Deviants are deviants – it has nothing whatsoever to do what I “think.”

      You hate FACTS and Christians. Nearly 90% of Americans self-identify as Christians, so you hate 90% of Americans. Wow!

    • ricksnazzle

      Even after I just told you I don’t hate Christians. You are hilarious yourself , Cletus.

      Facts clearly aren’t your high suit. How many of these 90 percent of Christians have had sex before marriage or have gotten divorced? Anyone can claim to be Christian (the Westboro baptist church is the perfect example).

    • Hoosier Daddy

      “Even after I just told you I don’t hate Christians.”

      Yes, you “told” me that….in a post loaded with HATE for Christians.

      “You are hilarious yourself , Cletus.”

      You’re not even bright enough or original enough to come up with your own insults. You have to PARROT mine. How sad. 🙁

      “Facts clearly aren’t your high suit. How many of these 90 percent of Christians have had sex before marriage or have gotten divorced?”

      To quote YOU, “why does that MATTER to you?”

      “the Westboro baptist church is the perfect example”

      The leader and the members of the Westboro Baptist Church are all left wing DEMOCRATS, Cletus, just like you.

    • ricksnazzle

      2 can play this game.

      “Yes, you “told” me that….in a post loaded with HATE for Christians.”

      And still nothing to show for that.

      “You’re not even bright enough or original enough to come up with your own insults. You have to PARROT mine. How sad. :(”

      Insults? I have not said anything insulting to you at all since I’ve joined this thread. I was being sarcastic, but if you want to confuse that with an insult, that’s your prerogative.

      “To quote YOU, “why does that MATTER to you?”

      It doesn’t matter to me. If being gay matters to be a christian then getting divorced, receiving BJs, having sex out of wedlock, having anal with your wife, being a single parent, ETC ETC ETC ETC ETC all should count towards your stats as well. That would probably bring the number of true christians down to less than 5%. And I don’t hate any of them.

      “The leader and the members of the Westboro Baptist Church are all left wing DEMOCRATS, Cletus, just like you.”

      They believe Obama is the antichrist. Please. Please stop watching Fox News.

      I’m clearly going over your head here, so this is my last response. I’m going to stop receiving notifications. Thanks for proving my point further though!!

    • Hoosier Daddy

      “I was being sarcastic”

      No, you were being an unoriginal PARROT. Pathetic.

      “If being gay matters to be a christian…”

      And there you go with your anti-Christian HATE again, despite your lame protestations to the contrary. You spew hate….and think you can get away with it by denying that you’re a hater. Sorry, Cletus, that won’t fly.

      “They believe Obama is the antichrist.”

      MORE proof of your uneducated, uninformed ignorance. Fred Phelps, the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church, is a lifelong DEMOCRAT, as are his followers. Phelps even ran for the U.S. Senate in 1992 as a DEMOCRAT and received 32% of the DEMOCRAT votes.

      “Please stop watching Fox News.”

      How to tell when you’re dealing with an uneducated, uninformed, media-brainwashed simpleton: when they have zero facts, they will just screech “FOX NEWS!”

    • hollywoodron

      Wait… so the oldest, #1 book of all time, in every category, from sales to translations to print to burned to illegalized to quoted to studied to given to sentenced to death for, historically, medically and scientifically being proven true, not to mention 25,000 archaeological digs, the OLDEST nation on Earth with the SAME GOD and his promise (Israel btw) and you are gonna go with the ‘feelings’ of gay… as it is today… instead? Oh really…

    • ricksnazzle

      Do you really not realize how crazy you sound right now? So brainwashed.

    • hollywoodron

      You make a great Atheist… and before God you shall go.

    • ricksnazzle

      Definitely not an atheist. Don’t believe in picking and choosing what you want out of a book that may or may not be true is all.

    • vitamindave

      I thought you were against forcing your beliefs on other people. You can’t be FOR gay rights, and pretend you are neutral.

    • John Julian

      Just to bolster your argument, which I agree with, we do not force people to become Christians because you CANNOT force someone to be a Christian. It must be a personal decision. All we can do is reason with the undecided and show the same love that Christ did. We know the persecution is going to continue to increase. They evidence is obvious and overwhelming, and it was prophesied in the Bible. Funny how the daily news reports follow exactly what was written several thousand years ago.

    • ricksnazzle

      The same love Christ did? Where in the bible did Jesus preach against homosexuality.

      I will sit back and wait.

    • He said we was meant for fulfill the law not repeal it and it is apart of Old Testament law also what his own followers preached against in the New Testament. Tell me if Jesus wanted Gays to Marry than why would he pick people against homosexuality? Why did not Jesus say it was ok if he was all for it as you teaching here?

    • Stephen E. Birch

      What most people who are non-believers don’t understand about the Christian faith is that it does not simply look at Jesus Christ as a man. Although He was a man, He was also (and is ) part of the Godhead – Father,Son & Holy Ghost. SInce the old testament does explicitly talk about homosexuality as an abomination, it is not as if Jesus did not agree with the Father on this point and simply didn’t want to address the subject (therefore implying acquiescence), He IS God as well as the Father is so They are one in what They hold as an “abomination.” Another thing most non-believers don’t understand is that God doesn’t say not to do something just to be the big old meanie who doesn’t want people to have fun, His injunctions are because He designed us a certain way and He knows how we work best. Just as a car engine will run on dirty oil for a long time, it is much better to regularly maintain the engine for the best and longest service. Following God’s precepts are for our own good. We were not designed to practice sodomy (be that homosexual or heteralsexual) as it creates many health issues that don’t exist outside of sodomy. Also, marriage is a religious rite, created by God and designed to model the relationship between Jesus [Yeshua is the Hebrew name for the Lord. It means “Yahweh [the Lord] is Salvation.” The English spelling of Yeshua is “Joshua.” However, when translated from Hebrew into the Greek language, the name Yeshua becomes Iēsous. The English spelling for Iēsous is “Jesus.”] and His church. When it is turned into a “civil right” [A civil right is an enforceable right or privilege, which if interfered with by another gives rise to an action for injury.] it loses the context. Homosexual “marriage” is more or less an oxymoron. Free will allows us to do most anything we want – it does not mean in doing such-and-such we are doing what is right in God’s eyes or what is best for His creation.

    • ricksnazzle

      Do you not realize that most non-believers were christians at some point in their life?

      You keep saying “non-believers don’t understand”. I understand perfectly well because I was a catholic for 27 years. I just don’t believe or agree with it.

      Also, that’s BS about buttsex causing more health issues than vagsex. TOTAL BS. You are living in the “1980’s AIDS must be a gay disease world”. You sound really stupid.


    and zo hits another homerun. the Gideons(LCMS) have been doing this for a longgggggggg time. they don’t make money by doing this, nor charge anyplace they put the bible. they do it to spread the Word, and love of God. ffrf is a bunch of angry self loathing people who want everyone to be miserable like them.

  • Hoosier Daddy

    These extremist atheists aren’t “liberals”, they are LEFTISTS. Yes, there’s a difference. A leftist is who creates the lies and propaganda. Liberals are merely the gullible chumps who fall for the lies and propaganda of the leftists.

    Atheism has all the tenets of a religion. They can’t PROVE that there is no God, but they believe it on FAITH. They think they need to proselytize their beliefs and shove them down everyone else’s throats. Devout atheists are every bit as radical about their religion as any Muslim fundamentalist.

    I’m not a Christian, but I can recognize religious fanatics when I see them. And atheists are as religiously fanatical as al Qaeda.

    • ricksnazzle

      You’re not a Christian with those words?


    • Hoosier Daddy

      No, Cletus, I’m not a Christian. But YOU are clearly an intolerant hater.

    • ricksnazzle

      How am i intolerant? Like I keep telling you, believe what you want!! Just keep it away from politics.

    • Hoosier Daddy

      Pssssst, Cletus, YOU are the only one bringing up politics. And you make it clear that you hate Christians.

    • Brian Bennett

      “Believe what you want” unless you cross this line. Crossing this line will result in me belittling your intelligence, accusing you of all the things that reside in my head and making me type way too many words all in a row.

    • ricksnazzle

      Yep, sounds about right. I came here to tell people to please end the hate against gays because that’s a personal issue, just like religion yet I’ve crossed the line…

    • chasaragdy

      In fact, Hoosier, Ann Coulter has written a best selling book on the subject of Atheism being a Religion. The atheists should make an effort to read and understand the WHY of their (atheists) Religion!!

      It bothers the atheists to no end that they actuall do have religion, that any and all belief systems are religious in nature. Thus, given that facts that atheism is–bottom line–a religion is not conceptually honest and honorable to them and they will not agree to the fact!

    • Hoosier Daddy

      Anyone with a brain should be able to see that atheism is a religion. It has all the characteristics and tenets of a religion. Its followers are as zealous as the followers of any religion.

  • uncleroy1

    I’m offended and outraged that ‘they’ are throwing a fit about something they don’t believe in. We need to shut them down and tell them the truth, to not believe in something ( ghost, global warming, God ) you must admit you’re conceding that it actually exist, or you wouldn’t believe in it enough to be worried about it! I’m just as offended by you forcing your life on me!

  • Sherry Jones

    I’m not a Christian (I’m a pagan) but I find these Atheists who are trying to take religion away from others to be absolutely abominable. They try to twist the 1st Amendment to mean freedom from religion, but it’s actually the 1st Amendment that gives them the right to have and express their opinion and lack of faith. Just because you don’t believe in something, that does NOT give you the right to try to take it away from those who do.

    And can someone please explain to me why these Atheists are only attacking the Christians? Why are no other religions under attack by these people? Could there be an agenda behind these attacks besides the obvious? Muslims are demanding their children be allowed prayer time in school because their religion requires prayer at specific times of day. Any word from the Freedom From Religion Foundation about that? I haven’t seen anything. Why is that? Why does Christianity seem to be the only religion people should be freed from? I checked out their website and didn’t see one word about Muslim children being allowed to pray in school.

    • ricksnazzle

      Your first paragraph hit the nail on the head!!’ 2nd paragraph got a little crazy and frankly is wrong.

    • Sherry Jones

      Really? How many stories have you seen about any group of Atheists attacking other religions? I’ve never seen one. Not one. And like I said, I checked out the Freedom From Religion Foundation website. For the better part of an hour I went through the different tabs. Not one word. If you’ve seen any news pieces that prove me wrong, please share them. I’d be relieved to see that I’m wrong and it’s not just the Christians who are under attack by these people.

    • ricksnazzle

      So you are comparing all atheists to the “freedom from religion” website?

      Thats basically the same as grouping all Christians to the westboro baptist church!

    • Sherry Jones

      No, I’m not. I know that there are atheists who don’t really care what (or if) anyone else believes in, they just live and let live. I’m referring specifically to those atheists (either groups or individuals) that do attack other religions. Or, more specifically, attack Christianity. That was the whole point. Just because I’m saying all ducks are birds, that doesn’t mean I’m saying all birds are ducks.

    • chasaragdy

      Thanks, Sherry, for your honesty on the matter of religion from the perspective of the Constitution. If someone does not like nor appreciates an action or idea, there is no justification to make a Federal offense, nor legislation and laws, to change every iota of life!! Accept it (since it could just as easily be a lousy weather day, or pleasant and p leasing sunny day), and move along! Live, and let live!!!!!

    • Sherry Jones

      You’re welcome. The most basic cornerstone of Paganism is “An ye harm none, do as ye will”. Everybody has the right to follow the path that is right for them, as long as that path doesn’t lead to hurting others, and no one has a right to try to tell them their path is wrong. Just because it’s wrong for me, doesn’t mean it’s wrong for you.

    • Tom TSLS

      Because Christianity is good, and evil is opposed to it.

    • ricksnazzle

      Yep, the westboro baptist church is so good. 🙂

    • Jesus pointed out that the world will always hate his followers because they hated him first. I think the reason why we are attacked is because we represent an complete opposite of what the world teaches. Their for anyone who follows the worldly views hate us. I am glad that their are non Christians such as yourself willing to stick up for us. Thank you. We may disagree when it comes to God but I am glad to stand by you as you are willing for us. God bless.

  • hollywoodron

    Don’t worry… I AM SECOND is doing fine… you need must go elsewhere… AND HELP there! God will show you the way!

  • hollywoodron

    Oh…btw… a parking ticket… if not complied with, is a sentence of death. Every law, every regulation, every govt rule, is a sentence of DEATH if not complied with… that is why Atheists love’em some govt… their god. Atheist have no context, no history, no sense of cultures or tribes… and scream their wild pagan lies.

  • Sam

    Since we are living in the last days, the atheists don’t have to worry. Soon, all the Christians will be Raptured up and will be gone from this earth. Then the atheists can deal with Tribulation. Good luck.

  • Disgustedtoothebone

    Go ZO!

  • Don Wilson

    Zo, remind people that the Gideon’s do this free of charge. No government nor cost the hotels, unless they wish to support this amazing ministry.

  • Jim Thornhill

    Zo, that production manager is kind of closed minded. Not everyone preaches the gospel but they still can reach someone and inform them about Jesus,just by connecting with them. You do connect with Christians,even though you aren’t Bible thumping, you messages are from your heart which is where God lives in our world and you put feelings into your videos,so that production manager needs to open up a little bit. Thanks for your work.

  • Sunshine Kid

    Nothing wrong with your work. It is good.

  • Hoplon

    Zo, because of all of your great work lots of people are reaching out for you. And more will continue to do so. Just keep it up. And one day I AM SECOND will just have to stand in line and wait their turn like everybody else 🙂

  • chasaragdy

    My philosophy about life and living is rather simple: Each individual identifies themselves by their words AND deeds As long as their words AND deeds meld, support each other, mesh, reflect one to the other, and is practiced, I am totally in that individuls corner. They don’t have to prove it to me; I use my own power of observations to form my opinion.

    If anyone confesses redemption or repenting, I take them at their word, IF and UNTIL they give me reason to doubt or question their differences between their words and their deeds. Simple reasoning.

    The organization “I AM SECOND” should be adult, use their God-given reasoning power to evulate and accept you–Alfonzo Rachel–as you now profess to live your life, personally and professionally!!

    From an admirer, and follower, I salute you (being a Veteran, I do know how to salute) for the great work that you do and the direction you have taken your life!!

  • Tom TSLS

    Personally, I don’t understand how a Christian can remain a Democrat, but I can see how maybe the person at I AM SECOND could be afraid of alienating those that are Dems. One mistake leads to another when he says that you are “too preachy” and then says you don’t talk enough about Jesus our Savior.

  • Jon W Colson

    Hey Zo, great analysis. You left out one important thing…and one comment even made reality even sound false, not only omission. You said that, “even if at taxpayer expense…”

    Gideon Bibles are not at taxpayer expense. The Gideons give up their own time to distribute Bibles which are 100% paid for by donations. Not only do they give up their own time, but they pay dues to be Gideons who give up their own time to speak to churches about donating to this fabulous cause. This way 100% of the donations go to distributing Bibles.

    People ask Gideons, “Don’t you have a big headquarters building and staff?” The answer is yes. That is what their dues pay for. They pay dues and donate their time and currently distribute over 200,000 Bibles around the world each and every year. The Bibles are bought by Christians, the headquarters is funded by dues of the volunteers, and all fundraising and distribution efforts are provided by volunteers. Not one penny of our taxes go to the Gideons.

    So if that idiot Gaylor wants to find a bunch of Atheists who will give up their own time and money…plus find enough private business owners (hotel owners) that choose to allow it…then they have the right to put an Atheist book in hotels. Probably not going to find that effort supported in this country, though.

    Keep up the fight, Zo.

  • AlwaysRight

    How ironic. I have never heard of “I Am Second” but I sure have heard of AlfonZo Rachel! Your videos are informative, fast paced and many times humorous. You are the “New Media”. Out with the “old media”!

  • Kellymatthew Barnes

    Wow Zo a Gospel Tract that eats like a news commentary. Rock On!

  • I can see I Am Second’s point…

    Being conservative, wanting lower taxes, small government, strong defense, traditional marriage, even being pro-life doesn’t save anybody.

    Being born-again of the Spirit by receiving Jesus into one’s heart as Lord, Savior, and God is the ONLY thing, I repeat: the ONLY thing that saves.

    Hey, I agree with such policies as much as the next conservative American. Unfortunately, they don’t make anyone Christian and they sure as hell won’t save anyone.

    If you want to talk politics, fine. If you want to talk Jesus, then talk Jesus. I don’t mean an occasional mention here and there, go for broke and talk about what really matters–the Good News:

    The fact that ANYONE–regardless of what they’ve done, regardless of their political affiliation, regardless of who they vote for–can invite Jesus to enter their hearts, trust what He did to redeem us all, thereby becoming saved.

    Jesus is apolitical. He is God after all!

    He is far, far, FAR beyond the worldly systems we incorporate–Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal, libertarian, Tea Party, etc.

    It’s all a bunch of temporary nonsense that will soon disappear.

    • Zo

      you’ve missed the point entirely, and you represent a large part of why secularism is advancing. If Jesus is supposed to be involved in everything we do then why don’t we involve him in how we vote? We just keep Jesus to ourselves is that it? As far as Jesus being political or not, do you even read the Bible, His ministry demonstrates His perspective on government, that the republicans modeled the original platform after to keep in step with the constitution. Jesus was about individual effort, not government dependency. Jesus did not include the government in His health care works, He did not involve the government in His Charity work, etc. You’re not thinking about the holiness of God, you’re trying to sanctimoniously exalt God far above our politics as you would say to make yourself look like the Christian and it’s people like you who are in the way. Yes, our time here is temporary and getting worse because people like you think God is too good for our politics. God handled the cross. I’m sure he can handle our politics. And I’ll bet He would really appreciate it if Christians would take His word into the voting booth To protect the blessings He gave to us. The republican party was founded on that. The democrat party was never that.

    • victorbarney

      Just wanted to add that “Jesus” was name invented for our Jewish, not Greek, Savior “Yahshua,” meaning in Hebrew, the only spiritual set-apart language that “Yahweh means salvation!” It’s not , never has been about Rome of Greece or never will be, unless they too recognize that “Jerusalem” is the place that our Savior Yahshua is returning too, although it does state in Revelation 18:10 that he returns to Babylon first and completely destroys it within 1 hour…

  • I wish atheist would just leave us alone. Even when I was an atheist I never got this stupidity of why they must attack people because of their beliefs.

  • Barb Rodefeld Meade

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t most of the Bibles that are placed in hotel rooms donated by the Gideons? In other words, they don’t cost the taxpayers a single penny, right?

    • DJ

      That’s right. We get donations to support the Bible distributions. No public funds what so ever.

  • Imtoooldforthis

    The Gideon Bibles that are put in hotel rooms are not paid for by the government. They are paid for by private donation to the Gideons. There’s no rule that says Atheists have to even look at the Bibles placed in hotel rooms. There’s no rule that says they can’t place their own books in a hotel room as long as the government of the United States does not pay for the printing or dispensing of the book. If this bimbo wants to distribute her books at her cost I have no problem with it. Freedom of religion means her religion too. Atheism is a religion. A religion that believes in nothing.

  • Susan Peterson

    Hey Zo, I disagree with “I am second”. I feel you do an excellent job of making it well known that you are who you are because of your faith. Your faith, in my opinion, comes across in every vid you do and in your music. Even though we Christians are not of this world we still have to earn a living in this world and that’s most often not as a full time evangelist. Don’t let them get to you, your BOSS knows the truth and has your back! Praying for you!

  • Bill Conroy

    Zo, I love and appreciate you more and more every day. Don’t let those fools change your attitude about anything.

  • johnq1

    stupid atheists

  • Matrina

    Huh! Never heard of “I am second”, and after hearing about how they treated you, I have no desire to hear more about them! Sounds like they harbor a great deal of resentment towards conservatives.

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