Wednesday Stuff: Feb 26, 2014


Bob Parks Black & Right: The M-Word
How many apologies equal an “apology” to a liberal?

Bob Parks Black & Right: MSNBC’s Wagner Latest To Attempt LGBT-Civil Rights Link.
Another lame attempt to equate the black civil rights movement with gay rights

TRIFECTA: Lego Politics: Assemble the Perfect Candidate for 2016.
In this three part series, Trifecta assembles the next president of the United States using nothing but Legos and inspiration from the Lego Movie. Hear about the backstory, character and attitude of the next Lego constructed leader of the free world.

Dan Joseph: Is Global Warming More Dangerous than WMDs?
John Kerry equated climate change to weapons of mass destruction. So MRCTV went to the Lincoln Memorial to ask what people thought was worse. – See more at:

  • TedCruzsEgo

    Being gay in not inherent, nor is it a source of a persons identity. The liberal media is dehumanizing in the fact they think gays only care about being gay.

    • Scottie

      Hahaha…that’s kinda like saying that Calgary Cruz only cares about being a ‘bagger!

    • TedCruzsEgo

      Really you had to follow me here?

  • dubyads

    Alfonzo, the global warming/nuclear weapon debate makes my teeth hurt….Of course, half the yutz’s that answered global warming were from Socialist State of Kalifornia…ugh! Indoctrination is real…that is a much larger problem than Global Warming

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