MLK a Republican? Or Just a Dream?


Democrats insist that MLK wasn’t a Republican. They want to claim and take credit for his dream, but not the blame for destroying that dream. The Bottom line is I can’t say with all certainty that MLK was a republican. It’s claimed that He voted for Eisenhower, and had to register as a republican to do so, but it’s also claimed that he voted For LBJ. I don’t know of any certain proof either way.

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  • Is it just me or has anyone notice that the Dems destroy MLK’s dream by making everything about race? Why would he join a party where race politics is still their number one agenda?

    • Lance Channing Sommer

      The only reason blacks think democrats are great is because Bobby Kennedy got his brother JFK to take up MLK’s cause to further their designs. John and Bobby didn’t like MLK one bit, and vice-versa. The only thing that JFK and MLK did have in common was the rate at which they were cheating on their wives!

  • Edwin Hutchins

    ‘I used to be a liberal, not much can embarrass me after that’

  • C Callahan

    Z, I love the Fredrick Douglas T!

  • LibertyChick

    MLK strove for freedom – not free stuff. He’d be embarrassed and disappointed to see how many blacks are living on Uncle Sam’s plantation rather than living free. And continually voting for more and greater enslavement from the Democratic party. And confusing that enslavement with being a free people.

  • postalinVT

    Liberty Chick, If you’re single will you marry me?

  • Gwamma

    Crushing but not a stalker 😉 My man knows the giggles I get! 🙂

  • ICorps

    First, your party of registration is not proof of how you voted. Second, since Martin Luther King was a known associate of committed communists, and since he stated he hated America (FBI information locked away by judicial order), it is most unlikely that he was a Republican.

    • Sunshine Kid

      Are you suggesting that all Democrats hate the USA? That’s rather a far reach.

  • Sunshine Kid

    Why hasn’t anyone ever suggested that MLK might have been an independent voter?

  • Nakedeye

    In Martin Luther King Jr’s day most black people in the south voted Republican. That does not mean all voted that way. But it was prevalent enough for the Democrats to form the KKK

    • Charie

      Clarence Thomas, in his autobiography said that everyone around him when he was a child was Democrat. He, of course, was born a lot later than MLK but what he said means that his mother and grandparents were Democrat.
      Frederick Douglass was concerned that too many of the freed slaves were taking the easy way out. Read his autobiography. Interesting.

  • mai schmidt

    alfonzo!!! You are so on point. The message you send is truly the path to awakening. Its not about political parties…its about politics and taking control of the country by the real people of America. Voting is one way to influence politics ,but sadly it is pretty dicey, rather become involved with local and federal government get in the face of politicians who ignore the will of the people.E-mail’em, snail mail ’em,say it loud say it clear and make the robber barons of this century hear!!!! Get away from currency issued from the private bank called the Federal Reserve. Keep your investments local, patronize the neighborhood stores ,Remember if you want to keep politics honest you have to keep the gun to their temple and your finger on the trigger….Facisim begins with corporate hands in the glove of government,dollars spent elsewhere are more powerful than votes. Alfonzo….I think you are the best voice in the wilderness,and you’re really good lookin’ lv ya

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