Thursday Stuff: March 6th, 2014 Featuring Dan Joseph, and Trifecta

Dan Joseph: Ready For Hillary? These DNC Members Are! They Just Don’t Have Any Idea Why!

TRIFECTA: Asylum for Terrorists? New U.S. Immigration Policy Welcomes Terrorists.
President Obama has changed immigration rules, making it easier for so-called “minor” terrorists to gain asylum in the United States. Is this a good idea? Find out as Tammy Bruce, Scott Ott and Stephen Green discuss granting asylum to terrorists.


  • Keith Wetzel

    This is insane, allowing low level terrorist and denying Coptic christians, just insane!

  • Fogged

    In the last days right will become wrong and evil will become good. Nothing this Admin has done makes us stronger and or more secure. Just the opposite. Israel deals with Gaza shelling them on a weekly basis but are told they can not shell back or build homes in other areas away from Gaza’s reach. Muslims kill and abuse homosexuals, abuse and defame their wemon and rule as an iron fisted patriarch. Yet Code Pink and the Gay and Lesbian community supports them over Christians none the less. Insanity rules the world but it won’t forever, thank God.

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