ZoNATION: Alvin Holmes’ Racism–Projection on Display

Alvin Holmes is further proof that the Democrat Party is still America’s oldest hate group. The new way of getting away with hatred is projecting it onto others. The Democrats used to get away with destroying Blacks and Republicans with hoods and sheets. Now Democrats get away with destroying Republicans by accusing them for the evils they themselves have actually done; and they get away with destroying Blacks by patronizing them, and by distracting them by making them prejudice against Republicans.

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  • Patricia Taylor

    Nice one Zo! Hope they’re listening. Holmes and Cummings are an embarrassment not only to Black Americans, but to any Americans who voted for them. As elected officials, it’s embarrassing they act the way they do… but it’s their right to throw tantrums and to lie, right?

    • KnowbodyXXX

      I never heard of this Holmes guy and neither has anybody else so you can’t pass him off as a spokesperson for all blacks, Dems and liberals. Elijah Cummings did nothing wrong. He had a right to speak at the hearing and ask questions just as Issa has done. Issa would not allow him or anybody else that right which is a total violation. Cummings objected to this and you an Zo call him and embarrassment for it. Neocons believe in liberty for Neocons and nobody else. Embarrassing would be and elected official shouting “you lie” at the president during the SOTU. When was the last time a Dem had done that?

    • Sherry Jones

      Alvin Holmes was elected to the Alabama State Legislature in 1974. He’s been in the political arena for 40 years. And he’s been very outspoken on a lot of issues (most of them “proving” how evil the white man is) the entire time. If you haven’t heard of him yet, maybe that’s because you haven’t been paying much attention to politics. As far as Cummings is concerned, I watched the video too. Issa had closed the session, and Cummings insisted on asking one more question. Issa told him go ahead, and Cummings started on a rant. No questions at all, just ranting. Several times Issa tried to ask him if there was a question, and told him if there wasn’t a question they were done, and Cummings just kept ranting. Yes, Cummings had a right to ask questions. But that’s NOT what he was doing. He was just ranting.

    • KnowbodyXXX

      As if you can identify every single local elected official throughout the nation. I can just as easily pull up some local official that you haven’t heard of and then accuse you of not paying attention. Leave the kid games in the sandbox. Since you pay so much attention to politics then you know how this congressional hearings work. They don’t usually ask point blank, five words or less questions. They set up their questions and then they pose their questions to the witness. Cumming was not ranting, he was setting up his question just as Issa was doing and Issa was doing but Issa cut him off out of partisan pettiness. If you want to call what Cummings did ranting then so was Issa and every other rep who questioned a witness.

    • Sherry Jones

      You’re right, I can’t identify every single elected official, local or otherwise. But I can identify the ones that have been making a lot of noise for a long period of time. I can identify the grandstanders and the soapboxers, as most people can. They make damn sure that their names are prominent in the media as often as possible, it becomes hard not to identify them. Unless, of course, you’re not paying any attention. As far as what Cummings was doing, if you want to believe that he was “setting up a question” then go right ahead. Maybe at some point he would have gotten around to a question. But all I heard was ranting that wasn’t even on point. His ranting had nothing to do with the issue on the table. Oh, excuse me. His “setting up a question” had nothing to do with the issue on the table.

  • I am sick of these types of liberals. Hi liberals it me the so called racist. I know you feel that I am racist because of the color of my skin and because I vote Republican. ( which I am of mixed race so and my family has been Republican before Lincoln’s day. So much for your tin foil hat theory Alvin) I hate to break it to you liberals but the KKK never left your party and they support the ideals of socialism and abortion. In fact the hangout with Nazis who want to replace the capitalist system with Socialism. Do not believe me look it up on their own websites. They got more in common with liberals than they do with Conservatism which loves capitalism hates racist from all races and thinks abortion is a hate crime.

    • Hoosier Daddy

      Whenever it’s pointed out that it’s been the DEMOCRATS since the Civil War until today who have been the racists, they left likes to claim “oh, those were just SOUTHERN Democrats. They all converted to Republicans.” It’s a typical liberal LIE.

      It was the DEMOCRATS who created Jim Crow Laws. It was and is DEMOCRATS who are members of the Ku Klux Klan. It was DEMOCRATS who blocked the schoolhouse doors and turned the firehoses on blacks. It was DEMOCRATS who bombed black churches, killing little girls. It was DEMOCRATS who murdered civil rights workers. It was DEMOCRATS who filibustered the Civil Rights Act.

      And it is now DEMOCRATS who work 24/7 to keep blacks down and dependent upon the government for their votes.

    • KnowbodyXXX

      It is not a lie, these systems of racism were instituted by Southern Democrats. You prove that yourself by listing Jim Crow, KKK, and firehoses, all of which were done by Southern Democrats. And yes, it was Southern Democrats who bombed the church girls and it was Southern Democrats who filibustered the Civil Rights Act. You made our argument for us. You just dug your own grave, sir.

      During Nixon’s first presidential run, he, along with young upstart Pat BuKlanan, turned the south Republican by appealing to the backlash against the Civil Rights Movement in what is known as the Southern Strategy. As result, Southern racist and segragationists Dem voters would follow Dem Strom Thurman to the GOP, creating what the GOP is today and driving blacks to the Dems.

    • Hoosier Daddy

      Sorry, Cletus, but you’re full of crap. DEMOCRATS have always been the quintessential racists and they still are today.

      HOW could Pat Buchanan and Nixon “turn the South Republican by appealing to backlash against the civil rights movement” when it was the DEMOCRATS who were opposing the civil rights movement?? Your loony conspiracy theory makes no sense.

      It was the DEMOCRATS who fought against the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the REPUBLICANS who forced its passage!

      It was DEMOCRAT icon Lyndon Johnson who, upon signing his massive multi-billion dollar War on Poverty” welfare expansion, remarked “I’ll have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years!”

      DEMOCRATS continue to work 24/7 to keep blacks down and dependent upon the government for their votes. There are few people hate more than blacks who have seen the light and escaped from the white liberal Democrat plantation.

    • KnowbodyXXX

      [HOW could Pat Buchanan and Nixon “turn the South Republican by appealing to backlash against the civil rights movement” when it was the DEMOCRATS who were opposing the civil rights movement?? Your loony conspiracy theory makes no sense.]

      You’re not very bright are you? I had just addressed all of that, your response is redundant. There’s no evidence of LBJ saying that but, also, nobody said LBJ was a black messiah. Again, you said i’m wrong about the Southern Democrats being the racists and then you went on to list all the racist things the Southern Dems did. Do you even know what you’re saying? Go take your meds, i’m done with you.

    • Hoosier Daddy

      “what I said already addresses that.”

      Posting loony conspiracy theories is hardly “addressing” the FACTS I’ve posted.

      “There’s no evidence of LBJ saying that”

      You’re not only not too bright, Cletus, you’re also uneducated and uninformed. It is widely KNOWN that LBJ said that. It’s not even an item of contention by EDUCATED people.

      But you can’t face the truth because the truth explodes your moonbat conspiracy theory.

      Yes. I listed a few of the racist things done by DEMOCRATS. Nothing has changed. The DEMOCRATS are still the quintessential racists. The DEMOCRATS still work to keep blacks down. The DEMOCRATS still want to pass laws that prevent blacks from defending themselves. The DEMOCRATS still set out to destroy blacks who escape from their plantation.

      “i’m done with you.”

      What’s the matter, run out of programmed leftwing talking points? LOL

  • BigBobbyBoom

    Zo you’re the man. I love your video’s. I try to fight the good fight but I am extremely out numbered. Born and raised NYC. Preach on my man.

  • Brock Naramor

    His Engrish hurts my brain.

  • Jennifer Archambault

    Thank you so much for saying this!

  • Hoosier Daddy

    Blacks who vote Democrat don’t comprehend that they are still picking cotton for the on the white Democrat “plantation.”

  • Lance Channing Sommer

    Alan Cummings does look like a baby in a suit! And Alvin Holmes has about as many brain cells as Pelosi! But if you start having mixed race babies Zo, you better start indoctrinating so they are metrosexual, racist, socialist, communist, liberal, democrats! It is always funny hearing this crap. Back in college 20yrs ago my friend Calvin came to Nebraska to go to school from Compton of all places. Boy, did I get I get an education on life away from farms! But we got to where we would call each other every racial slur in the book. Boy, that would piss people off! It was a shock deal for our personal enjoyment. But Calvin always said that black people always called each other a lot worse things than the white people called them. He told me that there was two kinds of black people; black and ni#$$rs. I told him; no, there was just good and evil in the world, you just had to choose a side. I guess I look back on what we did and we had fun, but we got it. All these people that pull this crap anymore should be forced to get a lobotomy! Or a firing line. Or hung. Or drown. Or tied to a chair forced to listen to Charlton Hesston reads the Bible!

  • Ruby_Con

    Hey Zo, I love it, “The Democrat Party, Americas Oldest Hate Group” is a great bumper sticker for the car. Think I’ll make up a thousand or so.

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