SNL: Saturday Night Liberals

Zo remembers when the goal of Saturday Night Live was to make people laugh; but, for a long time now, SNL has been as much about the liberal agenda as it has about comedy. Hear more in this ZoNation.

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  • TruckinMack

    As you have a policy against ‘violence, vulgarity, profanity and discourteous’ comments I cannot discuss my feeling for SNL today.

    Years ago, Belushi, Ackroyd, Murray and Radner, then onto Eddie Murphy all by himself, were awesome.

    Then there were brief bits by Dennis Miller, Jon Lovitz and Victoria Jackson (who was really knocking off Goldie Hawn from years earlier). Dana Carvey could be funny, but soon his comedy was relentlessly Liberal and so no longer watchable. (He refused to perform for the Bush White house because Bush was a Republican.) Phil Hartman was quite funny and better, I’ve no idea his politics.

  • maggie

    not only was the first song disgusting, but subtitling it was totally unnecessary. you didn’t subtitle the second singer who was just as incoherent as the first one. All in all, I was surprised that you showed it.

  • Aloyicious

    Thank you for mentioning the racist portrayal of the Hispanic woman. I guess they think it’s OK…

  • grego

    Alfonso is correct in ALL of his observations. The one about SNL is priceless and I haven’t looked at that phoney show since probably 1987. Screw liberals. And you know what else? I got so sick of television in general a short while ago that I signed on with Netflix. Screw tv. Even the weather people suck with their stupid floating in and out of view and flapping their arms around. I go to the internet for my weather.

  • dubyads

    Alfonso, as always you are spot on…but then, who the hell watches SNL anymore?

    • Gwamma

      obviously some do for their news… since they believe that Sarah Palin said what Tina Fey actually did in an SNL skit.

  • Sherry Jones

    I miss the original Not Ready For Primetime Players. SNL was a great show back in the day, but I haven’t watched in years, for precisely this reason. Thanks, Zo, dead on as always 🙂

    • Gwamma

      The old SNL actors are liberals as well.

    • Sherry Jones

      Perhaps they are, or were. But I don’t remember politics as being part of what they were doing. Of course, back then I wasn’t very interested in politics anyway. So perhaps it was there and I just missed it.

    • Kellymatthew Barnes

      You got that 1 right.

  • Gwamma

    I’m not stalker material…but man I got a school girl crush on this man. YES my husband knows and laughs at me.

    • Kellymatthew Barnes


    • Doctor Who I love it!

  • Chad Gardner

    Alfonzo is a master carpenter- he hits the nail on the head Every time!

  • Keith Wetzel

    “Liberalism is the joke being put over Americans” Priceless! And so true!

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