ZoNATION: Black Holes Got Flight 370???

The PC culture would rather blame Black Holes than Terrorists for the disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370. Zo’s heard of digging deep for an explanation, but digging as deep as a black hole is Ridiculous! Hear more in this ZoNation.

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  • Leave it to liberals not to know how a black hole works. I mean come on do I have to point this out. Even a dime sized black hole would suck in the entire earth and we would also feel two times heavier because of the mass of a black hole. We would of felt it way before this happen. Also their is not a Black hole powerful enough to suck in the entire universe. This is what happens when you watch liberal media you hear stupid nonsense like this. I bet MSNBC is blaming Bush because we all know they got a quota to fill.

    • Brock Naramor

      Actually, Hawkings disproved blackholes recently.

      From what we think we know about them, most would decay away before they could cause any real harm.

    • How. There’s so much evidence to prove they are real.

    • Keith Wetzel

      I believe Hawkins was referring to microscopic blackholes that might form, but would evaporate before they could take in enough mass to grow.

  • Steve

    What I liked about that and almost the whole point was how you sneaked that comment about Obama in there. Just like he would be sneaking some bills by without us knowing.

  • Duke

    Even Geraldo Rivera was expousing the black hole theory on Fox News over the weekend. He even added aliens to the mix.

  • Ruby_Con

    That’s racist!. “Black Hole” is the new “N” word. “I prefer the “absence of light hole” 😉

  • LibertyChick

    Best part: Alphonzo admits he knows nothing about it so isn’t going to put some half-holed theory out there about it. If only other reporters/news agencies would do the same.

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