ZoNATION: Does the Noah Movie Float?

Zo knows that liberal Hollywood has long leeched off the Bible to promote their world view. Whether it’s making characters that are religious fanatics to make people prejudiced against the Bible, or cherry picking scriptures and twisting what they don’t even really believe in to justify their world view. The 2014 Noah movie is no exception. Hear More in this ZoNation!

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  • I will not watch this liberal propaganda loonacy. It is odd that liberals are defending the lies of this movie that one of their own fabricated but yet attack the movie Lone Survivor as a lie because they could not believe that 200 terrorist attack them despite military documents saying otherwise. I think this what liberalism is they so badly want to believe a lie they will defend it with stupid one liners like ” what the big deal the Bible is a lie anyways” but when the truth comes out they are all like sticking their fingers in their ears screaming racist.

    • Memphis Viking

      The one trait necessary to maintain a liberal point of view is denial of reality.

  • Mark Johnson

    Looking forward to your book/movie!

  • tv2112

    Zo, I was wondering when you get back to the Nephelum story you pitched along time ago. If you need an extra for a film, I could work some time off. I would love to offer my services as a Christian to promote God’sword in a more public manner. hmm. I almost corrected the grammar above…God Sword seems appropriate in the day and age. But God’s Word still carries more weight than anything.

  • AlwaysRight

    Where do I contribute?? Kick Starter? Let us know!

  • Jerry N LouAnn Olson

    Thank-You Alfonzo.

  • Kevin G O’Brien
  • dsinchrg

    Zo once again you have used your insight and intelligence to review a topic. Well said brohter. Be blessed

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