To KickStarter. Is Exposing Gosnell Worse Than His Actions?

GREAT! Right when I mention that I’ll be moving forward with my story “The Flood Chronicles: Roots of the Curse” and starting a KickStarter campaign for it, I find this out!

Phelim Mcaleer and Ann McElhinney ( Creators of FrackNation )
Got targeted by KickStarter because KS has issues with the language used by Mcaleer and McElhinney concerning their project based on Abortionist, Kermit Gosnell.

I can appreciate a company having the right to refuse service to anyone and how a company wants to present themselves.

All though a company has to be careful with that because they can exercise that right for the wrong reasons and sabotage their business for alienating people for stupid reasons.

A company has the right to say, “No shoes, No Shirt, No service.”

Just as it has the right to say, We don’t like the content of your project and the language you use to describe it. Therefore we don’t want to lend our services to you lest you alter it.

I wouldn’t call it censorship. It’s selective. It’s discrimination. It’s contradictory. It’s hypocritical, but it’s also their prerogative and their business.

Call me too literal, but censorship as I understand it is when the government abridges your speech especially when that speech is a redress of grievances against them, but not when a business doesn’t allow you to use their services to promote your ideals.

But being that KS is a service that is supposed to be an environment for the exercise of promoting your creativity, It’s apparently discrimination, selective, contradictory, and hypocritical for them to target McAleer and McElhinney. Especially in light of the other projects KS allows to use their services.

KS claims the language of McAleer and McElhinney upset KS’s Community Guidelines.

If in a short time their project raised over $200,000.

That doesn’t look like an upset community.

That looks like a community that’s happy to see this movie get made, and KS got a case of butt hurt because this movie puts a foot in their world view.

So as it is, I’m not too crazy about the idea of using KickStarter to acquire funding for the project I mentioned in my commentary, but whatever service I go with, your support will be a mucho blessing!!!

God’s speed to Phelim and Ann for their work on exposing the evil of the abortion industry personified in Kermit Gosnell.

Here’s the video I mentioned my story in while commenting on the 2014 movie, “Noah”.

  • SouthTexasFrac

    There are plenty of other funding sites out there Zo. Personally, I will not give to a campaign on KS. I will donate to Phelim’s project, and I will donate to yours, but not if it’s KS.

  • Gregory71

    Coool I have a biblical super hero story too. I’d love to talk sometime. 😉

  • AFSarge

    Zo, a while back you did a great story about the Nephilim and said that you were thinking of doing a movie scrip on it. Are you still committed to that idea? I hope you are as I would love to a story based on the way you told it. I could only wish I had half the talent you have for writing and music. I’ve been watching your videos since you started out on YouTube. But God decided to endow me with other talents. I’m not complaining of the talents I don’t have, I’m very humbled by what he gave me to work with and the path he helped guide me to for my life’s journey. I hope your project becomes a reality, we need more like it. As a kid, I remember many Sunday morning religious themed cartoons on TV, like “David & Goliath” and Sampson. I remember never looking at them as religious but rather a cartoon teaching about good and bad, about doing what is right or how to treat other people. It is a shame that a few with a big voice made it out to be something dirty. It amazes me to see how liberals dictate that children should be exposed to every kind of twisted abnormal behavior, drugs, sex and many unspeakable things and they are able to get away with saying they are only twisted or abnormal to us because we see it that way. When in fact they tell us it is quite normal! They just will not let kids be kids. Then they tell us that no one should be judged by what they do, what they look like and everyone has the right to speak about how they feel about anything. Well, anything except, anything not in total agreement with the liberal view! Again, I hope you are able to get your project off the ground and I really hope you do the one on the Nephilim. Y’all take care Zo and stay safe!

  • NJN

    I love your work, keep it up.
    I want to encourage you to talk to The Blaze and Genn Beck. This is not a shameless promotion of them, but recently Glenn has announced that he wants to change our country by influencing culture (wonder where I have heard that before). Glenn even bought a whole studio in Texas to do it with. Since your both like minded you might be able to figure out how to do this together.
    Either way I will support your media.
    God bless you and your efforts.

  • Laurel

    Why doesn’t Kickstarter just post a disclaimer that those seeking funds do not represent their views?

    Or is it they seek to silence people?

  • Gil and Mimi

    Hey Alfonzo – we love you! That’s all!!

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