Liberals Won? Part One: Taking Fame and Casting Blame

I examines a liberal meme that blames conservatives and credits liberals for a list of policies and issues in American history.

I also point to the cowardice of democrats trying to throw people off the scent of their rotten history by trying to switch labels to stigmatize conservatives. Are you going to let democrats twist and paint what conservatism is? Here more in this ZoNation!

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  • Their is something I like to point out to liberals who think they won the revolution. I hate to bust your small minded bubble but that is not how it worked. you see most of the people who fought in the Revolutionary War came from the backwoods or farming communities were mainly Conservatives are accused by the left living in. While in the cities is where many of the loyalist lived mostly cities closer to the Ocean like New York City which was famous back then being loyalist HQ. Which is why Washington had so much trouble starting the Culper Spy ring. Now today it is a big government liberal HQ. Now are you liberals saying that we magically switched to city living to backwoods living? because that logic sounds backwards. Also do not mention some of the founders came from cities while true most of the time they were in the minority.

    Now lets look at the mentality of the two different groups. Now the Patriots believed that people can live and can think for themselves and take care of their own property and think for themselves. Which is Conservative view things today. Now the loyalists loved to tax the hell out of people for the good of the many without thinking what is was doing to the people. Most of them thought government knows all and knows what is best. Thought they were better than their fellow man because the poor people were too stupid to think for themselves and needed someone to lord over them. typically what liberals act like. Lie disproved now liberals keep worshiping your king Obama as a god.

    • Robert Beezer

      I agree to an extent… our form of government, our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence… at that point in time (and even to this day) those documents and the ideas surrounding them ARE very liberal compared to the dominant views of the world. Self-sovereignty, all created equal, all granted rights by our creator… these are not the norm. Once our founding documents were crafted, modern conservatism was born. CONSERVING those principals of self-sovereignty, individualism, natural born rights, etc so that they are wouldn’t be taken away or “reinterpreted”. So just like the term “well-regulated” in 1789 meant well equipped and well prepared, the 3 per centers were liberal of a fashion, bucking history’s trend of slavery and fealty. 100 years later, the Republican party was forged as the white hot bar of iron forged into the sword of emancipation for all, suffrage for all, and freedom for all as it’s key platform.

    • I know it is a broad statement but you got the idea of what I was saying and that is good enough.

    • Robert Beezer

      Yeah, we were on the same page, I was just throwin’ a little extra clarity in there. 🙂

  • ImTheNana

    BAM! (as always)

  • Andrew Swensen

    Naaaaailed iiit!

  • Dale Edge

    Now if we could just pipe this message directly into peoples brains. The left just changed tactics from white only signs and blacks to the back of the bus, to very carefully taught self segregation. It’s sad really to see how easily so many have been duped.

  • CaptElaine

    I recognized Fredrick Douglas on your shirt right away… but then I’m old, and an FDR (Fredrick Douglas Republican).love K. Carl… Great commentary as usual Alfonzo.

  • Eric huckaby

    this is good but there is a better argument to be made. The founding Fathers were not as we know today liberals, today liberalism has a deep vein of radical egalitariansim running through it. IN truth all that is needed to look at is where these men grounded their ideas. They were Burkian conservatives influenced heavily by the Irish enlightenment, John Locke and Adam Smith also had a huge influence on the founders. When the republican party co-opted the govt in 1860 winning the house,senate, and the oval office they were espousing the same people same ideas unalienable rights. They were not espousing Kant, Heidregger, Marx, Engels, or Neitzsche. This is were are argument lay look back you can tell alot about a person on who they choose to follow today liberals are more inclined to follow Mao or pol pot than they are Edmund Burke.

    “The freedom to deprive other men of their freedom is not freedom at all, it’s depravity”. Eric Huckaby

  • Guest

    Didn’t you mean to say Conservatives “opposed” slavery?

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