LIBERALS WON? PART TWO: Switching Labels and Telling Fables

LIBERALS WON? PART TWO: Switching Labels and Telling Fables
I continue with my examination of a liberal meme that blames conservatives and credits liberals for a list of policies and issues in American history.

I further point out the cowardice of democrats trying to throw people off the scent of their rotten history, by trying to switch labels to stigmatize conservatives. Here more in this ZoNation

Part 1 in case ya missed it!

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  • MsLiberty

    I know that the liberal left has been working for decades to deceive the people of our nation. They lie at every opportunity, they even create words to seduce and deceive you and turn you to their way of thinking, but they are wrong and their way of thinking is wrong, Pro-Choice, Gay rights, war-on-women, political correct. These are words that cover-up and soften the real truth, that it is exactly what it is. Thank God, my mother taught me to think for myself, take up for myself and to be a follower of no one but God and Christ. Nothing takes the place of being a free nation. Wake up fools, you’re being used to destroy the fiber of our nation and your own eventual destruction, because their way “Communism” has never succeeded, nor can it succeed!! Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Words of wisdom.

  • Storoit

    Zo – You are THE MAN!

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