Liberals Won? Pt. 4: ‘Hey Democrats, I Can Still See You Behind Your Label Switching’

Zo wraps up his examination of a liberal meme that is as close as Zo wants to get to a colonoscopy (considering how full of crap this meme is). Its a meme that blames conservatives and credits liberals for a list of policies and issues in American history. Zo also points the cowardice of democrats trying to throw people off the scent of their rotten history by trying to switch labels to stigmatize conservatives. Are you going to let democrats twist and paint what conservatism is? Here more in this ZoNation!

Part 1 in case ya missed it!

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  • I really don’t understand people trusting the government to do right without the people forcing it to do so. This belief that the government has our best interest at heart flies in the face of facts.

  • Mike

    Zoo’s getting fat

  • Gene Pratt

    This young man has the right idea about what is happening in our society today, if more people, BLACK, WHITE, HISPANIC, would listen to him they would learn a lot more than on TV or in the lamestream media’s news broadcasts, he is really knowledgeable about what OBAMARX is doing to our beautiful country, and if I were him I would get into government as he would make a real difference, PERIOD!!!

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