Cliven Bundaaaay For Your Mondaayy!

ZoNation: Bundy Getting Bureaucratic Bull
As if Bundy doesn’t deal with enough bulls**t, The BLM and the EPA are giving Bundy a truck load of Bovine Manure, and using turtles to do it. Who’s right? Many claim to have all the facts, and all the bull is working great as fertilizer for a field of conspiracy theories. Does Zo claim to know what’s what? No, but he’ll tell you what he honestly thinks. Here more in this Zonation.

From Joe Dan Gorman:”Cows, Guns and Money – IFL 2014 007
Our Federal Government has gone absolute power crazy. Rather than opting for ‘the standard peaceful solution’ of filing a lien or judgement—armed agents and K-9 units with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) actually drew weapons on unarmed American citizens at the Bundy Ranch over alleged ‘unpaid cattle grazing’ fees. They tazed and sic’d dogs on unarmed citizens….even pushing women down.

This prompted militia from all across the country to rush to Nevada to support Mr. Cliven Bundy, whose family had been ranching this land since the 1870s. The tense showdown between Federal Agents and Citizens, ended peacefully, thank God.”
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  • Florida Baked

    I am not sure about the State laws where this took place, what I do know are the state laws of the mid-west from Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana; which have a “Free Grazing” Law in place to protect cattle farmers. Any land, private, public or otherwise that is NOT fenced in, is subject to free grazing. That is to say, a farmer does NOT have to pay a fee to anyone or any one where the farmers cow, sheep, or other grazing creature roams to feed. On the flip side, if I as a private citizen owning a land parcel or homestead or my own farm, put-up and place a fence around my own property it is then unlawful for anyone to remove or open that fence for the purpose of free grazing (or any other reason for that matter). Nevada State Law does not seem to apply here either as the news continually mentions the Federal government but that is also confusing to me as Colorado has BLM Land and the State Law applies to Federal Land in that state. The Federal Government being considered a private citizen in the sense of having to provide a fence to prevent grazing if in fact they don’t want grazing on the BLM land. Ultimately, and this is of course just an opinion at this point, we need to really consider that a Liberal representative’s son had a claim in this whole mess and that for me raises a big RED FLAG.

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