ZoNation: Obamacare, So Good, President Obama Lies About it

Obama is still out there lying about how well ObamaCare is working, along with minions like Melitha Harrith-Perry implying that your healthcare plan was crap and you losing it was good thing. They charge that if the republicans repeal ObamaCare millions will lose their healthcare plan. Meanwhile millions of people losing their healthcare plan is EXACTLY what happened with OBAMACARE! But it’s okay when the liberal government takes things from people, right? Hear More in this ZoNation.

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  • Florida Baked

    I’m on Chapter 12 Zo. Loving your book. Oh and great commentary on Obamanation, I mean Obama-Care (The Unafforadable Care Tax and Fine…. and penalty).

  • Florida Baked

    Hey everyone, you need to buy Zo’s book. Its great and remember even if you don’t like to read you can order his Audio Book. I really can’t say enough great things about it. Find out for yourself. There are Audio excerpts available on iTunes and Amazon, sample the sanity.

  • Howdy Doody Conservative

    The Obamacare Question That Has Democrats Terrified……….


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