ZoNation: A Bundy Boo Boo, Or Liberal Media Mendacity?

There’s two things to learn from Bundy’s Statements.:

1) Liberals are not going to stop race baiting. Why would they stop using their most effective tool?

2) Many Conservatives really, really, really need to improve on their communication skills, and how to relate their ideas. I’m no exception!

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  • I cannot tell you how disgusted I was to see so many conservative pundits fall in to this liberal racist trap. People I respected crucified Bundy over these remarks without hearing what he was really trying to say.

    How can we change anything if these people are so easily diverted? People that routinely rail against the “main stream media” were acting just ilke the people they say they oppose. Your video, Zo, is one of the few comments I’ve heard that actually borrows through the left-wing inspired messaging to see what the man was really saying.

    One thing this has shown me is how much I need to rely on God and how little I need to rely on these pundits. I can’t imagine doing what you do for a living, it’d drive me nuts. Thanks Zo and keep up the good work.

  • William Smith

    One of your best commentaries yet, Zo. Clear, on point throughout. One of your masterpieces. Frame it!

  • StreyDawg

    We all know what he was trying to say.

    There is, however, a huge problem with even suggesting that anyone would be better off as a slave based on some notion of “family values,” or to describe the condition of success or failure as the reflection of having learned how to “pick cotton.”

    Obviously we can lament and criticize the modern welfare condition without even coming close to suggesting that the awful tradition of slavery was better.

    This becomes especially ironic when the very alleged reason that Bundy has become a known name is because of “liberty” while the core issue of his fight is the ability to use public land for personal gain without paying. Please understand if some of us don’t see much daylight between using the taxpayer’s land without earning it vs. spending the taxpayer’s money (welfare) without earning it.

    FYI, please note the lack of insulting or degrading language in this post. And then please note the ignorance in the personal attacks that will follow in the replies to my post. It’s rather disturbing and revealing.

    • NRPax

      The best solution for folks like him is to make sure you have a recording device ready to go and be ready to upload your interview the instant after it’s done.

    • StreyDawg

      Seems to me that a better solution would be for him to refrain from saying stupid stuff about minorities and cotton.

    • NRPax

      I agree but given that anything someone like Bundy says is going to be twisted no matter what, having evidence of what you really said is a good defense.

    • Robert Schwartz

      Why you you totally dismiss the immoral behavior of the Liberal press. What kind of person gives the press a free pass on purposely distorting words and calling someone a racist. You should be ashamed! But I imagine you are a Liberal with the character of a Liberal.

    • StreyDawg

      I don’t give a crap about the press. They didn’t influence my disgust over his notion that some people are better off being deprived of liberty while he recruits other people to die for his.

      And you imagine wrong. I am a tea party conservative who isn’t a fan of freeloaders, but I’m learning that people who claim to be conservatives are literally unable to discuss this without saying “you are a liberal…bad bad, shoo.”

      Grow up.

    • johngs54

      He’s a cattle rancher, He said what he felt and has seen. If people take it as Racist then they are the ignorant ones. For God sake, The man has lived in the desert on a ranch working his butt off all his life. He’s not a speech maker. He’s a rancher. And as usual, the Media won. Got everyone riled up over a 5 min statement by an elderly rancher. Wow, I see how the left wins. Got you guys. Got you guys good. smh. Over thinkin a old mans words. Distraction, distraction, distraction.

    • StreyDawg

      Just because it’s what he ‘feels and has seen’ that doesn’t mean it’s not racist. What kind of rationale is that?

      The left? I’m a tea party conservative…who knows a freeloader when I see it, and is disgusted about the excuse that have been made about his ignorant comments about slavery and “picking cotton,” the irony of militia men setting up checkpoints, and the pride with which they announced that they were going to put women in the front so the media would see them being shot first…since YOU wanted to talk about the media role in this.

      Put distance between yourself and Bundy. That is the wise thing to do. There are real causes of liberty out there for you to fight for, and taking a sword for this issue is a wasted opportunity.

    • Sherry Jones

      Dude, you should listen again, more carefully. He wasn’t saying that they were better off as slaves picking cotton, he was saying that they aren’t really any better off today than they were then. As far as connotation goes, there’s a huge difference between “They were bettor off then” and “They aren’t any better off now.” Yes, he phrased it badly because it wasn’t immediately obvious what he was trying to say, but if you actually watched Zo’s video, Zo clarified it quite well.

    • StreyDawg

      I did listen carefully; he in fact asked the question if they would be better off as slaves, which might be spinnable, but he then doubled down and specifically said that the problem with black people is that they did not learn how to pick cotton.

      That is racist to both freeloading and hardworking “kneeggrroowwss” alike; that implies that a successful black American learned to “pick cotton.” If you don’t see the racism in that, then you’ve got some problems, and you really need to learn how to related to people.

    • Southern Yankee

      I came away with a little different take on the picking cotton part, seems to me he was just saying that they didn’t learn a good work ethic, picking cotton was just something he knew that was extremely hard work and, I can’t say I disagree with that and I know a lot of hard working successful Blacks that will agree with me., Yes it was absolutely a poor choice of words, but he’s from a different era so I’ll give him a pass, if you can’t then so be it. The world will still continue to turn and life will go on.

    • StreyDawg

      Anyone with half a brain knows that was his message; anyone with slightly more than half a brain knows it was an entirely ignorant way of making that point. What his message implied is that people like Allan West, Mia Love, and Tim Scott learned how to “pick cotton.” In no scenario is it appropriate to make such a suggestion, especially since his commentary was focused on black Americans.

      My dad was a blue collar worker who is older than Bundy and my dad knows better than to say ignorant stuff like that.

  • Monica Carter

    Zo, you are so smart. I agree totally. But how do you conquer a national media that continues to edit these type of things? Those that don’t want to hear anything else will never look for the other side of the story.

    • StreyDawg

      It’s actually pretty simple. We need to tell our conservative colleagues to refrain from saying stupid things such as Bundy said.

  • Suzie Q

    Oh my goodness, Zo, you always make SO much sense! You’re the breath of fresh air the fogged-in left so badly needs!

  • Frank Visone

    Donkey pudding! hahaha I love it. Just want to say thanks for posting this, Zo. I’ve seen this video and am so happy that you and people like you that have a larger voice than people like me are putting this out there. Its just one more shining example of how the media chooses, and thereby creates, the news to fit a certain agenda. We need more voices like yours to bring the truth to light, because there are way too many people who just don’t care, or just paint any effort to spread conservatism in a bad light. Somehow, just being “progressive” is more popular than being smart and living in the real world…. until more people wake up and see the truth right in front of them, we all will have a long hard battle to fight. Glad you’re here with us my friend. Lets take this all the way to the finish.

  • Historical Forensics

    Alfonzo, I was glad to see your quote from M. Sanger, one of Hillary’s heroes. Sanger was a woman with serious issues, among them, a belief in eugenics.The archive, The Margaret Sanger Chronology,is pretty eye opening. http://wyatt.elasticbeanstalk.com/mep/MS/xml/mschrono.html Be sure to follow links to her publication, “The Woman Rebel”. Read her own words.

    Ah, the festering roots of progressivism. Such a delightful bunch of psychopaths whose mental disorder is still infecting people a century later, like a nasty strain of candida. Knowing who they were explains a lot about who they are today. All that’s changed is the strategy. We see it daily, as you pointed out.

    Good video. Thanks.

  • Bill Conroy

    Zo, I can’t stand the fact that you are not on TV everyday. Nobody says it like you do.

  • Notrated

    Zo, I love the fact that you are NOT on T.V. mainly because I don’t own a T.V. I only have the internet (and a computer to surf it on) because I am SICK of the crap thats on Cable. I have been cable free for 3 years now and my quality of life has improved. Back to the point: I am glad you are on Zo Nation from PJ TV and if you ever do go to TV I hope you will keep this project going because it has a great message and purpose, as do you. Additionally, you have cleared up some major points regarding Bundy, his comments and the twist that people around me are getting from the media ON TV. Thank you so much for your research and insight. A very loyal “Internet” and ‘Zo Nation’ fan.

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