Liberal Projection: Lib Says Black Republicans are Akin to Jewish Nazis. WTH?

Neil Steinberg, of the Chicago Sun-Times, is another liberal making the cheap shot–a slanderous comparison of conservatives to Nazis.

Actually, it’s really a projection, not a comparison. Between the projections and selective outrage over what’s considered racist (like with Donald Sterling for example), we’ve definitely got our work cut out for us. Hear more in this ZoNation.

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  • JC

    God I love how you present the truth. Thank you

  • Sherry Jones

    Alfonzo absolutely rocks it, every time!


    Again, Way To Go ZO.

  • golftilidrop

    There is nothing the leftist-democrat fears or abhors more then a black conservative, for it removes the ace out of their deck of lies. Keep up the good work Zo.

    • bondroid


  • Gene Pratt


  • Shawn Pascale

    Hey Zo. Can you make a video about Bill Mahers comments on how socialism built the middle class?

  • Ruby_Con

    In the parlance of the democrat propaganda machine, “the debate is over”. The democrats, without a shadow of doubt are racist at their core. The irrefutable proof is that they voted for a man strictly because of the color of his skin rather than the content of his character, all while fully aware of the fact that the man was completely devoid of any experience or qualifications necessary for the job. Oh, and they are also sexist to boot, since they will also vote for hillary strictly because of her gender. That is more important to them than the fact her only accomplishments were; a hack lawyer, first lady and a failed Secretary of State. And more importantly, you are correct Zo, you never win the game by playing defense.

  • NotRated

    You are one of the more articulate people I have the pleasure to watch spreading sanity in an insane situation. As always, thanks Zo.

  • Maggietish

    Where is the political correctness in this? Everyone has a right to believe the way they believe and has the freedom to both the way they want to vote. When do the Democrats of far left stop trying tomalign people because they don’t believe what they want them to believe. The American people of had enough of this. I’ve never seen so much hatred and device of this in this country ever. This is what we’ve come to? The people that are being attacked of the class, honesty, integrity and as six not to stoop so low as to even respond and they need to be applauded. How much does the far left, liberals in liberal media think that were going to take before we react. We will not allow our rights to be taken away from us. We are free people living in a free country and we will not back down. This is our country too.

  • Rupert Chappelle

    Who do you think recruited, trained and financed Hitler, dumbasses?

    Why? In 1931 European Jews turned down the Zionists kind offer to leave Europe to work for free in the desert on collective farms for the Rothschilds.

    This is the guy who taught Hitler how to do mass hypnosis and crowd control:

  • jaxx418

    Nice job tearing down the commicrats lies Zo. Fact is there is still apartheid going on in America today. The vile names that the commiecrat racists call black conservatives such as “porch monkey”, “sellout”, and “house ni66er” are really a reflection on themselves, for it is the Dems, especially the black Dems. and community leaders who are getting rich selling out the votes of their own folk. They put the black vote up on the auction block every election cycle with these tactics. Meanwhile, everyday black folks who have been indoctrinated with their bullshit for the last 4+ decades get to live in government funded war zones, have multiple babies for an extra few dollars on the EBT card, and are more enslaved now than ever. All because they have been taught to listen to the Democrat “Uncle Toms”. Meanwhile the black folks who have broken free of the indoctrination and embraced conservative values live in nice homes in safe neighborhoods and have good jobs. The Republicans need to advertize the difference.

    • TruckinMack

      PS: Alfonzo, who is right about so many things, is especially right when he says we have to attack again and again. We have to carpet bomb the Left just as the Left has been carpet bombing our country. Saying something once is not enough. The point can only be driven into the national psyche with unrelenting force.

  • TruckinMack

    When Democrats attack, I’ve no idea why Republicans try to fix the problem. When Democrats say ‘They want to put y’all in shackles!’ The proper response to not to have focus group meetings and resolve never to put Black people in shackles. That is as stupid as the Romney-esque response ”I have binders full of women.’ The RNC has completely forgotten what George Patton knew so long ago, that the way to win a war was to attack.

    When they say ‘Shackles’, attack with how badly today’s Black family has been decimated by Democrat policy.

    When they say ‘War on Women’ attack with how many babies Planned Parenthood has killed. (Speaking of which, why is the number one baby killer in the US called ‘Planned Parenthood’? Shouldn’t it be called ‘Planned Auschwitz’?

    When they call skeptics ‘Climate Deniers’ call them what they are Climate Pimps, hawking their goods on every street corner.

    The number one lie these days is not Racism but Homophobia, as in ‘We just want to be left alone and live our own lives.’ (Sniffle. Sob.) Attack. ‘No you want to convince young boys they have no choice in their sexuality.’ Then when an adult homosexual rapes a young boy, but brings him to orgasm, the whole of the LGBT says, ‘See, you must be Gay.’ The same thing happens when an experienced Lesbian gets a depressed coed drunk. The homosexual movement wants to compound their assault on the innocent by getting them to blame themselves.

    Shackles, War on Women, Global Weirding and Homophobia should all be rallying cries for the right. When people are shooting at you, return fire.

    • bhaggen

      You’re so right. Most of our conservative “leaders” got no balls. I loved Reagan’s sarcastic approach. I still remember at his birthday press conference; Ron & Nancy were cutting the cake when his nemesis Sam Donaldson asked “Mr President, you don’t think you can bribe us with a slice of cake do you?” Without missing a beat Ron replies,”Well Sam, you’ve sold out for a lot less.”…..EPIC! Ever heard of Sheriff Clarke? Used to be a Democrat.

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