PJTV– Liberals & Race Bait: A Democrat is Peddling KKK Hoods.

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Whether it’s false accusation of racism or the selective out rage of racism…whether It’s Brett Hulsey or Donald Sterling…the Democrats are a geyser of racism and race baiting.

In just today’s crazy list of baiters: John Kerry says Israel is an apartheid state, Hulsey peddles KKK hoods, and Sterling gets selective outrage.

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  • wanda faye allen

    is he buying one for himself ? every body knows that the DemonRats WERE and ARE the KKK

  • triangle whip

    Every ARAB or ISLAMIC Nation is APARTHEID.

  • triangle whip
  • Gregory71


  • Bill Conroy

    Another clear , concise, excellent commentary Zo. You simply MUST get a larger audience.

    Call Beck!!!

  • J_R_K

    Alfonzo, what you call label switching, I Have for years called “guilt transference” which you mentioned. The The Democrat are like the guy they say they hate, you know, that dad that beats the crap out of his wife or kids and then tells them “See what you made me do!” (Witness the most recent government shutdown … who really did it, the Republicans, or the Democrats that blamed the Republicans. Also, the term “homophobic bigot” was coined by a past president of the American Psychological Association and then popularized by the left wing “intellectuals” for the express purpose of shifting blame from the guilty to the innocent. Guilt transference is the nutrition of the whole Democrat party and their favorite game is “pin the tail on the donkey” which is probably why their party emblem is a donkey. Make up a name, make up an accusation, close your eyes to any truth, facts, moral values or common sense and stick it on a Republican or conservative. It never really matters if the name (the “tail” being pinned blindly) fits where it belongs, so long as it sticks. Repeat it over and over and over and over if necessary until a whole generation of people has grown from the cradle to adult hood hearing it until they believe it because they have heard it for ever. There was a time when every body believed the world was flat. Why? Because to say other wise could get you an unhealthy dose of hemlock. The Democrats are the aristocratic elites of (metaphorically speaking) the American “The World Is Flat” kind of thinking. But, you can always be assured that they’ll stay afloat in politics by accusing others of what they are guilty of.

    Great video, Alfonzo. It’s a pleasure to know that I am not the only person in the world that can recognize guilt transference for what it is. Effective guilt transference is the life’s blood of the left. Without it, they’d have no one to hate but themselves.

  • wanda faye allen

    Demon Rate were The KKK and still are

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