ZoNation: Get the Popcorn! I Filmed My Abortion!

Emily Letts, in full progressive fashion, records her abortion procedure, to promote the procedure. How do we communicate to people that this is evil? Do they even understand our language at all? Hear More in this ZoNation.

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  • EmilyG

    Yet again, you hit the nail on the head Alfonzo!!! Great video, great words!!!

  • April Marie Sanderson

    Unless you want a fetus born, raised fed housed and clothed, you are not Pro-Life. You are instead pro-birth. I’m glad the pro-choice activist was comfortable enough and brave enough to share her experience, but I’d rather her not had to do that and just been taking preventive measures instead.

    • jayy34

      what did she do that was brave and who needs her story? abortions go on every day, why is hers so special to you? lol and fetuses aren’t born. the laws of nature are simple…..if you don’t want a child, don’t have sex. if you want to have sex be married and able to support a child if you get pregnant. the bible has many rules and lessons for us to follow but there are a famous group of 10….the one about no sex until marriage would solve so many problems if it were followed…..just think of all the issues that one rule completely destroys if followed.

      another problem with abortion is this, how does a woman get to make a decision on the life of a baby that it took a man and a woman to create? last time i checked women don’t split like amoebas. because god gave her the job of carrying a child shouldn’t give her sole ownership over whether or not the child is born (this is strictly speaking in a worldly view….all abortion, yes all, is barbaric and murder. and don’t try to justify it with rape……rape is awful but how does killing a kid change anything)

  • James Paterson

    April it is pro life because you want the life to not be extinguished but to have the chance to become a living breathing member of society! Pro birth also encompasses still borns and birthing of the aborted fetus! This is an act of murder and that it is filmed would in fact make it a snuff film because you are taking life from a child who could wind up being a very important person, but I guess we’ll never know. Too bad people can’t be responsible enough to not get pregnant in the first place?!? I would never abort a child because it was Inconvenient or I couldn’t afford it. I would at least try to give it a good home instead of giving it a death sentence! Even mass murderers get due process!

  • greggg57

    Very good talk. Listened twice. Gonna listen again. I go to one of those churches where some people speak in tongues and I have frequently wondered about its value. How do you reconcile your talk with all that the apostle Paul talked about speaking in tongues?

  • allen micheal

    Amen Zo! I am a christian myself, and agree with you about the speaking in tongues! You are exactly right that Jesus did not mention anything about speaking in tongue. One thing I will surely do while I am in church, though there are very few in my church that speak in tongue. But I will talk to my pastor about what is mentioned in the Bible:

    1 Corinthians 14:27-28 ESV

    If any speak in a tongue, let there be only two or at most three, and each in turn, and let someone interpret. But if there is no one to interpret, let each of them keep silent in church and speak to himself and to God.

    • James

      The church I attend does that. Sometimes the person praying in tongues will give the interpretation. Other times, someone else will interpret.

    • allen micheal

      Well, I guess there are people that are leaving the church and not coming back, because the bible states to have an interperter for a reason! God was way ahead of man on that topic!

    • April Marie Sanderson

      My Pentecostal church growing up always had an interpreter. Usually the Pastor herself.

    • Johnny Olson

      Jesus did not tell you to poop either, but I am guessing that you will not stop that. I used to think that speaking in tongues was all made up. I have been overcome by the Holy Spirit with the gift of speaking in tongues at times. It is as natural as breathing when it happens. And as with James, that is exactly what happens in my church. Speaking and interpretation.

    • allen micheal

      Jesus didn’t need to tell us that, we were doing it before he came.. Speaking of “poop” when your taking one, is that the only time you speak in tongues for relief?

    • April Marie Sanderson

      No, actually the Gift of Tongues and the Holy Spirit was bestowed on the day of Pentecost, when little tongues of fire appeared above all their heads. Acts 2:1-13. No one spoke in tongues prior to that.

    • April Marie Sanderson

      Yes, I know the Bible. No, I am not Pro-having an unwanted child. I am for women having an equal job for equal pay. No, I do not think a woman should become all scarred from a rape-pregnancy, all those stretch marks and even if it was given up for adoption, always having to wonder and worry what is happening to it. Yes, I can and will debate endlessly for hours. No, not tonight, though.

    • April Marie Sanderson

      Paul stated further down that he’d rather people prophesy than talk in tongues. 1 Corinthians 3-25

  • jayy34

    many god fearing christians have lived and died without ever speaking in tongues. with all of the promises and rewards the bible lays out for us i personally think speaking in tongues is low on the list but i don’t discredit the fact that the holy spirit can make this happen…..i also don’t discredit the fact that some people will fake it. i ask you to think of one thing Zo…..what language does god speak? what language did he speak before the creation of man? you said yourself that speaking in tongues is a miracle if you speak another language you’ve never heard before. none of us can be aware of what was spoken before we were created. you also said the people who didn’t understand thought the people that were doing it were drunken fools. i know the first time i heard someone speaking like that i felt that same way….lol. just some food for thought Zo.

    keep up the good work bro…..speaking the truth will reach someone somewhere.

    ps. dig the band

  • Keith Wetzel

    Amen ! Preacher Zo! You nailed it, you nailed it good, keep up the good work and speaking the truth!

  • Emery Smith

    There is one law split into two directions – love God, love people. If we all did this, the world would be a better place for everyone. Let’s give it a try people. Even this blinded woman deserves our love – who knows what might happen if we really committed to doing this daily. Yep, I fail. #asinnerwhoknowshisSavior 🙂

  • disqus_oajLzmvtVa

    This was nothing but a young girl laying on a table. There was no showing of her position with legs in spread out position, her vagina, uterus, or the blood of the abortion from the procedure. All I saw was eyes looking at camera, a smile, humming and a person in the back ground. Why not show the actual procedure?

    • James

      I suspect the video was fake.

    • Imtoooldforthis

      Because if they showed the actual procedure then the Pro Abortion idiots would have to face too many questions. They would also have to face what they are doing and their minds and hearts just won’t be able to handle it.

  • James

    Good video. Regarding speaking in tongues–it is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and The Bible gives instruction on how it’s to be done.

  • Johnny Olson

    Zo, Jesus did not tell you to poop either, but I am guessing that you will not stop that. I used to think that speaking in tongues was all made up. I have been overcome by the Holy Spirit with the gift of speaking in tongues at times. It is as natural as breathing when it happens. And as with James, that is exactly what happens in my church. Speaking and interpretation.

    I find it ironic that only people who have not been given the gift of tongues speak out against it. The
    Bible is clear that not everyone receives the same gifts.

    You are usually spot on, but you really should take another look at the gifts of the Spirit. If it is a gift of the Holy Spirit, not using it would be pretty selfish.

  • TruckinMack

    Actually, you did not film your abortion. You filmed your baby’s abortion.

    You could film your own mock abortion. Perhaps after having wedged yourself in a concrete or metal cone shaped tunnel, you could have a machine use giant forceps to rip off your arms and legs, pulling you piece by piece through a narrow opening.

    The graphics would give an excellent presentation to those adamant about killing babies. Even better if you included an audio.

  • Bill Conroy

    Ignore the haters Zo, there are more of us who get what you’re saying than not.

  • John Thompson

    I will say this about this topic: If a mother wants the child it’s a baby, if she doesn’t want it it’s a clump of cells….Im sorry…for all you against this…where in the card section have you seen congrats you are having a clump of cells….if that isnt enough stop baby showers and call it “you are not having a baby, you are a host for a bunch of cells.

    • April Marie Sanderson

      I know of no woman who celebrates ridding herself of a parasitic organism. Nothing particularly exciting in all that. I want everyone to have free birth control,abortion to become the last resort, not EVER primary form of contraception. That’s the only thing wrong with the video. She was irresponsible by not using a feminine form of birth control and a back-up measure to prevent STD’s and STI’s.

  • April Marie Sanderson

    What she did was brave and I am glad someone told an open forum about her personal decision to have an abortion, how it felt and how she honestly felt afterwards. Instead of guilt, she was happy knowing she made the right decision FOR HER. All kinds of simple medical procedures are filmed constantly, but this was an original. I have never before seen a young woman so confident of herself. Kudos to her. Hope she takes birth control from here on out, since abortion should be the last resort from becoming a host to another person, one that by law you are required to provide food water, clothes, medicine, education and, of all things, be on call 24/7/365. Children who are not wanted and destitute are usually the ones who are abused and even tortured, simply for being.
    If men want babies, maybe one day Science will allow you to experience it yourself.
    By the way, if you buy a car, do you not take it out for a spin before purchase? Marriage is for life. It’s a good idea to make sure you fit, not only in public but in the bed as well.

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