James Earl Jones Becomes Darth Doom Thulsa Vader, and Calls The Tea Party Racist

Before the tea party was angry about Morgan Freeman calling the tea party racist,

they were surprised,

after that soon followed being disheartened,

and then anger.

And the same effect would happen with James earl Jones.

These two men, don’t even appreciate the fact that the people who respect them the most make up most of the tea party.

These two entertainers whom tea party type folks have held in the highest esteem, as Americans.

Not, wow, they’re pretty respectable for black guys.

No just flat out respected… More in the ZoNation video!

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  • onepissedoffdude

    I’m diggin’ the site, brother Zo! Keep kickin’ it — and we’ll be free at last praise God almighty, free at last! — G

  • I’m sure these actors are aware that they’ll suffer the loss of some of their ‘customers’ by their public statements — but are comfortable enough in their fame and financial standing to not care about the impact. Sad. But now that they’ve ‘outed’ themselves as ignorant — or straight-up bigots — there’ll be no stuffing the genie back in the bottle.

  • tomk110

    Two more Hollywood idiots I will never watch again. Someone needs to come up with s Website that list all the actors, directors and news personalities that go out of their way to spread Left wing propaganda. Then everyone can sign a pledge to not watch these idiots again. It’s one thing to have your own opinion but when you use your celebrity status to unduly infulence others them you risk losing your fans. Then welcome to unemployment.

  • Dr. Pete Kleff

    And who cares exactly?

    • Zo

      Is that the strategy, Pete? Be dismissive of the disease as it spreads?

  • Awesome message as always! I keep singing your praises to my friends and I can’t wait to see the Runaway Slave movie (shared that with all my friends too)! I really appreciate you giving people a history lesson regarding the party that was founded to abolish slavery. Keep up the great work!

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