ZoNation: What’s PC About The WPC (White Privilege Conference)?

The White Privilege Conference is offered up as an answer to fix racial strife in America. This is like offering up candy- shaped and colored like veggies to fix obesity.

Now to those who are gonna weigh in on this, please consider, although political correctness sucks, common courtesy rocks.

This is a heated subject. If you’re gonna vent, you’re gonna make it hotter. Don’t. Think about what you’re gonna say, and how you’re gonna say it. Are you commenting to be destructive because you want someone to hurt as much as you. Or are you commenting to be constructive and really want raise light not heat.
Hear more in the ZoNation vid!

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  • You know what I find racist. White liberals. Why because not only do they think that someone of a different skin color needs a white liberal’s handout to make it but clearly the also think that minorities are to stupid and need things like affirmative action in order to go to college instead of good grades.

    You see Dems have a history of this they claim to be for this group or that and then keep them where they are so that they have voters. Look at Gay Marriage many Conservatives say government should be out of marriage altogether but yet Dems want to control it why it is simple because they want to make us look like the evil ones at the same time keeping the Gay Marriage ban in. They do it to minority groups as well they keep claiming their is white privilege when in reality there’s not they just want to feed racism and keep blaming it on Republicans so that they can keep the minorities voting for them. It is illogical their for for anyone voting for these power hungry fools because they will keep races down and divide us by race gender or sexual preference in order for them to keep that power.

    • Francis Marino

      the problem is no one wants to hear the truth. but keep up the good fight. Liberals want to keep you on crutches…I want you to walk beside me

  • Papi

    LOVE this video!

  • TDS

    The sad thing is that, as a white male Conservative/Libertarian in this country, it’s simply become a lose-lose situation when it comes to race.

    If you have absolutely no “multi-cultural” friends, it’s because you’re racist.
    If you have a diverse group of friends, then those that are not white are just your “tokens” because you are trying to prove you’re not racist, but you still are.
    If none of your friends are white, it just means that you are just trying to be something you’re not, and guess what? Even THAT is because you’re a racist.

    And if you agrees with the political views of a person of a different ethnic background than you, then that person must be a sell-out, and the only reason that you agree with them is because their viewpoint is actually just the “white” viewpoint, and once again, you’re a racist for agreeing with it.

  • Mileaway

    Always Good! Thanks again!

  • Sherry Jones

    I’ve long since stopped caring if some idiot accuses me of racism just because I’m white, or because I don’t support Obama, or whatever. I know, in my heart, who and what I am, and what I believe in. So do the people that matter in my life. As far as “oppression” goes, I am very well aware of how my great grandparents were oppressed because they were Irish. I am equally well aware that my Irish heritage has never caused me one moment of oppression. Does it anger me how my ancestors were treated? Yes, of course it does. Is even one person who treated them that way alive today? No, of course they aren’t. Get over the past people, and move on.

  • jaxx

    Thank You Zo! My brother in Christ. You articulate this issue in a most refreshing way. I have often thought it hypocritical that black liberals call black conservatives such vile crap such as “Uncle Tom” or “House Ni**er” when it is so obvious that it is the exact opposite. Jesse J. & Al have made themselves filthy rich by keeping this issue stirred up & keeping black folks slaves to the democratic handouts.

    • Imtoooldforthis

      Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote UNCLE TOM’S CABIN as an anti slavery novel. The main character died because he wouldn’t deny his faith nor would he give up two escaped female slaves. The man was a hero and yet the term Uncle Tom is used to denegrate blacks. I say to every Uncle Tom out there hold on to your faith and live proud. Never let the naysayer get you down because it is you that scare them.

  • Sunshine Kid

    If a politician ever said these things, he’d lose the election. But it sure is refreshing to hear the truth!

  • Bill Conroy

    You are the BEST Zo.

  • DawgfaninFL

    Love it, Zoe! Spot on.

  • Imtoooldforthis

    White privilege does not exist. The privilege I have in this country is to get and education, work for what I have, save for what I want and be the best person I can. It is a privilege that all citizens and those here legally share equally. It is up to the individual to decide whether they want the same privileges as me or they want to whine that the white man keeps then down. Being born in poverty does not meant a person has to stay there. They may get comfortable being there but, again, it’s their choice. Choose to stay in poverty or work to get out. No matter how you try to label it it’s still about choice. NO race involved.

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