Tea Party Pooper

The Tea Party didn’t quite make out as ideally as they’d like in the recent primaries. Zo reminds the Tea Party that, if they’d focus more on promoting conservatism instead of candidates, they might see better results.
Hear more in this ZoNation. (Appearance by Michelle Rasmussen)

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  • Bill Will


  • TruckinMack

    I mostly agree Alfonzo, except our war is not with Liberalism. Liberalism in and of itself would die a ignominious death because it is a vapid philosophy built on sand. Seriously, Liberalism does not have one argument that could survive a high school debate team. The trouble is that the Hollywood Machine is nuts for Liberalism. Hollywood is a land of make believe and dress up. Hollywood should not make one bit of difference in our culture. Actors and actresses are fun to watch but that is it. Unfortunately we get bombarded 24/7/365 with whatever the emo cause du jour.

    Voting and supporting arch Conservatives is all well and good, but Hollywood is where we need to win the war.

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