ZoNation: Common Core-Attaaaay!

A good martial arts instructor teaches simplification, not a bunch of complicated processes. It takes much training, but also right training. The right training isn’t about remembering a bunch of frivolous processes that lead to arbitrary technique that lacks integrity. That may cut it in the safety of a classroom, However if the student is trained in memorization instead of adaptation, application, and efficiency then the student’s gonna be in trouble. Common Core is corrosive to Common Sense.

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  • Oneyeopn

    My daughter teaches school in Oklahoma and has told me that common core is horrible!!

  • Bill Conroy

    Love the visual Zo!! I hope your chin is OK.

  • AFSarge

    Common core reminds me of my elementary school days in the PRoNJ. 1st grade I did very well, then in the 2nd grade they introduced phonetic spelling were words are spelled as they sound. Ex: School was Skool, Because was Becauz. That was the first program dumped on us that started messing up my education. To this day I have a hard time spelling and sometimes it is so bad spell check & Google can’t figure it out. Of course they dropped that program a year later then tried it again 3 years later just as my baby sister started the 1st grade. At that time the program was pushed for about 5 years screwing up thousands of kids. Then about the 3rd grade they introduced New Math with it’s pyramid system along with a few other ideas. That was the down fall of my education, from that point on I hated school. I stuck with it through high school but I was hell bent on not going to collage!
    God really dose work miracles in strange ways as I wound up in the military and made it a career. Got a real common sense education and found that a collage education is really way over rated and not at all necessary to succeed in life. In fact I’m more employable and will make a better wage than most collage kids today. A good site to check out is Mike Row’s site. After the years spent making Dirty Jobs he came to the same conclusion and his motto is “Work Harder And Smarter”!

  • Allen

    Another great hilarious, but informative video Zo. Thank God I am 20 years out of these teaching styles!

  • bondroid


  • Bryan Lyman

    To play as the common-core matial arts character, you should have strapped a mostly eaten apple core to your head, it would have been funny and more visually descriptive. 🙂

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