ZoNation: Attack of the Violent Virgin! Blame the NRA!


Elliot Rogers has become the next excuse for the gun control proponents to mobilize. I guess Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson aren’t as much for gun control as they let on, since we’ve not heard from them. Wonder why… I think we know. Any way. I examine some elements that lead to tragedies such as this. Hear more in this ZoNation!

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  • Greg

    You know, I’m a conservative but Alfonzo Rachel defends his points of view using the same tactics as the ones he condemns. The left wants to blame all guns for gun violence based on the actions of a very few. Rachel wants to place blanket blame on Hollywood, modern music and the porn industry instead of on the obviouslyy mentally disturbed and extremely small minority that commits these crimes. What he does is called deflection. Blame the individuals, not an industry. That’s one’s right out of the leftist play book.

    • Zo

      Yeah. Individuals get influenced. And you’re trying to compare apples to oranges.

    • Gregory71

      From one Greg to another……………..stop while you’re ahead. Too much logic hurts brains around here.

  • Allen

    You ate the Libs up about sex, how they are the problem with there ideals about it! Great vid, Thanks! Funny skit at the end too!

  • John

    Elliot Rodger, not Elliot Rogers.

  • white lightning

    If porn made people kill each other like Rodgers did, most men would be dead as well as women since 1/3rd of porn is purchased by females!!

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