The Oxymoron of the Vegas Shooters

Jared and Amanda Miller



A killer couple opened fire in Las Vegas then laid a nazi flag and Gadsden flag on the victims.
Are you seeing something else wrong with this wrongful death? Hear more in this Zonation!

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  • Herman Vogel

    This man should our next Press Secretary. At least we would get the Truth…

    • Weiland

      If I were president, I would prefer Bill Whittle as my PS.

    • Herman Vogel

      Dang, now you have me In a Conundrum. Either is a good choice. and Factual as well.

  • Robert Beezer

    Spot on Zo, however, the only other idea I’ve read online is that these murderous bastards considered the cops nazi brownshirts so they were identifying the cops as nazis with the flags and then that they were killed by patriots, ie. the gadsden flag. Of course we’ll never know, but I think them being socialist pretending to be “right wingers” it’s more of what happened. More importantly though, prayers for Beck, Soldo, Wilcox and their families.

  • Kevin

    I agree with everything said in the video, except the swastica itself is not what he is referring to, he is referring to the nazi flag. The swastica is just a moving wheel to show progress and has been around thousands of years before Nazi’s used it. It is like blaming the cross for the KKK

    • GI Joe

      Yeah, about the swastika. It appeared in “ancient” native American art as well as in neolithic art in Europe. But it is best known as the symbol of the NAZI party in 1930s and 1940s Germany. After all, we’re dealing with modern and current symbolism in this situation.

    • Zo

      Do you really think they employed the swastika in the manner you’re implying?

  • Is it just me or does anyone else thinking Reichstag? Now watch the liberals try to figure out what I am saying here.


    they don’t exactly look TeaParty to me…


    Connor i’m thinking Reichstag fire and Kristallnacht is around the corner!

  • chamuiel

    The man is an ex convict. He does not belong to the Tea Party, and The Bundy Ranch told him and his girlfriend to leave.

  • Allen

    Hit the nail on the head Zo! could they have been double agents? Just messin’! It does smell as bad as sardine smoothie!

  • Antonio Liles

    The first step to state sponsored genocide is dehumanizing the people to be exterminated. This happens today in America!

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