LIKE If you Dig Capitalism!

If you don’t like capitalism it’s because you don’t know what it is. And it’s most likely you’ve been sold on some self righteous non-sense about it being about greed, corruption, and apathy against the little guy etc. Those who think that seriously have it butt backwards. Hear more in this ZoNation vid!

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  • Taggart Snyder

    Great video, Zo! Isaac Hayes lives! LOL

  • bdaniel230

    I like your explanation but it lacks some key components. One is that in capitalism all goods and products are sold and controlled by individuals not government. From the first to last, in each step in the process of putting a good or service in the market place it is done by individuals and not by government. Taxation has taken place during periods of “capitalism” though in this country the only time true capitalism has ever been tried was at the end of Thomas Jefferson’s administration and continued until the middle of the Monroe administration. Carpet baggers and cronies of politicians ended the true capitalism and favored mercantilism and cronyism which continued through today. The closest period in modern times was during the end of Eisenhower to the middle of Kennedy’s administration. But there has been regulation and favoritism in Washington so long that it is inbred in the politicians we have.
    If you read Adam Smith and F.A. Hayek you get a firm grasp on capitalism and the great advantages of it. Adam Smith suggests that it is powered by “the invisible hand” but he is not truly referring to God but the spirit of man that provides the guidance and natural regulation of the market place.
    It would take generations for us to get back to a place in society where we could trust each other sufficiently to see capitalism work. With that said, I am ready to get started back to that place when neighbors and communities trusted each other.

  • AlwaysRight

    Excellent, Zo. If only more people understood the concept. We need a consumption tax with only a wee bit going to the Federal Gov’t to protect our borders and maintain an army. One would think that state and local gov’ts would get a clue – “hey why is all that tax money going out of our district to the Feds”?? Duh.

  • louisk

    I really really like your analogy of capitalism and socialism. Your explanation was very straightforward and virtually impossible not to understand. Yet those that I know who are socialists are either too stupid to understand or refuse to understand because they know that living off of us is good for them and they do not wish to discontinue there slothful , lazy , deadbeat , parasitic way of life.

  • i wonder why



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