OHHH! It’s In Dependence. Not Independence.

july-4th-fireworksObviously we’ve totally misunderstood the founders. The original intent of the founders was for us to stay in dependence. It wasn’t independence they pledged that sacred honor stuff about. We must have misunderstood it trying to read that old sloppy cursive of theirs. Nobody reads that stuff anymore. We can’t text in cursive. Get rid of it. Hear more in this ZoNation!

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  • Zo, you are the coolest Cat out there Brother. I love your site and your opinions of how America is supposed to be, because it’s true! Without individual freedom we couldn’t be what we are or once were. Why they don’t get it is a big puzzle, it’s so simple too.

  • Sunshine Kid

    I love the way Alfonzo Rachel puts the truth right out in front of you and lets you see the reality of the liberals.

  • Disgustedtoothebone

    Tru Dat!

  • Glugger

    You are right on the money every time! Thanks for putting it out there in easy to understand format. Too often people do not get the message but you clearly have a way of informing people that is to the point, concise and pleasantly digestible.

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