Bussing In Blame

All aboard the blame train, where liberals force us to take responsibility for other people.
Come on in to America! People will be happy to be forced to accommodate you! And if they don’t, we’ll call them racists!

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  • Edwin Hutchins

    Amen Mr. Rachel, amen.

  • empty pockets

    Ah, Zo…you are the best!

  • LibertyChick

    Wish these were on TV for the masses to see and hear.

  • flyin brian

    Been following you for a while now Mr. Zo and I’m glad you are still speaking out. Love the people you are associated with, and would love to see all conservative and responsible people get off their asses and take our country back. Just wanted to say hey from a father, small business man, Vietnam vet and angry American/musician. Keep it up and rock on Brother.

  • AmericanLass

    Really, really wish you had your own show on tv network. What is wrong with network heads……..oh…..ok, got it, liberals.

  • Work2SnowSki

    Keep up the good work Zo, Love it!

  • Antonio Liles

    Unfortunately, I had to deal with the”I’m too good for this job” crap with my 17 year old daughter! She felt that getting a job busing tables for minimum wage was beneath her dignity! She felt that she should get paid more for such hard work?!?! I listened carefully to her statements of displeasure and then asked her some very elemental questions. This is the general gist of the conversation.

    “Did you try to negotiate for a higher wage?”
    No. The manager said that is what they were paying so I took it.

    “So, you just “TOOK” the first offer that was given? If you believe that you are worth more, should you have stood up for yourself?”
    I guess so.

    “This is your first attempt at real employment. What qualifications do you have that make you think you “DESERVE” a higher wage?”
    I don’t know. It’s just demeaning work for little money!

    “OK. Does your mom make you pay part of the utility bills?”

    “Does your mom make you pay rent?”

    “Does your mom make you buy food or cloths that you need? Not the cloths you may want, but what you actually need?”

    “So, you would essentially get to keep all of the money you earn?”
    No! I have to pay a lot of taxes on it.

    “Granted. But, that is a different conversation that we have had and will have again. Let me rephrase the question then. Will you get to keep the money you have left over after taxes?”
    I guess so.

    “You pay no bills, have no responsibility to provide your own food or clothing, nor do you have to pay for the house you live in. You get to keep all of your take home pay and use it how you want to. How is what you are earning too little?”
    I don’t know I guess. It’s just hard work.

    “Darling, work is supposed to be hard. We are supposed to work to enrich ourselves and make ourselves better people! Working hard leads to a better character and fulfillment of a job well done! Be thankful that you have a job and do the best you can no matter what it is. If you do not like the job you have, then get an education in an area that does interest you and go to work in that field. Whether it takes a college degree, trade school, or an apprenticeship does not matter. Work hard to get to where you want to be, but realize that you will not be there overnight. It will take “HARD WORK” and time to get want you want! But, until then you will have to work at jobs you may not like. Do them the best you can!”
    OK dad. I will try.

    “Do or do not! There is no try!”

    I hope that she takes this to heart. She is an intelligent young woman (despite her taste in clothing). I have done my best over the years to get her to see that she is not owed anything. That the only thing she is guaranteed is the right to life, liberty, and property (even though the 16th Amendment belies that). That only through hard work and perseverance will she get what she wants. I truly hope that she gets there and feels the satisfaction of a job well done!

    Thank you for your time,

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