Zo on PJ –NAACP: It’s not Discrimination When Theeeey Do It

CL Bryant and Deneen Boreli go deep into the Donkey Den, and face the belligerence of NAACP Members. Zo gives an observation on the backward thinking of Democrats from the days of slavery to today, and how they’ve never changed their views. Hear more in this ZoNation!

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  • Edwin Hutchins

    Dang Zo, you are one powerful orator.

  • IdiocyAbounds

    Vampire Porn-hilarious. Progressive as cancer- disgustingly true. Love Zo, CL & Deneen!

    • Marti

      Very funny indeed, including the “must fart a lot line….” Zo cracked me up!! LOL

  • AmericanLass

    Wanted to throw the remote many times myself, this blatant discrimination is just one of many.

  • gadgetcoder

    ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT analysis, Zo…and 100% CORRECT!


    This reminds me of what happened in Bermuda. In the mid 80’s, Bermuda changed over from British rule to home rule, which was majority was Black. So the Blacks started seeking pay backs. They also took a very sensible immigration policy, and relaxed it, and wound up with an influx of un savory people from the other islands, The Bahamas for one. Now, they have gone from virtually no crime, to crime and drug problems that are actually worse then “DESTROIT!!!” (I kid you not) But they still try to blame all the “White people” for their woes!! Bermuda last year had more gun homicides per 100,000 of population than Destroit! Who’d ah thunk it??? But it is the rich White peoples fault!!!

  • MrD

    What stood out to me and it seems no one else noticed or cared about it.Right by them during all this you can see the booth recruiting for the DOJ.Holder will be ecited for people like her in the DOJ.

  • louisk

    Mr. Rachel. I will not go over your head and insult you again by asking you to run for president. I do not believe that you are one who is willing to sell his soul. what I would like is for you to have a regular show on television. Be it Fox, Blaze ABC, I do not care. Because of your musical obligations I would make it just one hour per week. I would prefer FOX or ABC for the audience, giving you total free license for content . I will sell my belongings to finance you. I have so many people who need to hear you, right next to Rush, Sean, mark, etc etc. I am glad you are young , you have so, so, many more years to give. Thanks chief.

    • Arthur Morse

      I agree. Zo needs a national show.

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      Amen to that. FOX only please

  • CarolinaSistah

    This woman is of the generation that once saw the NAACP do great things for Blacks in America. Although some of them are now seeing the irrelevancy of the NAACP today, she obviously hasn’t followed suit.
    Zo, your commentaries continue to educate and amuse. Keep up the great work you’re doing and don’t get discouraged. God bless!

  • Arthur Morse

    Another great video. I’d like to see a DVD release of all your videos to date or a “Best Of”.

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      Mark me down for one of those too.

  • bdaniel230

    That looks like the Obamaphone woman.


  • AlwaysRight

    Zo, thank you for pointing out the real purpose and meaning of the three-fifths clause. I was, I’m ashamed to say, ignorant. Keep up the great work you do!

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      Glad I wasn’t the only one. 🙂

  • Will R

    Zo! Love your logic and vids. Keep it up bro! Where can I get one of those tees of Dizzy Dean??

  • Gregory71

    Oh boy looky, looky, looky. Divide and conquer still works! Everyone is sooooo entertained by black on black divisive behavior. Black people pitted against each other for the masses to feel bemused by said behavior is nothing new. Funny how other sites are talking about the rash of police brutality, leave it to Zo and company to not even broach the topic. I guess conservatives only care about oppressive authoritarian government tactics when it doesn’t involve blacks and the police. Sorry Eric Garner, your death doesn’t matter on this side of the political divide. Instead, we are treated to the same old mantra the Democrats are bad. Newsflash, I got the message 30 video posts ago. Let’s see something new.

    • John Adams

      I see someone didn’t get up on the right side of the bed this morning. Most of the so called police brutality I have witnessed or read about has been the result of suspect not listening to simple instructions. Instead they get their anger up and talk back, resist and generally make an ass of themselves. If they would simply follow instructions, they might find a whole new experience with the police. Too many people, black and white have been raised without respect for anyone. It all boils down to being raised to respect EVERYONE and follow the rule of society. It is that simple, really. I used to ride Harleys in the 60s and 70s, I had long hair and tattoos. I was pulled over about every other day. Why? Because I “looked” like an evil “biker”. I treated the officers with respect and spoke to them with respect. By the time our encounter was over, we usually said our goodbyes and went on our way. It went this way about 99% of the time. There is always one who has made up his mind and will not see beyond the outer skin and relies upon his personal prejudices. It doesn’t mean EVERYBODY is that way. Treat everybody the way you want to be treated.Have a nice day.

    • Gregory71

      While I agree that lack of respect for authority is way to prevalent in the times we live, compliance and respecting the commands of law enforcement is not a surefire pass. Unlike you, there are people who can’t just cut their hair or cover tattoos and suddenly look upstanding. Some people are perpetually circumspect because of the skin they are in. So just complying with an officer’s commands may not stop them from stealing someones life for little to no reason. It is those unfortunate victims of police brutality that I have waited in vain to hear the conservative outcry against. WE ALL have heard the liberal point of view, but the conservative’s silence is deafening. It’s this silence that gives tacit support to those who are charged with protecting and serving. So while there are many good and decent conservatives and officers, they cede the high ground by not condemning the abberant in their fold. Comprende?

    • bdaniel230

      So let me get this straight. You are angry because Conservatives don’t say that government brutality is directed at blacks and minorities? What have you been reading. All brutality by government is abhorrent. We have a very liberal mayor in my town that has criticized the police for being too aggressive but wait, he hired the chief that has put these measures into effect. He blusters very loudly but nothing has changed in the last four years but has actually gotten worse. White and black people are being harassed and brutalized by the police and only the Conservatives have been successful in even budging the argument away from politics and getting changes. No there isn’t a huge black population here but they have been as brutalized as anyone and even the Baptist church has been a focus of the police. But it has been the Conservatives in the town to force the city government and chief of police to back of, he has done little backing off, but they have given ground.
      Has the mayor, the very LIBERAL mayor that is pushing for mass transit of his style which will force the blacks and minorities out of their homes and move to where the mass transit won’t benefit them. All over this country the police are beholden to liberal mayors and city councils but the brutality of their APPOINTED CHIEFS OF POLICE do nothing to work in a more even handed method.
      You will be a lot happier if you go where you are appreciated, and obviously it isn’t here.

    • Gregory71

      I never said I was angry. Frustrated and disappointed, a resounding yes. Angry, not at all. Thanks for not understanding. I agree it is always best to go where you are appreciated.

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