ZoNation Vid: Holy Pelosi! Ilegal Immigrants = Baby Jesus?

Pelosi Picks interesting times to care about anything Biblical, and liberals are selective
about their out rage when a public official bases their policies on a so called Biblical basis.
You can’t say, “Abortion is wrong because thou shall not commit murder.” That’s imposing your
religion! (Which it isn’t. It protects the right of life from the imposition of selfishness) But it’s ok
to twist the Bible and impose illegal immigration on Americans in the name of Baby Jesus.
Hear more in this ZoNation!

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  • Rekognize Real

    Oh god, Pelosi is such a nut lmao

  • GoneFishing

    Botox was never meant to substitute for a brain.

  • Kevin Williams

    She’s a disgrace to all Catholics and should be denied the Sacrament of Holy Communion and put on notice for Excommunication if she doesn’t repent!

  • Gregory71

    You tell them Zo. Refugees can eat s?it and die!

    • LibertyChick

      I don’t think Zo is saying something of the sort, but rather, we are uncompassionate to our own people when we put the burden on our country to take on compassion for all people. It would be better if those who don’t like their own country do something about it rather than illegally come into ours. And, don’t use the bible/religion to push your ideas when you aren’t religious and are misquoting the bible and it’s intentions.

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