Obama – 1st & Worst, and If You Disagree with Allen West, You’re Racist!

If you elected Obama and thought he was gonna be a good president because he’s black, you’re thinking sucks, and if you’re among the very few who thought he would suck at being president because he’s black then you’re thinking sucks too. Oh, and if you disagree with anything I just said, you’re a racist. 😉 Hear more in this ZoNation!

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  • Bill Will

    Right on Zo!

  • Gregory Iskat

    Zo I Love you my Brother!
    That ROCKS!

  • kdlaz

    Nailed it.

  • Julie Thompson

    I agree, but you really need to learn some grammar. “You’re” is a contraction meaning “you are.” The word you’re looking for is “your,” the possessive form of “you.” People are more likely to take you seriously if you use proper grammar.

    • H. Zayre

      No, you are as wrong as you are white, Miss Julie. He said, if you disagree with West you’re racist, meaning YOU ARE RACIST! Why would he say YOUR RACIST? Whose racist are you? See, when you looking for that splinter in your brother’s eye, you best first remove that log from YOUR own! Excuse me, Miss Julie, but you come across as a redneck, uneducated, trailer park dumb ass! You feel me?

    • PersephoneRises

      Naw…not to stereotype but she comes across as a Democrat troll. You know, the kind who compliment you but at the same time wants to dispirit you? The friend who tells you that you have something between your teeth, even when nothing’s there, just to throw your self-confidence. Yes, good grammar is important, grammar police……not so much.

    • Julie Thompson

      Persephone, I read the comment as satire, and as such, I agreed. Btw, I’m a Libertarian. If the guy was serious, then I disagree, but still recommend that he further his education. Have a nice day, and do work on your discernment skills!

    • ILPatriot

      Julie was talking about the sentences that contain the phrase “you’re thinking sucks”. THAT’S the “you’re” that is incorrect. So maybe she’s not a “redneck, uneducated, trailer park dumb ass”. Sounds to me like YOU’RE the racist.

    • ArBeeStL

      I’m late to the game, but there ARE grammatical errors in Zo’s post. Specifically the two times he said “…you’re thinking sucks.” That is unless he was intending to say “you are thinking sucks”, in which case, duh, WRONG! “Your” should have been used both of those times. I suspect typo or brain fart, which all of us have now and then. The point was made, nonetheless. But H. Zayre, name calling someone who is correct, if a bit lacking in clarity, only makes you appear to be the very things you accuse her of. And seriously, did you also have to bring her skin color into your correction, erroneous as it was. Dude, the hateful comments and racism have got to go, no matter the skin color of the person making them.

    • Julie Thompson

      I thought it was satire. I didn’t watch the video, but took the title line to be a satirical take on the ploy that Democrats often use, calling those who disagree with Obama racists. It’s a cheap political ploy. So, here’s a conservative, Republican, African-American political figure, and folks are tongue-in-cheek saying the same thing about disagreeing with him that Obama’s supporters say. They are playing the “race card.” But the whole point is, that IT ISN’T ABOUT RACE!! Perhaps I misunderstood. In that case, I redacted the “I agree remark.” But the author still needs to retake his 6th grade English class! I don’t live in a trailer park, and I am a strong advocate of civil rights. You come across as a judgemental jerk.

    • Clay Austin

      Ms. Julie. I don’t think that it’s entirely about race.. for sure. It’s the GOP’s job to keep their foot on the dems neck. But can you state unequivocally that there are NO RACISTS in Congress? If you can’t then it only follows that those who are racist would inject their hate into their policies, voting and everything else!

    • Julie Thompson

      I’m not saying any such thing. What I am saying is that politicians on both sides of the aisle will use whatever they can, to sway people to vote for them. The race card is being played so frequently in recent years, in contexts where race is clearly not a factor, so it has become cliché, and an object of ridicule for many. This whole crying wolf thing is part of a larger ploy of those behind the scenes (who own and operate both the media, as well as many of our politicians) to foment racial tensions. These elites are all about grasping control, and they could care less about MLK Jr.’s dream. The focus on race is kind of counterproductive, if one is looking to achieve a color blind society, don’t you think? I believe the Democrats and Republicans work for the same masters. They (generally speaking) take care of themselves; and the constituents be damned. To a degree, I am a conspiracy theorist. I’m not paranoid, and I’m not building an underground bunker. I am outspoken about building bridges, and I really do get on the case of redneck Republicans, as much as I do those Democrats who cry racism at every opportunity. I dare you to look for the “man behind the curtain,” and pay attention to him! Where there is fear, there will be no unity. Perfect love casts out all fear. Let’s foster love, and refuse to be emotionally manipulated by the media!

    • Clay Austin

      I agree wholeheartedly… and you stated it so eloquently! Thank you for the reply. Assalam Alaikum

    • Gregory71


    • Tom Moulthrop

      Look, it’s the pot calling the kettle black!

  • Javier Soler

    Right on. Their thinking sucks as bad as YOUR grammar.

  • USPatriotUno

    Nice work!

  • Jim Tocco

    I’m certain it’s simply an oversight — I was going to make the same observation regarding the word “you’re”, but Julie beat me. After 30-some-odd-years as a communication designer, typos make me nuts. They give detractors an easy and unnecessary target to criticize. Proper grammar and spelling will keep them, and you, focused on the message. All the best.

    • H. Zayre

      Sucker! She is dead wrong and you sniffing right behind that poop trail. Get a whiff of this:

      To Miss Julie: “No, you are as wrong as you are white, Miss Julie. He said, if you
      disagree with West you’re racist, meaning YOU ARE RACIST! Why would he
      say YOUR RACIST? Whose racist are you? See, when you looking for that
      splinter in your brother’s eye, you best first remove that log from YOUR
      own! Excuse me, Miss Julie, but you come across as a redneck,
      uneducated, trailer park dumb ass! You feel me?”

      And you, Jimmy boy, ain’t no damn better!

    • Clay Austin

      Forgive my ignorance.. but what is a “communication designer”? I could google it but I’d like your take. Thanks you.

  • H. Zayre

    I hope the powers that be understand why the likes of Miss Julie and Jimmy Boy had to be set straight in harsh terms. ZO is not harsh like me, so he might delete me. Well, it is what it is. I pray the two Grammar Nazis will repent and seek the forgiveness of all who had to witness they stupidity. AMEN!

    • PersephoneRises

      Don’t be so harsh, my brother. I believe Julie and Jim were referring to this: If you elected Obama and thought he was gonna be a good president because he’s black, you’re thinking sucks, and if you’re among the very few who thought he would suck at being president because he’s black then you’re thinking sucks too. It’s a great comment that I would not want to see beome bogged down because of “you’re” and “your”. We all make mistakes and when we do it is apprciated if pointed out with best intentions in mind.

    • Clay Austin

      I’m sure that everyone knew full well, the meaning of the post. So people a. Have a superiority complex b. Are genuine in thinking that pointing out the error will help them not make it again c. Are just vicious a$$holes. I started to make corrections to my own words above.. and then thought.. what the hell.. I’ll give the other posters something to do. Have a nice day and thanks for the reply.

    • Clay Austin

      You purposefully didn’t pluralize Nazis and used “they” incorrectly to prove a point… didn’t you?

  • Ken Orndorff

    There are four instances of “you’re” in the narrative. Half are correct. The other two should be “your.” I agree with the sentiment, but also agree with Miss Julie and Jimmy Boy.

  • Daniel Hawxhurst

    my man tells the truth.Alonzo for president!

  • bdaniel230

    Dr. Ben Carson and Allen West both dislike what Obama has done. Both of them have stated such yet they are always portrayed as “Uncle Tom’s”. Both have excelled in their fields and both have been honored for their acheivements. Why is it that people give Obama a pass for being a socialist yet call men with honor Uncle Tom?

    • Timothy Elkins

      Because that’s the way the liberals push it!

    • Clay Austin

      Because if Ben and Allen were white they would be no different than any other troll who disagrees with his policies. Because they are Black, they get pumped up by the media which says.. “Look! Intelligent negros, not on welfare who think like us.. let’s throw them a bone!” And they suck on that bone all the way to the bank at the expense of their brethren who are not so creative or fortunate. BTW O has not shown himself to be a “socialist”.

    • obamatrolls

      Ur a crackhead for real….get ur obama phone clay..go to..infowars.com….time to wake up…obama zombies…but dont worry dhs will round u suckers up to the fema camps quickly….u dont deserve to be stepped on and spit on by Allen West

    • Clay Austin

      U must enjoy the taste of his semen? Is it salty?

  • Maggie Hammerle

    First time seeing ZO…Man, he is the biz’ness…My new fav person…Thanking God for ZO!

  • Guinevere’s Conscience

    Some people are so wrapped up in “race” they cannot clearly see issues or comprehend the fact that some of us look at issues in a totally color-blind manner. Race is irrelevant to most issues that we need to seriously address.

  • JulieU

    Keep up the great work, Zo!

  • livefreeordiehard

    Love this guy!

  • CarolinaSistah

    Zo just brightens my day!

  • Fripton

    I can always count on you to tell it like it is Zo! Keep fighting the good fight brother.


    as always Zo, great. please explain why no one has called allen west on voting for NDAA

  • James Lisek

    DEM vs. REP vs. LIB vs. CON vs. Santa Clause are losing mindsets (and We the People lose every time).

    We need to focus less on the SYMPTOMS of Washington’s incompetence and focus more on the CAUSES of their incompetence.

    Fix the foundation and the rest will right itself. The foundation of our gov’t has been broken since 1913. And this faulty foundation has resulted in laws for every conceivable thing and an enormous debt to boot.

    Here are the cracks in our foundation:
    1) The Federal Gov’t is in charge
    2) The Federal Gov’t taxes individuals (therefore, companies)

    Here’s how #1 happened:
    Originally the federal gov’t had 3 equally-important entities at the federal negotiating table. These were the ONLY three entities in the US that had an interest in EVERY law the federal gov’t would pass:
    – We the People (the House of Rep)
    – The States (the Senate)
    – The Executor of Laws (the Executive branch, POTUS through veto power)

    Then in 1913 our leaders removed the states from the federal negotiating table by passing the 17th Amendment. Now negotiations look like:
    – We the People (the House)
    – We the People (the Senate)
    – The Executor of Laws (POTUS via veto)

    The Senate is no longer accountable to their State Legislatures. This is the single action that led to America believing the federal gov’t is supposed to be in charge of everything in the US (against the Founder’s design of 3 equally-powerful entities checking-and-balancing each other). The federal gov’t now overruns the state gov’ts…and by proxy: YOU (collectively: We the People).

    And don’t fool yourself into thinking that We the People, having 2 seats at the table, are more powerful than the Executive (POTUS). Our power is divided (into 2 Houses with over 500 members) while the POTUS is one person whose power is focused. When was the last time you felt the federal gov’t was listening to you? Right, that proves the point…if the President doesn’t want to do it, it doesn’t get done (who wags whom?).

    And there’s a reason why our Founders “Bill-to-Law Process” started in the House. This way all law begins with We the People…then gets input from the States and the Executor of Laws. This design purposely put We the People in the driver’s seat…are we today? No, not when laws begin by Presidents & Senators advertising that We need to “do something”.

    This setup allows bills to pass QUICKLY into law since one of the 3 interested parties has no say in them. The result is many more laws that aren’t well thought out (since an interested party has been excluded from negotiations). End each law that tramples on states, necessarily tramples on We the People who live in states.

    Now #2:
    Originally the federal gov’t got its operating budget from the state gov’ts ONLY. The attempts to get money directly from We the People were ruled by the Judiciary to be unconstitutional. So, what would any red-blooded American who loved themselves more than the Constitution do? Instead of “protect & defend” they “changed & enriched” themselves.

    In 1913 they passed the 16th Amendment that made direct taxation of US citizens the law of the land. And, in doing so, injected themselves into every taxation debate effecting every individual in the entire country. They also generated enormous wealth for the federal gov’t, so you might think we would never have problems paying for anything our gov’t needed. RIGGHHHHT! (as Bill Cosby used to say so well)

    With this windfall our gov’t did what most people who aren’t used to money do: they overspend it. They’ve also enriched themselves over and over again…how many in Congress (both houses) report an income of ONLY their gov’t salary? How many in Congress (both houses) have a SUBSTANTIALLY HIGHER net worth only AFTER being elected (they never made money hand-over-fist before being a “public servant”, but they sure do after!)?

    The answers to these and many other questions can be found by Googling them…do your own research. This is how a gov’t windfall (individual taxation) became a personal windfall for elected officials (who changed our Constitution & enriched themselves at our expense).

    Without these 2 amendments we would have 50 test cases (the states) to see what combination of freedoms vs. regulations works best. The state with the largest population would win, as many would flock to its borders for a true American Dream. Another aspect of this is that there would be 50 different cultures to choose from and you could choose which one fit best with your personal life principles…we would all have choices.

    With these 2 amendments we are on our way to an America where all states are run by the federal gov’t and operate exactly the same. A new name may soon be in order for us: The United Socialist States of America. And that’s not an example from “Scare Tactics 101” either. With the federal gov’t more powerful than the rest of America’s governments DC will (and has) force the other governments (and We the People) to operate the way DC wants them to. This is a logical conclusion and progression when DC is more powerful because the States are absent from negotiations (not to mention DC’s ability to effect We the People through the tax code; DC has the ability and holds all the keys to control the behavior of every adult in America).

    As it is, this structure has saddled Americans with ENORMOUS DEBT that we can’t possibly pay off for generations. Stop this insanity and restore states to the federal negotiating table because this is entirely gov’t’s fault and gov’t needs to repair our Constitution – and they WON’T do it on their own! We the People need to ensure they do it.

    Fix the foundation and the rest will right itself.


    Now, regardless of politics, we need to get together as a group of “We the People” and agree to a particular path that will fix our foundation. This is a call to action, not a plea for agreement. If you agree then act…find those in your area that are like-minded and determine among yourselves what it will take to influence your federal representatives to take these “foundation-fixing” actions. And if they don’t take them, or give you some cop-out answer have them fired if they’re up for election, or recalled if they’re not.

    The cop-out I hear the most is “I support doing this via the 10th Amendment”. Well the Tenth states:

    “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    …meaning if the Constitution gives the federal gov’t powers, the federal gov’t keeps those powers. So, since the 16th & 17th Amd. are in the Constitution they are UNTOUCHABLE via the 10th Amd. Politicians who tell you this cop-out are untrustworthy and should be recalled (if this were the solution it would have been done in the 100+ years since these amendments passed).

    Therefore, the only option to get rid of the harmful effects of the 16th & 17th Amendments is repeal.

    The States can do this through the Convention of States, or Congress can do this as leaders in their own right. Currently the Convention of States ISN’T focused on this foundational fix…but We the People can change that. Congress doesn’t want this fix either, but we can change that. It ALL starts with us…We the People. It’s time to ACT.

    You are the key: copy and paste this message, share it as many times as you need to in order to get ALL elected officials to make these changes. ALL elected officials means: STATE Legislatures, your US Senators and House Representatives, etc. Talk to people about this, get your teenagers to understand it so they’re actually prepared to vote when they’re legal, this is OUR country and it’s WORTH talking about and FIXING.

    Show your support by Liking and Sharing this page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fix-the-Foundation/376354952515817?ref_type=bookmark

    • Gregory71

      You are waaaaaaaaay to thoughtful for members of the flat earth society.

    • Philip Galindo

      And way too smart for the flying monkey crowd, as well!

  • Wm. A. “Bill” Fisher

    Zo, you hit the nail on the head. Skin color has nothing to do with anything for anybody. There’s actually only one race and that’s the human race. One species, under God, Created by God, shouldn’t be divisible, but living in a fallen world.
    Zo, your honesty and straightforwardness are always invigorating and refreshing. Thanks Brother. Hmm. Get that? We’re in the same Family, and I’ll guarantee you our Father doesn’t give two whits as to what our skin color is. After all, He designed it to only be a handful of microns deep. What He cares about are our hearts and our will being given to and trusting Him.

  • SupraTico

    Your, you’re, and your.

    • CSHJ

      Sorry, “they” don’t teach that stuff in school any more.

  • AlwaysRight

    You always fire me up! Stand strong!

  • Tom Buchler

    Wow! This guy nails it. It is so right. It is not about race color. It is about the policies!

  • SteveB

    May seem repetitive but all I can say is WOW. So absolutely right on. A direct hit. Every day we pray for truth and common sense to return to this great country, so desecrated by the evil and the useful idiots.

  • Diana Ayers

    It’s NOT a black thing….it’s about a STUPID thing that this president does!!!!!!

    • Clay Austin

      Let’s debate those “stupid” things.. such as?

    • scooter

      Clay…its way above the head(s) of the low infomation voters. Dont pretend to be smart. Good night.

    • Clay Austin

      LOL… Good night…

    • Diana Ayers

      It’s not a racist problem…it’s about an incredibly stupid human being problem

    • jaws4316

      1) Printing and spending more money than all the previous Presidents in history combined when we are already $17.5 TRILLION in debt and it’s rising rapidly. If you’re too ignorant to see that we are headed for a financial disaster of Biblical proportions then you are too stupid to debate about anything.

      2) Dismantling the best health care system on Earth to replace it with a centralized Socialist bureaucracy. By the way, it’s definitely NOT working. There are just as many (if not more) uninsured people in the U.S. now as there were in 2008. It’s just that now the government mooches who don’t work are getting their insurance subsidized at taxpayer expense, while those who do work can’t afford their premiums, which doubled or tripled thanks to Obama.

      3) Lying to us all about the economic recovery. The fact is that over 1/3 of the workforce is unemployed, no matter what the numbers the Government manufactures every month say. We are in worse shape economically than we were in the depths of the Great Depression.

      4) His seemingly erratic and reactive Foreign Policy. The only thing he is consistent about on Foreign Policy is supporting radical Muslim terrorists in their attempt to take over the World.

      The man is an imposter and a traitor, hiding behind the mask of an incompetent bungler. I could go on and list 100 more stupid (or evil) things that he is done, but debating with deluded fools is a pointless exercise.

    • Clay Austin

      YOUR presidential GOD Ronald RayGUN launched this country down the road to trillon $ debt so don’t get me started there.. Also, I don’t have time to write a dissertation in defense of Obama’s policies but if you cared to.. you can find tons of info disputing your accusations by a simple “google search”. But you won’t.. so have a nice day.

    • Thomahawk772

      Hey Clay, what was the debt prior to Reagan and what was it when Bush Sr took office? Perhaps your google search will tell you that? You really show your ignorance when you throw ridiculous comments like that out. President Regan led THE BIGGEST ECONOMIC RECOVERY SINCE THE GREAT DEPRESSION!!! So now i ask again what was the debt? What was the state of the economy? What was unemployment? What was unemployment in the black community for that matter then compared to now. How do you respond to ACA supposed to reduce premiums by $2500 a year in fact double, triple, or in some cases quadruple the price? That is a real success. Look you are getting beat up a bit here and that is not what my intention is. The fact is this, truth has no bias other than itself and when we look at the facts, the truth, it is clear that BHO is a disaster and lets not stop there lets throw in 100% of the dems and 97% of the repubs. I equally dont like people like John Mcain, mitt romney, chris christy, lindsey graham. Guess what, they are white republicans and i dont like them either they suck just as much

  • Diana Ayers

    He is indeed “THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER!!!

  • sea monster

    If you don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”, your education sucks.

  • sea monster

    It’s not about race, otherwise Jesse Jackson would’ve been president a long time ago. Barack Obama, regardless of his skin color, was lightning in a bottle.

    • Clay Austin

      Really? This country wasn’t ready for a black president during that time.. particularly a “Jesse Jackson”! Also, I’m sure you’re not aware of this but it’s well known in the African American community.. that if Obama were not 1/2 white and his skin color were a 1/2 shade darker.. he would NOT have been elected.

    • Ted Mooney

      Then make a pact with me, Clay — we both vote for Ben Carson.

    • Thomahawk772

      How about we lose this African-American term once and for all. I dont go around saying im a caucasian American or a european american or a white american. I am an AMERICAN period! I am white european descent but i am an American period. When people use terms such as hispanic american or latino american it is making that class a second class minor class because of the qualifier that is used. As for BHO being elected cause he is half white, what did we white people only vote for he white half and the black people vote for his black half. That is ridiculous. Everybody that voted for him did so because they fell for the bucket of excrement he was peddiling and the fact that he won says that racism in 2008 was giving its last breath untill all the racial division that BHO and eric holder and jermiah write and louis ferrican and al sharpton got thier noses in the mix

  • bondroid

    WEST / ZO 2016!!!!!!!!

  • Reiki-ology Master Healing

    Right on. I like this guy.

  • Clay Austin

    If Allen West and Alfonzo were white spewing their I hate Obama gibberish.. nobody would give a care.. They’d be no more than overpaid trolls. They’re blackness is the primary reason they get any juice in the first place… and the reason that white folk are trying to keep Obama a whisper in history. Not to mention thee most do nothing congress in history. Yep.. he could have been great!

    • Michael Hrnicek

      And what prevented that greatness? He had the House, the Senate, and the Presidency from 2009-2011. He didn’t need any Republican support. Well, at least not until the sweeping mid-term elections demonstrated that the American people disapproved of his Affordable Care Act being crammed down our throats with its supporters not even having read it.

    • Clay Austin

      Thanks for the reply Michael.. The ACA is working… plus he ran on a platform of implementing the ACA. The “Benghazi Scandal” has been proven by a GOP House report not to be a “scandal” and I could go on. But would love to know your thoughts on my comment re West & Alfonzo getting juice only “because” of their blackness and opposition to Obama.

    • Thomahawk772

      I am curious Clay, What do u think about Col Allen West or Alfonzo? I dont like either because they are black. I like them because they speak truth and they have true courage to go against the current to do so. How is the ACA or as we conservatives call it Obamacare a success? How has Benghazi been proven to be a sham? What about the IRS scandal? Or Fast and Furious? Or the new black panther voter intimidation? Or amnesty via edict? Oh and his foreign policies are terrific just look at Russia, Libya, Syria, Iran, Iraq, tunisia, hezbollah, hamas, etc. etc. lets look at unemployment, and particularly in the black community, look at gas, elec food prices and what he said about what needs to happen to all of them. Yep he is doing a FANTASTIC job …..at destroying America and to say that, you have to actually know what it means to be American and how we got to be the Greatest nation in the history of the world!!!!

    • Matt

      Get outta here racist troll!

    • Kinneret

      Clay stop drinking the liberals Kool -Aid and then your brain will start working normal.

  • Clay Austin

    News Flash! Racism has been done away with within our government! Any racist government official exhibiting racist tendencies have been long “booted out”! They are all God fearing, good Christians who care nothing for themselves and only for others!

  • Storoit

    Zo! You ARE and continue to be THE MAN! I love your video commentaries. You are right on target! Keep on keeping on!!
    Obama is NOT the “post racial President” that he was touted to be. He’s the first racist President; even worse, he’s the one working hardest to divide America by race, class, and political point of view. I oppose him because, as you say, his policies suck! The fact that he plays to and uses the divides he creates to keep Americans from coming together doesn’t make him a racist, it simply makes him the worst President ever, because his policies and tactics suck.

  • Jeff

    As always, I continue to enjoy listening to your view point. Keep up the great work and don’t forget to vote for your favorite candidate this month in the Primary.

  • The Kman71

    Seriously, if only Zo could be the MSM, I would have so much more hope for the future of our country!! And humanity as a whole!

  • Loneagle

    I would be LMAO ROF if there wasn’t so much truth to what he says about ‘no-bama’.

  • f8tule

    funny, and great as always… one question: How many times did it take you to get the medical term correct – LOL..
    I bought your album on amazon the other day, and prayed that 20lb sledge has many, many more to come.. It was off the charts.. Keep up God’s work

  • Kinneret

    I wish American liberals could see the light, and the truth the way you do but it’s a fat chance, as they R blind they can’t see the light or the truth. we love you for your courage, and G-d bless you.

  • mgee

    I love love love your rants – but please learn “you’re” and “your” on your page. Admittedly and ashamedly, your local Grammar Nazi. <3

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