Jesse Ventura Tosses Dead Puppies at Widows

Messy Jesse’s gonna get mad at me for that faux statement. Big deal. He’s mad at everybody. Jesse is the poster child of self-righteousness. So much so that he would follow through with a law suit on the wife of a fallen navy seal. That’s curb lickin’ low. Hear more in this ZoNation.

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  • Leslie Davis

    So what if Ventura defrauded Minnesota to become
    Governor by lying about being a SEAL?
    So what if Ventura defrauded the SEALS
    into thinking he was a SEAL who became Governor?
    So what if Terry Ventura
    lied under oath to make her bozo look good to the jury?
    SO WHAT?
    To try
    and make Ventura look human his attorney’s put his Wifey Terry on the stand.

    Wifey Terry lied under oath when she testified that her husband never
    military personnel, and she lied when she said has never known
    him to lie.
    In this video you will hear Ventura disparage Leslie Davis by
    calling him “Army Puke” 3 times,
    and SEAL Commander Salisbury “puke” 2
    In the video Ventura insists he was a SEAL and Wifey knew that was a
    The woman standing next to Ventura is Wifey and she heard him
    disparage and lie yet
    she lied to the jury about it and materially impacted
    their decision.
    Posted by Leslie Davis 612-529-5253


    The word Whale Turd is too good for this creep.

  • Timothy Taylor

    Flawless presentation of Ventura’s pretzel logic based hypocrisy. Never liked him. He was an ass when he “wrestled” and he’s been an ass all his life. It doesn’t shock me at all that he sued Mrs. Kyle. But it sure does make me think he is lower than a snakes belly, and as crooked as a dog’s hind leg.

  • Mark Arambula

    Regardless of what you think of Jesse, did he sue the patriot’s wife or her publisher?

  • Mark Arambula

    Regardless of what you think of Jesse, did he sue the patriot’s publisher or the patriot’s wife?

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