ZoNation: Chipotle. Stuff This In Your Burrito

Chipotle is decorating their bags with quotes from people like George Saunders who romances over a future where nobody has to work. Let’s examine the problem with that in this ZoNation!

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  • Wm. A. “Bill” Fisher

    What’s Chipotle going to do without any staff?

    • NorthernConserv

      The animals will have to eat the rotten food I guess.

  • George Monnat Jr

    Maybe Chipotle is working on a tree that grows warm, delicious burritos, so all you have to do is grab a burrito. No cooks, wait staff, delivery, etc.! Of course, who’s going to plant the tree, grow it, and go get your burrito for you? If everyone has a Chipotle burrito tree in their home, how do you get the water and electricity to care for it if no one is working?

  • Kelly Gillespie

    If the burrito fairy makes it for us; and the house fairy builds our houses for us; and the car fairy hooks us up…I agree 100%. Where are all the fairies that will do everything for me?

  • janelle

    Never liked them anyway.

  • maggie

    LOL George Monnat…the ultimate conundrum!!!

  • TruckinMack

    Everyone sits around feeling love for one another? In the future? Ummm, doing that right now and working and glad I have work to do.

    I cannot verify this story, but I heard it decades ago. Mother Teresa refused a regular monthly stipend from the Knights of Columbus because it made the sisters of her ministry lazy. They needed to work raising money for their ministry. Mother Teresa knew that having work to do was a blessing. Not having to work was a curse.

  • Christopher

    Poor Alfonzo, the world must be so confusing to someone incapable of complex thought.

    • Will R

      It is. That’s why he is trying to help people like you.

    • spacemonkey

      Poor Christopher, the world must be so confusing to someone incapable of simple thought.
      If no one has to work, no one gets to eat.

    • shotz90s

      Tying your shoes does trouble you doesn’t it? As does the concept of actually having a point to your existence. You do know that when ever tried, your utopian dream of unicorns and everything for free has failed right?

    • NorthernConserv

      Complex thought??lol…you’re kidding right?

    • jaxx

      And what exactly is the complex thought you are referring to? Now remember, we don’t have warp drive and replicators yet. So, enlighten us with your complex thoughts.

  • JenniferP

    Never did like Chipotle. No loss for me.

  • meli

    I think that’s called heaven and we do have to work to get there.

  • KnowbodyXXX

    Oh, lighten up.

    • Gregory71

      Could not have said it any better. Liberals bad!!! Aaaargh!!!!!!

  • Bah

    Chewing is work. Will I not I have to do that too?

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