We Want Justice, Gin, Juice, Hair Extensions, Rims, and Democrats.

Pssst. To my black people who believe you’re a victim of the system. You wanna over come the System? Over come yourselves. The key has been given to you decades ago. Hear more in this ZoNation!

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  • B

    All I can say is.. Zo for President!!!

    • funny guy

      That’s all you can say? You might want to work on your vocabulary and speech.

  • William556

    The same applies to the snowbirds, too. They come down from the North to get away from high costs of living and high taxes and all of that, then proceed to vote for candidates who set up the same high tax, high cost systems they fled. This also hurts the poor who have to pay more to get by.

    • Jeretexas

      Seems that people who migrate all do that (in general, there are exceptions). Whether moving to other parts of the country or immigrating into the country. They choose somewhere better than where they came from and then try to turn it into where they came from.

    • Tinninches

      So glad I’m not the only one that shares this opinion.

    • Heatherc

      You are an idiot! SNOWbirds flee… SNOW!

    • thevoiceofillreason

      Winter is coming…

    • bldrdave

      Snowbirds? Really? Do even know what a “Snowbird” is? Those of us who do “migrate” to warmer climes in the winter bring tons of dollars to those communities. We don’t vote there, but we do bring a lot of income for the local businesses. Get your facts right before you make a comment that has no merit.

  • NeoKnot

    GIVE ME MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love people who talk sense!

    • Lexie

      You can find Zo on YouTube and PJTV. Soak up the truth, my friend! It’s refreshing, isn’t it? : )

  • Rev TJ Conwell

    Maybe it’s just me … but this guy is my new hero. Woot!

  • Wendy

    Well said!

  • CamdenC

    Zo, you’re just a racist… LOL. New information, CCTV video of Michael Brown robbing, assaulting, and intimidating a store clerk as he stole boxes of “Swisher Sweets”… Police were on lookout for robbery suspect matching Brown’s description…

  • Gregoryno6

    Well said.

  • Rich Lavino

    rocking the Fredrick Douglas shirt!

  • Colin Miller


  • Earych

    Nuff said.

  • SickenedInStLouis

    And if the black people in poor neighborhoods complain about injustices by white police officers why don’t more black people become police officers in their own communities? They trotted out a black highway patrol officer and the people rejoiced…until the looting ramped back up and NO law enforcement did anything to curtail it. Every night the first 10 minutes of the news is dedicated to shootings in St. Louis. The majority of them are in North St. Louis and the majority are cases of blacks shooting blacks. Innocent black men, women and children are gunned down by other blacks while they are in their cars, on their front porches and in their houses but where is the community outrage about that? They are killing each other day and no one seems to care! This whole thing is disgusting. My prayers go out to Lesley McSpadden and her family. My prayers go out to the officer involved, his family and his neighbors. Above all I pray for answers and justice.

    • No! Not the truth!

      Ignorant Racist! Totally kidding. Finally, another voice of reason and truth like myself and many others, plus you provided the soft voice of real injustice going on every day in the same community. Well said!

  • We Want Justice, Gin, Juice, Hair Extensions, Rims, and Democrats.

    iongivafuk that’s funny.


  • antiangrylib

    Woo! Anybody else feel that fresh air? Alfonzo Rachel ~ My new Common Sense Hero! I’ll be tweetin your stuff out left and right so keep it coming! I know you will catch alot of #$& from some, so hats off for the courage as well

  • Ken

    Just in case you didn’t know— Justice means revenge to black folks….different continental origins and all…

    • lifesnotarehearsal

      So justice means revenge only to black people??? I want you to go to a site like The Blaze and read the comments on any story about someone committing a heinous crime and then come back and tell me that justice=revenge only to black people.

    • Ken

      Just did—justice means revenge for black people. There that was easy!

    • lifesnotarehearsal

      So all of the people on The Blaze wanting the couple who kidnapped the two Amish girls to be raped in prison are black????

    • Ken

      Dude, that’s non sequential to my comment, go back to logic 101, observe black behavior not internet comments and remember—you’re on the internet.

    • lifesnotarehearsal

      What behavior have I seen that’s representative of all black people?

  • ChicagoPD1989

    Do not sum up a group of people into one category. Some people are looting and robbing stores for their own personal reasons. Some people are peacefully protesting. Some people are blaming Michael Brown and the community. Obviously there is a lot going on here, but lets look at every angle of the situation. Lets not generalize people in this community as being one thing. I find it interesting that when an unarmed kid is killed by someone who is suppose to protect and serve the community, some turn the blame on the people in the community. Very sad world we live in.

    • Alex

      I live in St. Louis. You can’t generalize all of the people in North St. Louis to the standard, but when 95% of them are that way, it’s hard to depict the ones who are different until you hear them talk. It’s widely known it has been a major decay in society there. Just for the record, the eyewitness accounts no black person seems to be willing to talk about are the ones where they say Mike Brown did not have his hands up, but was bum rushing the cop and the evidence is starting to line up that way. Mark my words, they will prove that he was not surrendering beyond a shadow of a doubt and that the officer has just cause not only for leathal force but why he shot so many times. It’s the blind leading the blind here. They want an excuse to hate white people and watch the city burn. Little do they know there excuse was a lie from the beginning.

    • Ron Norton

      Why don’t the peaceful protesters stand in front of stores to stop the pillage and burning of their town. They have no problem standing up for something that all the facts aren’t in, yet don’t or won’t take a stand against thugs , theives and arsonist standing right next to them. IF YOUR NOT PART OF THE SOLUTION, YOUR PART OF THE PROBLEM !

    • Carl Crowley Sr.

      get your pc ass out of here, you and people like you ARE the problem.

    • Imtoooldforthis

      The person who is supposed to protect and serve has the right to go home alive at night. The first thing a cop learns is that he/she needs to protect themselves first. Protect and Serve does not mean take a beating or get shot willingly. If you really believe what you’re saying become a cop and make the changes you think need making. It’s obvious by your comments that the only way for you to see reality is to live it.

  • Christopher Fox

    You’re a bit off-base here. This isn’t a republican/democrat problem. It’s not political at all; it’s cultural. All of those cities that you’re talking about have a high concentration of black folks. Yes, black folks overwhelmingly vote democratic, but that has nothing to do with these poor and uneducated kids looting stores, selling drugs, or committing other violent acts that make these cities dangerous places to live. This is a cultural problem (with roots in a racist war on drugs, but that’s a tangent for another discussion), not a political one. Stop trying to make everything left vs. right.

    • Jo

      Well look at the actual looters and rioters… it’s not like they are black people dressed in suites and ties…most of the time they blame the ghetto and the issues in the ghetto… but ghettos are created, not built. You have to sleep in the bed you make. Many black youths claim stereotyping, but they stereotype themselves by how they present themselves and the actions they make. They claim whites are racists, yet we have a black president, and no other race is complaining about any race issues. If this happened to a Chinese guy, the world would have kept moving. Simple… they have a deep routed insecurity issue that transcends slavery and the USA as a whole… I mean look at the state of Africa. Not being biased… looking at the issue objectively.

    • donewithfoolishness

      Wow…that’s looking at an argument objectively? First, other races absolutely claim issues of racism, and because their issues don’t make it to your selective news feed doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Caucasians, Asians and even Arabs (though America refuses to designate them as a race) all have “race issues” as you put it and failing to acknowledge racial disparities is both ignorant and foolish.

      Furthermore, look at the state of Africa? What are we looking at exactly? A continent the size of Russia, the US, Western Europe, and South America COMBINED. With as many different types of languages, peoples, and tribes before boundaries of each country were artificially created for them in the aftermath of decolonization. Are you lumping all 1 billion people on that continent into 1 group and saying they all have problems? Won’t even try to distinguish Guana from Eritrea or Tanzania? What exactly is the state of things in those countries that doesn’t look exactly like a situation in North and South America or Europe?

      And c’mon, Chinese is not a race. It’s a nationality. You could at least keep that straight.

    • lifesnotarehearsal

      So the Japanese didn’t complain after being put in internment camps thereby later receiving reparations?

    • Arnold_Laine

      Except that the “culture” of the left offers no solutions to the problems like we are seeing now. As a matter of fact, they enable it through things like white guilt, eschewing personal responsibility, and gov’t handouts. The people are told that nothing is their responsibility or their fault. Fergeson is the result of this. Any time a black man stands up and gives a right leaning message, like saying the black community needs to clean up their act, like Bill Cosby did, or Alfonzo does in this video, he is lambasted by the left.

      Your red state/blue state thing is BS, too. There is usually more pop in blue states to offset the higher crime in the cities. If you look at the actual top cities for crime they are mostly blue cities. Sometimes in red states, but the crime outside the cites usually isn’t much higher when they are in red states.

    • lifesnotarehearsal

      So what are the solutions offered by republicans that don’t involve getting rid of welfare?

  • BillDman

    Agree with the comment “why doesn’t the community stand up” to the no load, society shame thugs that are using this to incite disruption. If the community put the thugs down, there would be less problems and thus the police may would be a part of that society rather than a police force. I disagree with the political overtone as all affiliations of government are now seeking to control rather than govern and they do it through economics. Credit = slavery! Special interests must be removed from our government or more civil unrest will follow. That may be why all these police forces are looking more like the military.

  • Arrie Charles Jones

    It’s not the result of Democrats in office. It’s the opposite. Communities in this state will traditionally elect Democrats. Democrats aren’t the cause, they are the effect.

    • Sun

      There are good areas that are democrat run (like Seattle) that don’t act like this. This has to do with racial demographics.

    • Justin Gray

      Remind me how long the democrats were in power in Detroit? What was Detroit like when the democrats took power? What is it like now? Leftist utopian welfare nanny state philosophy always produces this kind of community. The people who have virtue leave to get away from the electorate that the dems coddle and treat like little babies and soon there is no one left but the criminals who loot when they get an excuse.

  • Lori

    Very smart man, you hit the nail on the head and drove it all the way home!

  • Kimberly Schutzenhofer

    Well done sir. I take my hat off to you.

  • Katie Coyle


    • Joe


  • Vivona

    You might as well give that speech to a brick wall, because the persons that message was meant for don’t care

  • Luci.

    ……-_-……smh, I just find it funny that EVERYONE THINKS that the looters & rioters CAME FROM & WAS BORN IN FERGUSON. If you look a little bit more closely, NO ONE THAT ACTUALLY LIVES IN FERGUSON STARTED OR WAS IN THE RIOTS. It was other CRIMINALS from SURROUNDING AREAS that were rioting & looting. I have family that LIVE IN FERGUSON……I was even there with some of the PEACEFUL vigils. You cannot blame the citizens of that township for the stupidity of others.

    • Imtoooldforthis

      You can blame that township for the stupidity of putting up with the rioters and looters. If one bullet had been fired by a cop all those cowardly thugs would have run away. But a “non confrontational stance” by your police, the doj and whatever powers that be allowed this behavior. Those policemen had to stand there and watch YOUR city be destroyed because of the people in higher office. YOU need to do something about the cowards that run your city. YOU are responsible for what happens to YOUR city. If the citizens of Ferguson had taken a stand like the shop owners who refused to be robbed and burned down then the rioters wouldn’t have had a chance to start looting.

    • NLB

      The thugs would have run away??? Bahahaha! You know what would have really happened? A continual blood bath with peaceful protesters caught in the middle! There is no easy solution for this! This issue is two-pronged and anyone who tries to oversimplify this problem is TRULY ignorant.

    • Imtoooldforthis

      There were no innocent protestors out there the first night and anybody who thinks there was is TRULY IGNORANT. The intent of every one of those criminals was to do just what they did. There’s nothing simple in my first post. If the people won’t do what’s needed to make their city safer how can they expect the police to do it for them? These people expect others to fix what they broke and what they ALLOWED into their neighborhoods. Not the job of the police.

  • Zero G

    This is not a partisan issue. Nashville, TN has had Democrat mayoral leadership for several terms over the past few decades. Our city currently has one of the highest economic growth rates in the nation. Our city is growing and vibrant, people are flocking here for job opportunities in healthcare and tech industries. There is no looting here. Your point is invalid, sir!

    • GhengisFong

      I just left Nashville. I can tell you, that all of the vibrant areas and communities are white. I am white, so don’t get this wrong. What he is saying is that democratic government is not in line with what they say that they need. I have come to realize that if you vote democratic, you are voting for a more heavy handed government. That is being proven to be true. The east side of Nashville its starting to thrive, because whites are moving in, and pushing blacks into other low income neighborhoods. You may not realize it, but drive around Nashville, and not to the places that you normally go. There are a LOT of low income neighborhoods.

  • Georgette

    You said it brothah!

  • Imtoooldforthis

    Zo you couldn’t have said it any plainer and I hope at least one person does move from every city you named. I grew up 150 ft. from the projects. This lily white glow in the dark white girl (it’s what I was called) got out. I still hold to the concept that no matter how good a parent you are your child will take in the environment on the outside of the home and choose the more exciting one. If you are raising your child to be a well rounded adult and he walks out the door into the hood with all it’s “fun” your words of wisdom and your example are going to fly out of his head 9 times out of 10. The one child that listens and adheres to his/her parents teachings is the blessed one. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. They can all be blessed. Get them out of the hood.

  • SoFresh SoClean

    democrat’s and republicans are both ran by the same ppl

    • SoFresh SoClean

      to make u think u r vote matters is best way to control slaves its not the democrates u should fear but the system itself both sides are illusions

  • Erika

    And this explains the police killing of an unarmed child HOW, exactly?

    • Haha

      You mean an unarmed 300 lb 18 year old MAN charging at an officer he just assaulted and tried to take his gun to shoot him with it?

    • Kenz

      i think, if anything, he’s explaining the unrest in ferguson right now, he even admits he doesn’t know much about the tragedy that is Michael Brown’s death. I am definitely on his side.

    • Jim

      Child…you mean that thug that just strong-arm robbed an innocent store keeper!

  • charles

    I would love to see what would happen in these communities if the “EVIL” police were to close their precinct doors and left these “STAND UP” citizens to their own devices? I’m sure there wouldn’t be any more crime because it is, of course, the police men and women who cause the issues of gang violence, drug dealing, rape, murder, car jacking, drive by’s, pimping, prostitution, etc….people need to grow up and take responsibility for themselves and their actions.

  • Lawrence

    I agree with the Alfonzo on what was said except the politics because Democrats don’t have nothing to do with system in Ferguson. Ninety-nine percent of all law enforcers in Ferguson “probably” voted for Republicans but he didn’t blame the republicans. Alfonzo can’t argue that the Republicans are for businesses and the Democrats are for the people. Republicans didn’t come up with a system to raise minimum wages or a health care system for most Americans. Republicans system to cut taxes for the big businesses and the rich and leave the rest of Americans as it working slaves.

    • Noel

      You are saying that our government “owes” us free healthcare??? Hmmmm, sounds like the people described in the video. How about getting a job that healthcare benefits? I know it’s not exactly easy these days, but it IS POSSIBLE! You just have to be willing to get out there and find that job.

    • Kenny

      I don’t think you understand business owners. Some of us are small business owners like myself. All these new taxes have been killing me and the health care act is a joke. People are losing their health care everyday because it is not affordable now. If they raise minimum wage more people will be out of jobs. Our economy is worst than it has ever been.

    • Heather Johnson

      speaking of the new healthcare law we went from 400 to $1,600.00 3 times what we were paying for 3 people. The economy should dictate the minimum wage, oh I forgot we don’t have an economy anymore because we have a president that destroyed it.

    • lifesnotarehearsal

      Which one Bush I or Bush II?

  • Mike Chiasson

    I’m not so in agreement about the whole democrat topic but I think you nailed it with the people need to hold their communities to a higher level of accountability before they say things like “you are targetting the XXXXXXX man!”. News articles I heard said that a mostly African American community is upset because their town is run by White politicians and White police offices. This doesn’t make sense to me because if this is in fact the case, the community is partial to blame for not voting in the people they wanted. That being said I don’t think anyone should vote just because of color, but if you are going to use that as an excuse to riot, it has to be said.

    • Mike Chiasson

      The entire media story should be about police brutality in general not specifically to one race or another.

  • Doyle Willis

    The sad thing here is,.When you stand up and try to have your voice heard. There are always idiots that take advantage of a situation for there own benefit.I don’t know all the facts of what lead up to the shooting.But I am all for peaceful protest.That’s your right under the constitution. This looting crap is not acceptable.I have zero doubt the people who have a legit reason to voice protest are probably in no way involved.It’s these opportunist jackasses that look for a reason to be violent and steal .We as a nation should not view this type of behavior as acceptable .We needed to drop the hammer hard from the beginning and make that clear.Of course we didn’t and this is what we have .Wake up America !This is not an African American thing .My gosh man some of the most brilliant decent people I have ever met are African American . This is all about a bunch of thugs exploiting a situation for there own gain .Come down hard on them .

  • Jenn’ral Mo Perry

    Where is your post about the *majority* of people who want justice and change? Part of the problem, and why people go ignored for years and build up to this, is you, people who distract us from the real issue to direct our attention to people who are NOT a part of the demand for justice. Those are plain criminals, who were already criminals before. They have nothing to do with the protesters or any other black people looking for improvements in the judicial and law enforcement systems. You are appealing to peoples urge to feel good about themselves, feel good about “no, white people aren’t really like that” and urge to dismiss all of these issues as just a misunderstanding or paranoid imagination and black peoples urges to also dismiss it, as we have also been conditioned by media to view eachother as heathen masses of gang members and twerk stars. Reality is that most black people are not looting anything, not making twerk videos, not fighting in the streets, not robbing anyone. Most black people are going to work, raising kids, making honor roll, doing normal things…You sir are a propagandist assisting in the dismissal of real issues, doing just as much damage as looters and vandals by giving them publicity instead of giving the issue a few words.

    • Tron1

      That’s funny, when I was in school, I was the only one on honor roll and I had to hide it from everybody I knew because I didn’t want to be called “white.” (The worst insult you can give to a black person). It was like Finding Forrester, except I, of course, was not that smart

    • Jenn’ral Mo Perry

      Well my school was like 60% black and there were numerous black people on honor roll. But anyway, even still, that was just an example of regular stuff. Even if they weren’t on honor roll, they were kids doing what kids do, and adults doing what adults do, not a whole 90% buncha drug kingpins and murderers and rapists.

  • Linds

    To vote for change requires there being people running for office who will change things. The cost of running for office is so high that what you get are wealthy folks, typically white, who were put into place under the CURRENT situation. Thus, they don’t want change because then they’ll lose their power. Until we can promise fair, multi-party, minority-represented elections, nothing will change. I think it’s unfair to put all the blame on someone from an impoverished community failing to vote.

  • randy

    Right on!!!! Never heard is said better or more eloquently! I have never heard of you before but your page is now on my Favorites list….

  • RealThang001

    Feel free to run for President, ‘Zo. I’d vote you in without batting an eye. It’s so refreshing to see somebody who actually “gets it”!

    • lifesnotarehearsal

      So you would vote for him without knowing his stance on foreign policy or how to reduce the deficit? You’re as ignorant as the people in Ferguson how don’t vote in local elections.

    • RealThang001

      Based upon the initial logic I see out of him, I would feel that he’s probably logical in other areas as well. How could he be any worse than what we’ve had over the last 25 years?

      PS: Nothing’s funnier than seeing a person with a room-temperature IQ trying to comment on somebody’s intelligence by saying “You’re as ignorant as the people in Ferguson (you didn’t put a comma or dash here) “HOW” don’t vote in local elections.

      You can’t even speak, dumba##. Try a little harder next time.

    • lifesnotarehearsal

      So you try to insult my intelligence because of a typo. Well let me correct it for your sensibilities. “You’re as ignorant as the people in Ferguson WHO don’t vote in local elections”
      By the way, ignorance of a situation does not correlate with intelligence.

    • RealThang001

      You provided a staggering display of ignorance in your opening response. I merely pointed that out, and now you’re unhappy and butt-hurt that somebody pointed your own stupidity out to you and rubbed your little nose in it.

      Sorry if the truth hurts, little guy.

      Carry on.

    • lifesnotarehearsal

      Number one, I’m not a guy, and number two it sounds like you’re projecting. I’m not upset you caught a typo, but I am a little bewildered that you somehow equate one typo to being stupid. In my original comment I spoke about your ignorance because you needed to be called out on it. You shouldn’t want to vote for anyone just because you agree with ONE of their views. That kind of thinking is ignorant. Sorry if there isn’t a better word for it. Please read over this to let me know if there are any other typos and I will edit it. Thanks in advance!

    • RealThang001

      Never try cutting people down if you aren’t bright enough to even use proper grammar.

      As far as what else you’re crying about, you have been addressed. Failure to understand that only cements my lack of respect for you. Sorry you had to find out this way.

    • lifesnotarehearsal

      Typing “how” instead of “who” is a typo and not a grammatical issue. Your need to insinuate that I have a low IQ is more telling of you than me. Not once did I call you a name or use curse words. I don’t find a need to do things like that because I have a wide enough vocabulary that I can choose from. Also, be honest, do your really think I care about your “respect” for me???

    • RealThang001

      Obviously you care. You wrote back. You’re also painfully insecure. Get help…

    • lifesnotarehearsal

      Actually, I like challenging people in discussions and a sure fire way of knowing I’ve made a compelling arguement is when they point out typos and call me names. It’s been fun, but I’ve better and more insightful discussions, so deuces.

    • RealThang001

      You were put in your place. It makes you mad, though you know you were toppled straight from the beginning. I merely pointed out your stupidity and rubbed your little nose in it.

      Moral of the story: don’t be a dumba##, and things will probably go a little better for you.

  • Eternity


  • Aaron Stacey Lewis

    So are you republican. I am not Democrat or republican I am for the one that will do the job. Sometimes I get it right sometimes not. But I vote. So I understand the point of voting. But did you show in your clips what was going on in the neighborhood before the shooting. What about Martin. Was he in the hood. I d ok my agree that police get nervous because u am in a “hood” I belive that they get nervous just like some white woman holding there purse. Because they are scared of my color. The crazy thing is that Im a doctor. I still get the looks while in uniform. Like Ty Tribbet said it’s good in the hood. My neighborhood was not bad. But yet I got treated like a 3Rd rate thing. I am blessed I made it. Please know the neighborhood before you question it’s character. There is bad I all areas and it not everyone in that area that’s bad.

    • cynicalwilliam

      I’m guessing you voted for Barry twice.

    • PktChg

      You’re a doctor? ??? English Comp wasn’t your favorite class was it??

    • bosslady

      You’re so smart and glad that you could find something to dispute her on, which by the way was irrelevant to her point. Dispute the real issues. Keep your pocket change. It is not needed here.

    • PktChg

      It is not irrelevant to her point since her being a “doctor” was part of the premise of her main point. Thanks for your input, but please try again. Dispute the real issues….???….ok…..how about a person of any color/heritage just being a person and wanting to better themselves??? Why does a black person just being a normal everyday human get labeled an “Uncle Tom” or they are acting “bougie” if they act anything other than “black”??? Why is it when I, a white person, go into the hood as she puts it, am viewed as a severely unwelcome guest and many feel the need to “mean-mug” just to show me who they are or trying to intimidate me?? When will the black community release themselves from the Hip – Hop Culture, the “gangster lifestyle” and/or remove themselves from the Democrat Plantation? ?? There is a real difference between those who put value in themselves rather putting value in a set of 24’s…………

  • Mon

    This is so one-sided its ridiculous! Don’t think for a second that you have even the slightest clue what is REALLY going on here, you only see what the media allows you. First off, there’s a huge difference between a protester and an opportunist which is what these looters are classified as. Majority of the ppl looting and vandalizing aren’t even residents of the Florissant area, they are just criminals taking advantage of a terrible situation. Don’t say that protestors are messing up their city because you are DEAD wrong. This is completely doing what the media is wanting, distracting ppl from what the issue really is. An unarmed teen was executed in cold blood and left in the street for hours, thats what this is about. Get over the looting inventory can be replaced and insurance claims can be filed, we want justice for the life that is forever lost! If the uprising and looting as unfortunate as it is..however if it wouldn’t have ever happened you would careless about the situation and probably never would have even acknowledged it to this magnitude. Mike brow would be yesterdays news.

    • Micah

      How do you know that he was executed? That has not been shown to be true by theevidence so far. I’m not saying he wasn’t but that is certainly a rush to judgement to go running around declaring that the officer was the one in the wrong.

    • ucancallmeAlL

      Dont speak of “justice” when you follow it with the statement, “an unarmed teen was executed in cold blood.” You are no more priviliged to the entirity of the situation or the facts than any one of us. You are being just as careless writing this response to this video while you dont have the slightest clue either as to what happened that day.

    • RealityIS

      He was speaking to the nation in general and using this situation to explain what is wrong with the mind sets in many that live in areas like this… Where poeple move in to a city and destroy it because they dont work to build the community.. They just take take take and expect handouts. It is happening over and over again.

    • jannaM

      You had me until you wrote “an unarmed teen was executed”. Maybe that’s true, but maybe it isn’t, and you are not helping when you draw conclusions that can only be based on biased media reports and you state them as facts.

      Let the investigation run its course, and if it turns out that this officer is culpable then I’m 100% on board will swift and harsh justice. But it turns out that he was justified, then you need to accept that as well.

    • Valedictorian-Hard Knocks Univ

      “Get over the looting inventory can be replaced and insurance claims can
      be filed, we want justice for the life that is forever lost!”…..Yes, inventory can be replaced and claims will indeed be filed. Who, pray tell, will pay for this…the looters? Of course they won’t…us hard-working taxpayers will pay for it…just like we pay for the abused welfare system and everything else. Again, ALL victims of homicide are left laying for extended periods of time so that the scene can be processed for evidence. He did not lay there because he was black. Your attempt to justify the looting is simply stupid. The only thing looting does is cause more business owners to move out of that community or possibly even go bankrupt. Did you ever think about the fact that pretty much every insurance policy has a deductible that comes directly out of the insured’s pocket? Nah…betting you didn’t…because you and those who think like you (and I mean all idiots regardless of what tone their skin is…) only care about themselves and have no conscience.

  • Deb-e-do

    I think I love you!! Your a thinker, you do your homework, you make sense 🙂

  • Cheeses K Rice

    I share the same thoughts but Zo is really just reaching out to the type of crowds that wouldn’t do this. Forget who’s not there. Somebody’s in Ferguson willing to move the rubble at least.
    Those people just may be to far gone to regain their right minds at this time.

  • Chris Carson

    Uncle Tom at its finest

    • Byrd1958

      Your an idiot.

    • Caz


    • fed up

      Uncle Tom was a black hero and you have just proven the problem with todays black culture-I certainly do not mean all black people before someone tries to twist what i said

    • binag

      Wow surprise surprise, a liberal calling someone who has an opinion different from his names!

    • It always comes down to name calling with liberals doesn’t it?

    • lifesnotarehearsal

      If you are white, what names do republicans call Tim Wise (if you know who he is)?

  • youcancallmeAL

    A lot of mixed reporting as to “who” actually committed the criminal acts- local community or criminals from adjacent communities; however I believe your head is in the right place. Democrats time and time again vote on the premise and tug on the heart strings of those less fortunate to get in office. Once in office, they take a liberal stance, a nuetral position, and dont allow the change in the system that is so desperately needed. We have had Democratic majority since 2006…are we any closer to the effective immigration, healthcare, or tax reform that Democrats LOVE to premisce their campaigns on? When are we going to open our eyes and realize “peace, love and fairness for all” isn’t going to get us anywhere. Immigrants dont settle here because we are a super power or #1; they settle here because we are a bunch of weak, people pleasers, who know there wil never be any consequences for their actions. People need to be more involved in local and state elections, rather than the presidential election, who’s office literally cant do much without a supportive congress- as we are currently experiencing. **drops mic**

  • Manahmanah

    >Implying Democrats are the problem
    >Implying criminal behavior isn’t a result of the negative elements of the culture coupling with media scaremongering
    >Implying Republicans wouldn’t go Joe Arapaio on inner city black populations
    >Implying Libertarians could tell the difference between their ass and a hole in the ground

    By the way, I support the police version of this story, and am Mexican, so let’s get all that out of the way.

    • Luke

      You haven’t said one thing to refute your own statements

  • binag

    I respect you man!

  • Byrd1958

    That man just laid down the TRUTH!!

  • stephen gunner

    anyone ever think that this is being done to get the news focus off of our politicans so that they can say that they need to be re-elected to fix this issue. time to drain the swamp.

  • nyresthepoet
  • nyresthepoet

    …utterly shocked by the things you said, i really hope youre just doing this for views| http://indiethi3ves.com/american-genocide/

    • Danny

      What are you so shocked by? The truth? Please give a specific example id love to hear what was so shocking.

    • Abby


  • Bodocomo

    I’m a white cop from Canada….I don’t care if you’re Black, White, Mexican, Arabic, North American Indian. I grew up lower middle class and chose to be what I wanted to be. In our great nations (U.S.A and Canada) we are free to do or become anything we want to. Political beliefs aside, any programs or philosophies that make us less than equal (affirmative action) do not serve the greater good. I work alongside officers of every race and nationality and take comfort in knowing that because we do not have affirmative action in Canada, the officer that I’m working beside is as qualified for the job as I am. To suggest that people of any race in our nations face the struggles of our or their ancestors is disrespectful and tarnishes the image of their real struggle.

  • SavageShooter

    This guy should have been our President.

  • Kelcie

    I love our country and how it affords avenues for people to express their views the best way they know how. I respect your avenue, however, I highly disagree. You’ve taken such a minute approach to this story. Yes looting is happening and in no means is it justifiable. You hit it on the nail when you said that we continue to destroy our own community by doing this. However, where is the mention of the hundreds of activists that are standing guard of these same businesses with the purpose of detracting looters? Hundreds of activists, journalists, and every day people are on these streets every day peaceful protesting yet they are absent from your arguement.

    In theory, you are incredibly right when you say that we have the choice to move to a better community when things get rough. In theory alone. You are insinuating that poor community members have the means and support to uproot their lives which probably have been in one spot for generations. It is highly prepostourous to think that moving is easy as the snap of a finger. People have lives, family, and history invest into these communities and who are we to tell them to get on with it? What kind of message is that sending? Okay, things are getting bad, lets just pack up and move to the next spot. Why not invest in our communities? Why not have those ‘able’ “rich” and what have yous help the fight. Build them up to the standard in which they achieve high success. Not all people who live in the hood are delinquents or hoodlums. Many just are out of luck and are in a position to learn to be better. By having an apathetic attitude such as this one, it is almost certain for “OUR” communities to continue to suffer.

    By saying that because Michael Brown comes from a disadvantaged community that is saturated with “hoods” “delinquents” etc, are you suggesting that it gives warrant for him to be shot down like a dog in broad light with his exposed body laying there for over 4 hours? Just because he stole cigars gives the police just to take his life? I think not, and if you believe so, I pray for you highly my brother.

    • frank

      Why couldn’t poor move to another area? Poor get free/cheap housing. Perhaps if they didn’t waste money on /beats headphones and Air Jordans they could move to a better place.

    • Katie

      Please move to another state with less than $50 in the bank (if even that), find a landlord that will let you rent with absolutely no source of income, find a job that does not require you to have a physical address of where you are living, and somehow afford gas to drive to and from that job for the first two-three weeks while you wait for your first paycheck. If you know how to do these things, do the poor community a favor and post a step-by-step sheet on how to succeed without any money or friend/family financial support. It’s never as easy as you may think.

    • Ben

      Katie you clearly didn’t read what Frank said….he said, and I quote, “Perhaps if they didn’t waste money on /beats headphones and Air Jordans they could move to a better place.” THAT would be why they only have $50 in their pockets. Wasting their unearned money on unimportant crap

    • Cortez

      It’s called hard work and determination. You can’t accept the fact that something is “too difficult.” With enough effort and perseverance anything can be accomplished. Whether you have to walk to work or whatever it may be. Those people that resort to robbery and looting are the ones who aren’t willing to work hard and that is why they stay where they are in cities where cops assume the worst of everyone on the street, because chances are their assumptions are correct.

    • J

      We don’t know what transpired yet leading up to Brown’s death. To assume he was killed for stealing cigars is premature.

    • Karl

      If you research…anytime there is a homicide the body will lay in that position for hours so that everything is covered in the investigation…this is not unusual. Does it make a difference if it was daylight? As far as the able rich…I don’t see your Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton helping your community. I watched him yesterday asking for money from the congregation. He could have easily given 10x what was collected instead of taking it from the poor. DISTASTEFUL!

    • Laura

      After years of hard work, determination, perseverance and an unbreakable will to survive, I have built a nice little life for myself. But the first step was moving away. I, too, did not have the means to up and move. Moving costs money, and at that time it was money that I didn’t have. In order to move away from my hometown and start a life of growth, I had to obtain two full time jobs…knowing that I’d eventually end up leaving both jobs to move away. I had to work twice as hard to get started, just to get out, because that’s how bad I wanted something better. “Just pack up and move” is unrealistic for most low income people, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. If you want it, you go get it.

  • Doc

    Great views, I don’t see how people couldn’t agree with you. Kelcie, before you jump back at me I live from pay check to pay check, I watched my parents work their fingers to the bone in construction until their body’s was to brittle and tired to do it anymore to provide for my brother and sister. My life was heading the same way, but I wanted something different so I joined the service. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon sticking out my ass like some. I would like to know why you think the “rich” should invest in your lives or your community’s, it’s not just them doing so now it’s every “working” man now that is investing into the poor non working class. I don’t think it’s fare to me that I’ve worked my ass off, going through college “paying my own way” along with my wife to better our lives, to give the poor 30% of our pay, so they can sit back and get high and have more baby’s that I’ll help to raise. Like you said not all are looting in Ferguson but those that are make it as a whole look bad. Just like all white people are not racist but we get labeled because of our skin. This is like the never ending story, my question is what can the white race do to prove that we don’t care what your skin color is. I’ve never in – slaved no one, nor my parents, grand or great grand parents. That generation is long since been dead. I’m not trying to offend anyone and I only stated your name cause you asked why can’t the rich invest in ya’ll s community, if I did I apologize. The programs are in place for poor ppl to better themselves all they have to to is put forth the effort. No one is going to hand out doctorate degrees just because they think it’s far to them.

    • Hollis Fischer Grassman

      Very well said couldn’t agree more!

    • Karen

      You are so right. Our popular culture scorns those who work and even worse, those who work hard. The rich who have it easy — well, they lose it all, but we don’t hear about it. The talented athlete who doesn’t work to become more competitive becomes a has been, but we don’t hear about that either, the genius that wastes away. There is this idea that you can become famous, rich, or strong without doing any work. We see our athletes compete at the height of their career, we don’t see them when they are working to reach their peak. We don’t see the endless hours spent in practice for the athlete, the hours spent studying for the doctor. We see what they are, what they have become, but we didn’t see the road they took to get there. If you want to be where they are, then you must do the work to get there. Carve out your own path. There can be no real reward without real work.

    • Kelcie

      I agree with you. As a people should want to better ourselves, however not everyone has access to means that allow them to do so. Giving back to the community means more than just monetarily because as well all know, people from all walks of life abuse the system. What I challenging those who are able is education. Educate those to how they can better themselves. Unfortunately there are those who are comfortable with being spoon fed by the government, however, there are many out there who are willing to learn, however, they are clueless how to achieve it. This is where the education takes place. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime…as cliche as it is, it bears truth. Ignorance should no longer be an excuse.

  • Robina
    • urbanvrwcmom

      That’s the same thing I said. Great minds think alike!

  • Hollis Fischer Grassman

    People can be helped only so far, then the rest is up to them. If they chose to stay where they are with their generations and roots etc and not get out to provide a better life for their current family or themselves quit complaining and live with it. Fix your own problems because I sure don’t understand your reasoning!

  • Gas_Passer

    That was a great way of explaining the system….and situation.

  • Derek

    Good job talking about the facts that we know to be true which at thist time are very few. I don’t know of a political party that is good for the American people. They might be good for their political party, but not for America. You don’t get to vote for the best person to run the country you get a choice of two people, none of them being the best fit for a job that should revolve around selfless service.

  • Abby Henson

    The focus here should not be about Democrats or Republicans or being a product of your surroundings. The focus should be on education. We need to work on educating our community. Most fairly educated individuals know that looting a store in the name of “justice” is just not feasible and will make absolutely no difference with regard to the Michael Brown case. Also, the video poster should avoid making blanket statements about Democrats, Republicans, or underprivileged people, as there are plenty of decent people who have come from a poor background without a financial safety blanket. These people, who are still living in the projects, aren’t people who are just “waiting for an excuse” to act out, steal, kill, and cause chaos. As for the comments about people who our tax dollars are paying for in order to sit around and do nothing, what incentive is there to get a job when minimum wage pays less than unemployment? Not to mention that some of the people are honestly in a bad situation and not trying to milk the system, Why should they all be penalized because of the few who are? It is the system that needs to be worked on in order to prevent people from discovering the cracks and manipulating them, not the denial of aid to people who honestly need it.

  • Karen

    This was great! Love it. It does come back to the vote — you voted them in! That was a great recurring theme.

  • LibertyChick

    I wish all of the people of Ferguson would watch and hear Zo and this man too


    • Gas_Passer


  • Jolly

    “I don’t know why Michael Brown was shot”
    The only fact driven thing he said in a 8 minute diatribe chop full of generalization and slanted writing.
    Politicization 101 <<<<< page views

    • Lulu

      That’s why it’s called an “opinion” piece. He never claimed he was spouting facts… only his opinion.

  • goda

    Convenient that you did not show the many African American members of the community cleaning it up after the riots and looting.

    • Sean Jones

      or the picture of the Blood and Crip standing shoulder to shoulder protecting a business last night

    • Sean

      Well… Last night… I know this will sound crazy, so forgive me. I’m gonna have to say if you look at the post date, it’s on the 15th of August. So wouldn’t it be hard for him to insert the future into this? Come on man, simple little things.

    • Sean

      I’m curious to know, how many of them are from straight from Africa? It’s hard to call a black person African American, because he is black. People don’t call me German American. It just sounds silly. I’m sure a majority of them have probably never been to Africa, so why call them “African” Americans? How about this, how about citizens of AMERICA just be called flat out, AMERICANS. Unless of course they have dual citizenship or something of the sort. I will say this though, I agree, there are “hoodlums” of all races. Just like there are good people of the community going behind the youth of their community cleaning up. Due to the media frenzy behind this whole situation, the majority of media coverage has been of solely the negative things. Not the 75% who have been pretty peaceful in the protests.

    • Courtney

      No most of us are not directly from Africa hence the terms African American. We were born in America but our ancestors are from Africa, c’mon don’t tell you forgot that your ancestors are the ones who brought our ancestors here in first place…..idiot!!

    • Sean

      Idiot? Whom is the idiot when you know nothing my direct ancestral line. My ancestors were not wealthy individuals. Therefore, they could not afford slaves or the upkeep associated with the ill practice of slavery. So, who is the real idiot for commenting on such a sensitive part. Also, call me crazy but when Europeans first got to Africa guess who sold there continental brothers to the Europeans first? Africans. So, do a little research. Try not to turn to insults right of the bat. It down plays the message you are trying to send for others to see.

    • goda

      If you want to demonstrate knowledge here then you should really acknowledge that not *all* slaves were African, and not all slaves were *bought*.

    • Jay89

      Sean u are CORRECT!! I’m a brown person. Like u said if people would do some research they would know HOW SLAVERY STARTED anyway. African gave up their OWN PEOPLE for what the European was offering them because why THEY WAS GREEDY

    • Sue M-g Keller

      You must have forgotten that your ancestors are the ones that sold their own into slavery!

    • Henry

      My friend is from Africa. South Africa. He is white. He didn’t know what to check on his job application. White. Or African American.

    • lifesnotarehearsal

      Is he an illegal alien because he sounds like one if he doesn’t know the history of this country and what those terms refer to?

    • Susan Vorbeck

      I think his point is unless you’re Native American, we’ve all come from somewhere else. However, most of us are so far removed from the original country of origin that we no longer label ourselves that way. We are Americans. I’m not Irish/German American. I’m American. It’s also VERY likely that his ancestors did not, in fact, bring your ancestors here. It’s highly doubtful that my ancestors brought your ancestors here. In fact, a huge percentage of Africans were brought her by other Africans to be sold in the slave trade. It’s ironic that you call him an idiot when your entire comment is factually inaccurate.

    • Susan Vorbeck

      I’d like to add, blaming people for what OTHER people did hundreds of years ago is ridiculous. Slavery no longer exists. It was wrong. Discrimination still absolutely exists but to fix that, you have to be capable of carrying on a mature dialog. Bringing up your ancestors is completely irrelevant and just causes people to quit listening.

    • CatoYounger

      EVERYONE is from somewhere else depending on what point in history you want to point at. That whole meme is just lame.

    • lifesnotarehearsal

      So Africans owned the ships that brought slaves to the Americas? It’s okay to admit that white people in America bought slaves.

    • truthtalker

      And other ancestors of yours sold your ancestors to slave traders and many slaves were owned by black slave-owners (surprise!). If you are in this country LEGALLY (born here or otherwise), either you are an American, or a visitor. If you don’t like it, leave. What do you call a light-pigmented individual – white, cracker, Irish-American, German-American, something else? I have known real live AFRICANS, Jamaicans, British citizens, etc., who have been called “African-American” just because of their skin color and they get pissed. Read up on MLK, Geo. W. Carver, etc. and remind yourself of their feelings on being classified by ancestry and color of their skin.

    • MargaretAnn Gowans-Fulaytor

      mine didn’t, I was born in Glasgow Scotland. Some of my relatives came here as indentured servants. If you don’t know the term. look it up. Most of them were treated worse than slaves, due to there terms of service only being 7 years. White people might have brought you here but your own tribes or warring tribes sold you to the white man. None of you today have ever been slaves, so get over yourselves. The times has come for every one to stop depending on the Government for anything, it wasn’t meant for that. Reparations were made. Learn to stand on your own two feet, this Government is corrupt to is very foundation, Don’t be standing in line for a handout when it crumbles. If one man can work his way out of a bad neighborhood than you all can. But, that means work not drugs or hanging with your friends. It means hard menially labor. Go join the Army, Police, whatever it may take to you out of that neighborhood and to get your mom and sisters out too. If you don’t try than you are just a whiny ass punk and you are part of the problem not the cure

    • truthtalker

      Also, find one person in this country – or the world – who can trace all of their lineage back without at least one ancestor having been a slave.

    • so dumb…

      it was africans from warring tribes that sent your ancestors here. because people wanted to make money off of them. thats how things worked back then. people made problems with others and one side would end up killing or selling the other side into slavery. c’mon don’t tell me you forgot it was Africans that SENT you here. idiot

    • goda

      I was being respectful of heritage, much like I don’t appreciate being thrown into that White American category since I am not an American, I just live here. I tend to avoid calling someone “Black” since well it’s pigment and it rarely is “black”. Though I understand your point of view, though maybe you should rethink your narrow perspective as I live in a community full of Africans who are about to become Americans. So I tend to be on the side that every life matters and that just maybe this community has been so vilified that their identity will always be “criminal” as no matter what they do they will be shot at, tear gassed, ignored by their government, oppressed by the people who are supposed to protect them. I am sorry I did not use the correct terminology to please your perspective of who a person is. Just a point, I did not say that there were “hoodlums” of all races, I said it was convenient to not show the people who are peacefully demonstrating and standing up for the community they are living. It’s so easy to spin the narrative to formulate one agenda and the above video is just as bad as FOX news. As someone who lives in this country it’s pretty sad to see.

    • Lulu

      Because by then it’s too late. They’ve already proven how destructive they are towards that community.

  • bduper

    Ignorant tripe.

  • lifesnotarehearsal

    So this video talks a lot about how bad Democrats are, but doesn’t say anything about an alternative choice. I would have to assume that this guy is a Republican, so how exactly are Republicans better for this country (can you say W. Bush)?

    • David Brian Sheets


    • lifesnotarehearsal

      Would you care to expound on your belief that I’m an idiot?

    • Mark Dukes

      He doesn’t need to….you just did what all libturds do…BLAME BUSH.

    • Haters Gonna Hate

      Like all you retarded republicans do..blame Obama.

    • Haters Gonna Hate

      You conservatives sure like to throw around a lot of insults but very few answers. If you want people to take you seriously, you might want to reconsider the things you say.

    • Godzilla

      Democrats are disease.

    • lifesnotarehearsal

      You seem to be under the impression that I’m a democrat. I dislike both parties equally.

    • CatoYounger

      No, we just think you’re an idiot.

    • lifesnotarehearsal

      Can you expound on why you think this?

    • DMAC84

      But Obama was just voted worst president since WWII. It’s 2014, not 2005 anymore.

    • lifesnotarehearsal

      So I will ask again how are Republicans making this country better? If all democrats suddenly became republicans, so this country was 100% republican would this country be perfect and would you prefer a 1 party system (i.e. non-democratic)?

    • CatoYounger

      All Democrats couldn’t become Republicans – we work.

    • CatoYounger

      As mediocre as Bush was, he was much better than Obama. We had a 66% labor participation rate under Bush, we have a 63% rate under Obama. Obama has created more debt in five years than Bush did in 8. Obama has gotten troops killed in Afghanistan at over four times the rate Bush did. Food stamp dependency under Obama is around DOUBLE what is was under Bush. We also now have record homelessness under Obama (even if the media doesn’t cover it). Our country had its credit downgraded for the first time ever under Obama. Average salaries are lower. The average job created under Obama pays 23% less than jobs created before Obama took office. And that is if you have a job. There has been a NET loss of around 9 million jobs since Obama took office (that labor participation rate thing). Gas prices have doubled as have many food staples like milk. Almost the entire Middle East has gone radical Islamist under Obama’s watch, and Russia laughs at his “reset”. Russia and China (both of whom have no debt) see the US as so weak under Obama they are creating their own banking system independent of the dollar. And then there are ALL the scandals…

  • McDonald Ginny

    They riot, they loot, then get free stuff and ruin the local business.

  • Q


  • Catherine Otaguro

    Thank you Alfonzo for your summation of the facts. Sure is a help since the truth is not “reported” by msm.

  • Kenneth Matlock

    Word. 🙂 Preach it sir.

  • Joseph Lingerfelt

    Thank U Alfonzo

  • VoxVirtus

    This was probably one of the most articulate and well thought out responses that I have seen to this whole situation. You have just earned yourself a follower.

  • Ks Evan

    This guy should run for office, finally real Black leadership…!

  • djuannonly

    This guy is an idiot. He is presenting riotous and looting behavior as the norm in poor communities of color. It isn’t. A lot of this behavior is a bi-product of a perceived corrupt system whose mission is the destruction of Black men. I don’t know what liberal/progressive cities he is talking about, but he is dead wrong. I’m also pretty curious about which conservative/libertarian leaders can be counted-on to help Black people in any way. What will be the outcome when governmental protections for the disenfranchised are dismantled and when businesses and government de-regulations completely erode non-discrimination policies.

    • BCLJ

      To your question, the outcome will eventually be “self-reliance”. Can an individual depend mostly on self-reliance or mostly welfare to survive? A difference between self-reliance and welfare is that one is developed and earned, while the other is temporary and given. Both can sustain a living, but only one can sustain a Nation.

    • djuannonly

      BCLJ, your comment is as short-sighted and impractical as Alfonzo’s diatribe. Put conservatives and libertarians in control of government and see what happens to minorities and women when it comes to getting loans to start businesses, hiring practices in the private sector, getting into institutions of higher learning. Self reliance doesn’t even make sense in the modern world. A person in need might decide to trade welfare for “self reliance,” but without a job or an education, self reliance just means the inability to feed oneself. This nation is absolutely not sustained on self reliance, rather it is sustained (and I’m not being cynical here) by industry mostly made and kept through government tax breaks, subsidies, and welfare.

    • SRDR

      Right….and the democrats in control of government have made it SO much better, right??

    • CatoYounger

      We are spending almost $1 trillion a year on means-tested welfare programs right now. We’ve spent over $22 trillion since LBJ on the “war on poverty” and nothing has changed. In fact its gotten worse. How many jobs do you think $22 trillion could have created? It is a logical proof that every dollar confiscated by government is a dollar that can’t go to creating jobs. Then there’s the inconvenient fact we spend five times as much as it would take to simply give each poor family a cash stipend above the poverty level. Poverty is big business and it employs millions of middle class Democrats. You are truly dim if you think that the government creates and sustains everything. But then, you probably think paying poor young single girls to have babies is smart.

    • CatoYounger

      It always someone else, isn’t it. No one is responsible for their behavior except for people you don’t like.

  • Andrey Medina

    I agree but the problem with americans is that they think the government they have affects their morals

  • annicka

    This video is merely an anti-Democrat monologue and is worthless. It doesn’t provide any solutions to an issue that is fueled more by the lack of economic opportunity in the past and present (and perhaps future) than by political leadership. I fail to believe replacing elected politicians with other politicians of another party will alleviate these problems. Cincinnati is a Republican led city and has these issues day in and day out. Playing the “blame game” on a political party isn’t any different than blaming “the man”. Self reliance should be preached, not trying to recruit African Americans to vote Republican.

    • jes

      Cinncinati is a “republican” led city? Hmm well thats why were not on the top of list of high crime cities. Crime is every where but you’re severely blind to think that partisan values have no weight on how they impact a community.
      Democrats have a history of oppressing people, which in this case you evidently don’t know your history. Didn’t you know Democrats founded the KK K, while blacks were Republicans before they were democrats because racist democrats didnt allow blacks to be democrats? LBJ said “Im gonna make sure ni***** vote democrat for tbe next 200 yrs”. Why do think lyndon said that to keep blacks free from the system?? So yes its exactly like blaming the man!

  • Kevin Bergland

    Too bad the common theme here is that it’s”Government To The Rescue” People raised by law abiding citizens, not gangs or video games, become productive self sufficient citizens!

  • PaladinPierce

    Your using Logic Zo… Democrats don’t use it and when they hear it, they try to convolute and minimize it as much as possible.

    • djuannonly

      You thought that was logical? Explains a lot, I guess.

  • white guy

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! No matter how you spin it, it’s the white man’s fault. Be accountable for your own actions.

  • Mark Fuentes

    When academics say the apathetic rich one percenters are evil, it doesn’t automatically mean they’re saying poor people are good. They’re saying that there are people in this country who exist in places of financial and political power and have the ability to root out under-education and ignorance that runs rampant in the impoverished places of our nation. The same under-education and ignorance that breeds this type of violence and crime. They’re also saying those people don’t care to do anything about it and this is what happens. Yes, you can say those rioters are pretty messed up to loot and pillage in the name of “justice”….but it’s pretty shallow and simple-minded to write off the possibility that these are just symptoms of a deeper problem. Yelling at ignorant people from your YouTube channel and wishing they were smarter doesn’t really solve the problem, either. Wishing I hadn’t stumbled onto this from my facebook wall….definitely gonna be deleting some people from my friends list. lol.

    • djuannonly

      Well said, Mark. I’m having the same feeling about the Facebook company I’ve been keeping.

    • CatoYounger

      Here’s an idea Mark – maybe people don’t act the way they do because they’re poor. Maybe they’re poor because they act they way they do. Just do a logical experiment. Think of the whitest, middle class dude you know. Now, have him change his behavior to be sullen, combative, dressing poorly, cussing, sleeping around and fathering kids by several women, committing petty crime, going to jail. Where do you think this formerly successful white bread is now? His whiteness didn’t save him did it? Its not magic. Poor behavior leads to poor outcomes. That is an obvious fact that used to be common knowledge to people before liberal idiocy arrived.

    • Mark Fuentes

      So you think an overwhelming number of our society has chosen to “act poor”, given your “obvious” conclusion. Faced with this obvious fact, they opted for the behavior that would yield them a poor life? Maybe you should rethink your definition of common sense. Furthermore, your “logical experiment” is neither logical nor an experiment. It’s conjecture and guessing on your part. I do agree with you that poor behavior leads to poor outcomes. Your mistake, though, was to take our opinions and label them as facts. All I am saying is a large number of people born into poverty are ignorant of the paths they can take to overcome their circumstances. The “poor behavior” you describe is all they know…and most of us who know better are too caught up in our own lives to care about changing that. I include myself in that broken system. I am not so naive as to assume I am above all the hypocrisy. I just hate that some of you are.

    • Anthony Bevilacqua

      It is called educating yourself…plenty of self made people, who started with nothing, discovered that little fact. If education were more important to these people, then they would probably spend less time taking welfare or making minimum wage and lifetime entry level jobs.

    • Mark Fuentes

      That’s the point. It’s a little fact. I am a self-made man…born into poverty. Fed with foodstamps and free lunch at school. I had it in me to rise above my meager beginnings and become something other than a hoodlum or another welfare case. I’m not where I want to be, just yet, but I do take home a six figure salary, which I have for most of my 20’s. If my path were so obvious, I would be the rule and not the exception. I wouldn’t be the only street kid sitting next to Ivy Leaguers in my meetings. It’s so easy to tell people to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps when you’re a have. Well, I used to be a have-not and I’m telling you the culture of welfare, poverty, crime, minimum-wage jobs, and minimum-wage lives is not so easily overcome. It is beset on all sides by hopelessness, apathy, shame, derision, indignity, and oppression. We all sit here on hour high horses and argue over what they should do, when most of us don’t even know what it is to be like them. If you are like me and you have tasted that life only to pull yourself out of it, good for you. Be proud of yourself. Do not make the mistake of believing it’s that simple for the rest of them.

  • bosslady

    I have to say that the majority of blacks DO NOT APPROVE OF THIS FOOLISHNESS. Yes that’s right–THE MAJORITY. Go ahead and use the behavior of these handful of blacks to express the way that you REALLY feel ANYWAY. Yes, legal slavery is over but the DAMN TRUTH is that this country is run by, and I’ll be fair, many (not all) WHITE MALES who have inherited the mentality of their racist parents and who DONT GIVE A DAMN about anyone except those who run in so-called “elite circles.” Btw, I’m a 6 figure earning 35 year old black female and my taxes pay for the welfare that not just blacks use but also the low income socially displaced whites that you don’t give a damn about either. In order to get where I am in life, I have had to be 10 TIMES better than my white counterparts who are average if not subpar. I’m sorry but OPPRESSION is real. If you could at least acknowledge this one TRUTH, we would at least be on a path that is the beginning of a true reformation.

    • No Hyphen American

      Hey Black Boss Lady, how many of your brothers and sisters have you shared your “6 figure” salary with? Put your money where your mouth is. I’m Hispanic with a a 5 figure salary and I take care of my parents, my cousins and my friends where they need it. I don’t blabbermouth and blame “whitey”. I blame all the persecution complex “you owe me’ people out there. Like the mis-named “African-Americans” that couldn’t find Africa on a globe or the elitist entitled college Occutards from last year that thinks that their education is “owed” them by the successful people of the nation. True reformation is for the victim mentality to go away and people to start taking responsibility for their own successes and failures.

    • Drew caldwell


    • CatoYounger

      Actually, bosslady, you just had to keep your nose clean and work, just like millions of other Americans. It doesn’t make you special. The very fact you think it does just shows you don’t get it yet.

    • bosslady

      CORRECTION. YOU think I’m special. I simply stated the facts of my situation to let YOU know that not all blacks fit those stereotypical categories. Sounds like a bunch of haters out here. Here is something else to hate on.. my husband ALSO makes 6 figures, and INDEPENDENT of that, sponsors programs that gives low income students scholarships regardless of race. I don’t see color. Just ignorant mfs.

    • Reinhardt Schweinmörder

      Ooooh, “just ignorant mfs”. lol That sentiment clearly reflects that fine education you acquired. Was that an Affirmative Action school entry too, or were you vulgar before you got yo’ edjakashun?

    • bosslady

      Hey, you should cater your language to the audience that you’re speaking to. I found it quite appropriate for the likes of this crowd including YOU. Why don’t you find something real to dispute with me about seeing you don’t know me personally. I’m willing to bet one of your paychecks that I would run circles around you with the knowledge that I have without knowing anything further about you.

    • Pimp Sleazy

      Hey, cracker! It’s pronounced “edumacayshin”.

    • Paul Daughtry

      Oh my god. A bit full of yourself there Suger. I’m a 38 year old White male vet who was raised by a single mom with no dad. No silver spoon here.Woe is me mentaity of your idiotic rhetoric about race is complete an utter bullshit. Get over yourself and help your counterparts up to do the same. The fact that you did well is a blessing. The white girls making the same figures as you in the same field work just as hard.

    • bosslady

      Oh, you believe in God? Probably the one you have created yourself. No woe is me is over here but I have the right to speak on behalf of others who are oppressed. Let me say it another way since you are slow in reading or understanding: life in America is a game who’s rules and standards have been set by those considered the majority. To win the “game,” I’ve had to take steps 1 -20 instead of 1- 4 like some others have. Why? Because when you see my face or hear my name, you automatically are hesitant to even give me a try. I have to take steps 2 – 15 to show my worth, and 16 -20 to keep my worth in your eyes. A white bum on the street is more tolerated and seems less threatening to you than a black men in jeans. Such a shame and it’s that mentality that’s causing the oppression, not over me, but over other blacks. Why don’t you help to change the perception of your counterparts? To everybody who commented, oh I’m getting to you next. You think I’m angry anyway. Lol.

    • dominic28

      Even tho you made it and you were bless you are still ignorant. Nobody is out there to get you. I am not from this country and I got the same opportunity that my husband got . He is american and so far because I am try to get an education and be someone I get the same respect that he gets. He is white and I look black and I don’t feel like everyone out there is trying to get me

    • bosslady

      Lol. I never said anyone is out to get me. I won’t waste much words on you because you definitely don’t know wth is going on in my world..Riding on your man’s coat tail. Please be gone. Don’t want to embarrass you.

    • Reinhardt Schweinmörder

      BossWench, your response was quite condescending to dominic28; shame on you. Why is it that so many bona fide Africans who have immigrated here find so little stereotypical and prejudicial actions toward them? Could it be because they are not tainted with undue “expectations” of prejudice? Many American blacks have been raised with the concept that their lives will be surrounded by white prejudiced males, and many spend much of their day digressing about their lack of opportunities and bad experiences. It’s a shame, because when you spend such a great amount of time in that mindset, you actually hold yourself back. And the real truth of many employment opportunities, university selection and much more, is NOT that you had to be better than a white person to get in…but that you got in because of Affirmative Action, and that really really hurts your feelings. Oh, and 6 figure incomes aren’t all that big a deal in the Federal government in this age. Don’t let it go to your dread-locks.

    • bosslady

      Blah blah AND BLAH. Nobrainhardt, Dominic was put in her rightful place with my comment. No immigrant riding on the coattail of a white man who is able to introduce her to opportunities can say anything to me about what is going on in the world over here. You are simply on the other side of the fence looking in with your narrow brain. There have been actual experiments with white men who have dresssed in Hollywood makeup as a black and reported that there is definitely a difference in how they were treated. The same experience was reported with a black man in white makeup. I dare you to try it and see if you don’t get your feelings hurt. And yes, 6 figures is not really impressive, but my NET WORTH IS. Oh little spermhardt, if only you knew. I know that hurts your feelings. Again, I don’t see color. Just ignorant mfs like yourself. Officially checked.

    • bosslady

      Dreadlocks? No, but I’m sure you dread meeting strong women like me.

    • Pimp Sleazy

      Oh, and now people have rightful places? Didn’t you know that the first slave owner in America was Black? The plantation with the most slaves in SC was owned by a Black man? That, per capita, free black people owned more slaves than free white people did? And still couldn’t “take over” or whatever? Your twisted history is sickening. You just cut into that woman the way you imagine white people cut into YOU. Ya hypocrite. I was actually feeling some of the things you were saying but now I see you for what you really are. We all know what that is so I don’t even have to say it.

    • RJ

      Seriously…you had to take steps 1-20? All you had to do was show up because EEOC and Affirmative Action gives you double points for being a black female…STFU about your oppression because if you have any, it is self inflicted.

    • bosslady

      When you say that oppression doesn’t exist, you are saying that it never EVER happens. You are saying that 100% of the time, there is no oppression. How foolish when you are not on the receiving end of it and you don’t have an “all seeing eye.” I speak on behalf of those situations and people that i know. So, you STFU with your ignorant AZZ. Debate with me when you can actually prove that 100% of time, there is no oppression. Now let me wipe you off the bottom of my shoe.

    • Anthony Bevilacqua

      You’re full of crap. You got you to where you are based on your accomplishments and you shouldn’t waste time whining about being oppressed because life sometimes isn’t fair. I too have seen my share of undeserving people promoted over me because of who they know or blow. It is called life, and no it isn’t fair…but if you honestly think that earning 6 figures means you’re oppressed I would love a slice of your oppression. Twenty years ago I was living in a one room trailer park, with no college and a job at a fast food restaurant…I worked hard, took my opportunities, paid for my own education…today I own a home, have a stable job, have a B.S. and am working on a M.A. and have been able to provide a higher standard of living for my children because I worked my ass off. Your oppression is BS, it is not truth, it is whining and excuse making that undermines all YOU have worked for. If you were really oppressed, do you honestly thing the WHITE MALES would LET you have a 6 figure income? I mean the oppressed do what they’re told to…that is how oppression works.

    • bosslady

      You misunderstood because you’re only reading into it as you’d like. Forget my income. I know that makes you mad anyway. My point was that there is still not a level playing field and you just won’t get it until you wake up black. Honestly, a black person has to prove much more and be much better to even be considered or given the same respect as a white person with less qualifications. Yes there are some lazy blacks but I’m not talking about those, who I myself loathe. I’m talking about hard working individuals who have done it all right, tried to make a move where the selections were narrowed down to he and a white person, but because of the perception about blacks, he didnt get it. And this post does nothing but feed that negative perception. So screw you. Yes, I’m blessed, overcame oppression but many will not.

    • Sirrich1954

      Don’t waste your time talking to those who have no clue, bosslady…

    • wingnut1120

      Why do some black people think they’re the only ones who struggle… EVERYONE who is not born into money STRUGGLES…. I was abused as a child, raised by whomever I could find to live with after my parents divorced at the age of 10, was a single mom to 3 kids, worked my ass off harder than any man at a corporation that didn’t appreciate it because I wasn’t a man (race didn’t matter)… You think others don’t have a clue just because they’re not black… ? think again… no I don’t understand that a kid gets killed by a police officer that people think it’s ok to loot, vandalize, riot, etc…. ( I don’t care how oppressed you are (and oppression doesn’t only happen to black people) it doesn’t give you the right to act like a savage… so all this “we want justice NOW”… no one knows the full story yet… everyone in America is entitled to due process of the law… even cops… stop making excuses for peoples behavior or it will continue

    • Gina

      Then what is your solution? Talk is good, but what would be the solution for those who have done right only to not get a position or promotion, etc., because of the perception of blacks. Happened to me lots of times, but I could blame the system, get angry, and yell “screw you”, and rightly so. But then what? And to what end? I’ve known some black leaders who have cheated the system, stole from their own people/communities, and passed over a black person because of their perception of black people. All wrong decisions but do you blame the white man for that as well?
      The discussion is good, but let’s come up with a solution(s).

    • Gina

      …so you’re oppressed because you make a 6-figure income? Or because you make a 6-figure income the “white male who has inherited the mentality of their racist parents and who don’t give a damn…” want to oppress you? Which is it? Confusing that you complain about a system that oppresses you get you have risen from the ranks and are now educated and well-established. Black people now own developments, NBA teams, record companies, fortune 500 companies, are lead roles in popular movies and tv shows, hold Senate seats, president seats, etc., and there are still some black people who are 5 generation project families. Clearly it is a choice. Circumstances may dictate your present, but certainly not your future. C’mon, tell the truth and shame the devil! (And stop spitting out the same black rhetoric of oppression, the white devil, and the “system”!)

    • wingnut1120

      “many (not all) WHITE MALES who have inherited the mentality of their racist parents and who DONT GIVE A DAMN about anyone except those who run in so-called “elite circles.””so now who’s stereotyping….

    • bosslady

      Did you not see what’s between the parenthesis (not all)? Or did you just see what you wanted to see like everyone else does??

    • jaxx

      I congratulate you on your success. But I think the oppression you speak of is indeed real, except it is more like self-oppression. This isn’t the first time this behavior has been exhibited. Remember the Rodney King incident? Black people rioted and destroyed their own neighborhoods. I didn’t see them rioting down Rodeo blvd. It was the businesses in their own communities that were destroyed. Question: how many countless untold billions of dollars have been poured into black communities but yet they are still war zones with people killing each other over a few feet of sidewalk? Another thing, since you are speaking about how oppressed you were on your way to your station in life; how can you be oppressed with affirmative action edicts? Face it, blacks have been kowtowed to by guilty white liberals for the last 50yrs. but have yet to rise and overcome their circumstances as you apparently have. Point out a neighborhood anywhere in the country that is 85% or more black and a nice, safe place to live. Jim Crow is on life support and being kept there by Democrats and black “community organizers”. Stop blaming the ills of the black communities on this idea of “racist whites keeping us down” because that’s just a load of crap people use to make themselves feel better. Look inward instead for your TRUTHS. Just a thought.

    • bosslady

      Just bc it isn’t happening where you are, doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening somewhere! Go to places like Alabama and Mississippi where they are behind on the times. And even in these places, it isn’t every single city. But it does exist. If you can admit that discrimination exists, why is it so hard to believe that discrimination can hold people back? It’s because you only have in mind those blacks who you call lazy. Let’s talk abt those who are trying and how many more obstacles they have SIMPLY because they are black. Yes I made it …by being exceptional. My white counterparts ARE NOT! and are mediocre in the same skills that I have but receive same or greater pay. You say opportunities exist for all, but do they really exist if blacks don’t have the means to reach those opportunities? Yes, slavery is long over, you put ineffective AA into place, but how effective is AA if a person does not have access to the education or skills required to even get those jobs? If you want to say I got where I am because of AA, go ahead. I couldn’t care less. But you also prove that AA only works for EXCEPTIONAL blacks… exceptional over blacks and whites. The education (teach him how to fish) has not been and is not there! Where is the money that is “poured” into black neighborhoods? It definitely isn’t affording the great education that exists in white neighborhoods, which is needed to get those great jobs. Bring the same educational opportunities that exist there to black neighborhoods and then you begin to “stab” at one root of the problem. And while blacks do strive to create this same quality of education in our own towns, the white community also needs to bring it since it is that community that sets the standards and all the rules of “the game. ” that’s if you REALLY want to make the playing field level. And that’s not really what you want to do, is it? Just a thought.

    • jaxx

      So, you are telling me that in Alabama and Mississippi there are no community colleges, universities, or trade/technical schools located anywhere near black communities? Furthermore, are you asking me to believe black graduates of any of those institutions ANYWHERE, do not have the same oppertunities as any other race? Well I‘ll concede that right now, in Obama’s fundamentally transformed America there’s few oppertunities anywhere but, in normal times with competent leadership (R or D) I’m calling BS. Black people who want to succeed usually do. Looks like despite your success,you still have that “blame whitey” chip on your shoulder. Where’s the money you ask? I’d take a hard look at the so-called black leadership. I ask you, as a black person who fought their way out, who do black kids look up to? The hardworking college grad or the dope man with the new Benz? Maybe instead of bemoaning the fact that life isn’t fair you take a hard look at your communities,objectivity, and see why situations like Ferguson happen. After all, those people weren’t looting other communities,they were looting their own. Just a thought.

    • bosslady

      To answer your opening questions, no I’m not saying that. You are a moron for thinking I’m referring to college. I’m talking about the k-12 foundational education that is needed to even get into a college. Yes the best schools are not in those neighborhoods. Corrupt black leaders? Oh we won’t even go there. I won’t debate anything else you said. See my other posts for a corrective response to your uneducated assumptions. It just amazes me how you people know so damn much about a pair of shoes you’ve never worn. Sickening.

    • bosslady

      You can’t even spell opportunities. I let it slide the first time as a typo, but the second is just you being a dumb ass.

  • Blank

    So the riots and looting that happened after Michael Brown was shot, are the reasons that cop shot Michael Brown. And all of this wouldn’t exist if I would vote republican. I understand completely now.

    • CatoYounger

      No, obviously you don’t understand a thing.

    • Anthony Bevilacqua

      no the rioting and looting that happened was as a default of the culture these people have raised themselves and their families into…they deserve what they take and the “man” is always out to get them no matter what, which is BS. One of my subordinates raised himself out of poverty in D.C. by educating himself on his own time and leaving his family to find a better life for himself when he reached the age of majority. He didn’t ask for a handout, he didn’t waive the white flag of I surrender, give me welfare and government cheese..he went and did. He votes independent, not straight ticket democrat, because he understands the problems inherent in a spoils system that the dems have set up to keep the poor people doing what they want for the handouts they will give to them.

    • Cambel

      SO I guess this video of White kids rioting is the default culture as well?


    • wingnut1120

      I don’t agree with the voting thing… I think voting is a farce… the powers that be are going to get the person they want into office no matter what they have to do (remember Gore/Bush)… but most of what this guy is saying is true if you hear it with an open mind…. people have to help themselves… no one will do it for you…. yes it’s gonna be harder for some than others no matter what race you are…

  • mujibarjackson

    I overheard 2 black inner city kids talking the other day….Why you ain’t Where you is What he drive Where he stay Where he work Who you be… And I blamed the kid until I heard the mother talk. And then I heard the father talk. Everybody knows it’s important to speak English except these knuckleheads. You can’t be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth. In fact, you will never get any kind of job making a decent living. People marched and were hit in the face with rocks to get an education, and now we’ve got these knuckleheads walking around. The lower economic people are not holding up their end in this deal. These people are not parenting. They are buying things for kids. $500 sneakers for what?? And they won’t spend $200 for Hooked on Phonics. I am talking about these people who cry when their son is standing there in an orange suit. Where were you when he was 2?? Where were you when he was 12?? Where were you when he was 18 and how come you didn’t know that he had a pistol?? And where is the father?? Or, who is his father? People putting their clothes on backward, isn’t that a sign of something gone wrong? People with their hats on backward, pants down around the crack, isn’t that a sign of something? Or, are you waiting for Jesus to pull his pants up? Isn’t it a sign of something when she has her dress all the way up and got all type of needles [piercing] going through her body? What part of Africa did this come from?? We are not Africans. Those people are not Africans. They don’t know a thing about Africa . With names like Shaniqua, Taliqua and Mohammed and all of that crap, and all of them are in jail. Brown or black versus the Board of Education is no longer the white person’s problem. We have got to take the neighborhood back. People used to be ashamed. Today, a woman has eight children with eight different ‘husbands’ — or men or whatever you call them now. We have millionaire football players who cannot read. We have million-dollar basketball players who can’t write two paragraphs. We, as black folks have to do a better job. Someone working at Wal- Mart with seven kids… you are hurting us. We have to start holding each other to a higher standard. We cannot blame the white people any longer. – Dr. William Henry ‘Bill’ Cosby, Jr., Ed.D.

    • ms. g

      Love, love, LOVE me some Dr. Bill Cosby!!

    • Pimp Sleazy

      Yes. And for saying that look what they did to him, what they’re doing to him (Bill Cosby)… Uncle Tom gets railroaded.

  • Amber

    That was such an intelligent and honest response! Couldn’t agree more!

  • GoJoe

    Love that message!

  • My2Sense

    One word to sum up this guys message. “Common Sense” something lacking in the world today!

    • my2sense

      Make that 2 words lol
      Think before I post

  • lo

    This dude has some valid points but is brain washed his damn self. “Voting” does not exist. Mfs are appointed.

    • dd

      so did you vote or nah?

    • nvoxo

      Very true

    • wingnut1120

      appointed by people who are voted into office

    • Pimp Sleazy

      Once again, a half-truth.

  • rickinfla33486

    A bit of education goes along ways. You said it all, my brother.

  • realitycheck

    “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”
    Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/m/martinluth297516.html#VGbxhI4qlR0wcPXg.99
    Martin Luther King
    This quote captures Rev. King’s message to mankind. The universe is neutral and will reflect back to you what you give it, good or bad.

    • Pimp Sleazy

      Right. And the content of Michael Brown’s character was violence, robbery, assaulting police. His mother is facing aggravated robbery charges herself. His step-daddy is a member of the Bloods gang. Do I need to go on? Simple: Do NOT attack an armed man and try to take his gun under any circumstances. Do not resist arrest. Have respect for your community, the people in it, the laws that govern it, and the police who are sworn to protect it. It’s less likely you’ll be shot.

  • JohnG4000

    The oppressor vs. oppressed construct is a threat to civilized society and needs to be attacked like a terrorist organization or a plague. Good people need to arm themselves with knowledge to combat this virulent mental disease.

  • Kelly Cornelius

    Spot on!

  • Getoff Mylawn

    Dude…YOU ROCK!!!!

  • ebeats99

    Love it!!

  • Armando

    Well put sir

  • ByeByeUSA AsWeKnowIt

    You are correct, sir.

  • DB

    I am so sorry to hear about anyone who gets hurt or killed. We are all Americans. I see injustice all the time. I look white however, I am Native American (Comanche). I am surprised how people treat me when they find out what my nationality is it is amazing the difference. We are one nation as I have had to learn.I was in the military for 20 yrs. The person next to me was my brother or sister there was no race. I counted on them to be there for me as they did me. I thank God they were. We are all Americans, I have learned that from my experience and life. We should all be brothers and sisters. Anyone who thinks different needs to reconsider there lives and priorities. There no one who can defeat us as a Nation. Fine peace in yourself and you will find true peace and will forget the few who are not the best they can be and will not fault or excuses other for their actions.

    • Imtoooldforthis

      First, thank you for your service to our country. Second, your statement is nothing but truth and I hope people will absorb what you say when you speak.

  • red

    Mannnn this dude makes me so angry the fuckin Democratic party has nothing to do with policemen last time I checked we do not vote for policemen…it doesnt matter how he puts it we as a community can’t control the fact that Ferguson is 77,000 people with a 80% black population but 3/55 cops are minorities

    • h

      Actually you do vote in police chiefs and sheriffs. Those position are as public officials chosen by you or the people you vote into other public offices such councilmen, mayor, administrators etc. Those chiefs and sheriffs in turn appoint the other high ranking officers in their department such as colonels and majors. Who go ahead and police your cities and counties according to whatever agenda they have.

    • f

      Yeah but who says the people running for these positions are democrats. Odds are they vote GOD. lmao.

    • LuckyTime

      what? Are you saying that the black community does not vote democrat?

      and having a democratic belief you believe in a stronger and oversized government, which would include the size/power of police.

    • j

      Yeah, bringing the Dems in this might be a little stretch, but I think his message is more on the bounds of taking control of your community by being more responsible citizens.

    • blackthunder

      Apparently 52 /55 cops are minorities in that neighborhood

    • nvsom

      Last I checked, you don’t get voted in to be a police officer, you apply to an academy, pass and get a damn job. Sounds like the “racial divide” in the police force is self inflicted by the black people in Ferguson

    • Imtoooldforthis

      Most black cops don’t want to work in your community and I don’t blame them. They get no respect. They get verbally abused and looked down on by your upstanding(snark) citizens and they get the added privilege of watching the people wonder why the cops react first and ask questions later. If I were a black cop I’d rather work in a community that greets me with a smile and says good morning officer instead f&&& off Uncle Tom. There are many black cops in the towns in and around me and every one of them says just what I just said to you. Until you show people that YOUR community is capable of being civilized you won’t get minority cops to work there. You’re right, this has nothing to do with politics and EVERYTHING to do with the attitude of the blacks living in Ferguson. They made the mess and nobody can clean it up but them. So stop whining and start cleaning.

    • jj

      Pay em off and get over it . The punk was a thug, doin thug stuff he got himself killed good thing it happened now and not after he killed someone like the store clerk he had just robbed. I don’t believe the police officer had anyother choice a 6’4″ 300 pound pissed off 18 year old punk is a weapon , if you don’t think so just ask the N.F.L.

    • bosslady

      As much as I hate thieves, death is not an equivalent or just punishment for them. The law does not allow you to kill people if they steal from you. Let’s just admit, and frankly, you just did, that the police officer was afraid and killed him bc of that. Why was he afraid? Because as you stated, it was a BIG black man which is always perceived as a dangerous threat…even if he is suited up.

    • Pimp Sleazy

      How about if he had managed to get that gun and shot that cop? There would have been no riots, no looting, no international coverage. 2 days after THIS incident an unarmed white teen in Utah was shot dead by a Black cop. Didn’t hear about THAT did you. No. Because white people don’t automatically play the RACE CARD every single time one of us becomes a “victim”. By so doing you dilute your message, weaken your position, your cause loses respect and people come to think that you believe you and your unmanaged brats think you’re immune to the same laws and standards as everyone else. I resisted arrest once. The white cop broke my arm after I was cuffed on the ground, then emptied not one but TWO cans of mace in my face, asking his partner for his can while holding my head back by the hair. All because I was white.

    • Where’s the link? Stop making up stories about black on white crime. Or, black on white shootings by officers.

  • alan

    It amazes me how people expect to be respected, for doing things that aren’t respectable….Priceless !!!

  • Tim Kramer

    Wow man, I got a ton of respect for you after seeing this video

  • Eliud Ortiz

    Man thank you for being honest and keeping to facts and not bull crap!! We need more of your kind in media!! Intelligent, and insightful journalism!!! Thank you once again!!! I am definitely following you!!!

  • Sergio Rangel-Ibarra

    HAhaha. Love the title. didnt get until after i had watched the video though.

  • Gloria Godwin

    I watched the video several days ago and I swear … I spit Dr Pepper all over myself when you mentioned the theft of boxes & boxes of hair extensions being stolen! LOL Sitting here laughing again. As always, spot on!

    • Thank the author of the piece. He’s accomplished exactly what he set out to do. The outcome is between he and his conscience and his god. He will learn one day that black is black and white people don’t differentiate, even when you’re a nasty self-hating person clowning your own people. He delivered to the base beliefs of people that love anything that debase others and give them something to club them with, but reject anything positive written about these same people. You’re a very small person that will never advance in this world.

  • Paying Attention

    If you don’t understand that a tool of the system being used to kill the citizens it is supposed to PROTECT AND SERVE is a problem, you ARE the problem, though the title of this article made that abundantly clear. You don’t have to be white to be a part of a racist institution, dude.

    • Sherry Jones

      You obviously missed the whole point. The citizens being killed by that tool of the system are the very same citizens who put that system in place and are keeping it there. If those citizens want to stop getting killed by those tools, they need to realize what’s happening and remove the system.

    • Imtoooldforthis

      A cop is not a tool. A cop is a living, breathing human being with feelings, a family, a life outside the job just like you. The police are not supposed to PROTECT AND SERVE AT THE COST OF THEIR OWN LIVES. Are you willing to die doing your job? Are you willing to become permanently disabled doing your own job? If the answer is no then shut up. The major job of any cop is to make sure they get to go home to family and friends at the end of the day. You sound like the type of person who would call the police because there’s a naked man with a butcher knife in your backyard and then get mad because the cops won’t go in the yard to remove him from your property. Cops are not there to get stabbed or shot or beat for you they are there to assess the situation and wait out the criminal if possible or take forceful action if necessary. When you start looking at civil servants as human beings maybe they’ll do the same for you.

    • I’m not impressed with cops, nor obedient to them. They are employees of the state or city they work in. They are not authority or gods. They are hired to protect property and not people. You expect respect to be given to people that don’t know how or even want to give respect to the people of the neighborhoods they “protect”?

      What has begun to happen that is making me hate them less and that is they are beginning to shoot and kill white people. LOL. What I find amusing now is how many white people are growing angry that black people don’t march or riot or show outrage for their plights. You reap what you sow.

  • Joshua Martin

    No one said poor people are virtuous. Kick the poor low enough they will act lowly. Give them a job as a republican mouthpiece and they won’t risk crime. Oh Hi! Those people have nothing to lose and no idea how to get out of that shithole.

    • Zo

      They’re certainly not gonna get any useful tips from you how to get out. All you offer them is more fuel to go around in an angry circle in. Why don’t you go and complain about the left wing mouth pieces? Guess your ok with people getting rich off of race baiting and class warfare. And if you think republicans don’t do anything for black folks, why would the give any of us a job? I know this is hard for you to grasp, but the republicans didn’t change me from being a thug by giving a job. You got it way backwards. You get a job by not acting like a thug.

    • Imtoooldforthis

      You just said that “those” people are too stupid to know that getting an education and starting at the bottom of the ladder in a job is better than being a thug. You haven’t listened to Zo tell all people that education and God are the answer to their problems. YOU are an idiot if you think that “those” people don’t know how to get out of their situation. They do know. The real question is are “those” people willing to work as hard as those other people, like Dr. Ben Carson, did to get out of the shithole?

    • JOE6PACK

      I think the answer is simple. Keep voting and relying on democrats. It’s been working great for the last 50 years, hasn’t it?

  • Devin Dineen

    everyone has an opinion and a judgement, even though they have only seen one side of the spectrum their entire lives…. there is no simple answer for anything anyone is talking about. Every single person is different, and to clump all poor black people in to one large group, and all republicans into another is just ignorant. There are good and bad people in ever single group, race, political party, etc. Hard work alone is not enough to get out of the ghetto, and voting is not enough to change, well, anything. Everyone sits at their computer screen and just talks, but nobody ever says “I have no idea what it is like to be in that situation, because i have never been in said situation myself, so therefore I don’t have the knowledge or specific experience to judge the circumstances.” You all believe that your way is the right way, and are too ignorant to just admit that you just don’t know. The wisest man knows he knows nothing.. but in America everyone has an opinion, and since its yours, your gonna wave it everyone’s faces until your arms collapse. I have no answers, I have no solutions, but just pointing at each other differences continues the endless cycle of the problems. Start listening to each other, stop trying to win arguments for the sake of your ego.

  • Robert

    Have you seen this response to the shootings in Ferguson,MO?


    • bosslady

      Thanks for posting. I bet they didn’t even watch.

    • Pimp Sleazy

      Ok, hold on a minute. Since when was this about racism? It was about police brutality. Stop it. I have hundreds and hundreds of links to local news stories about kids (BLACK kids) assaulting white people on the streets of this country every single day. It goes unreported at the nationwide level. Who’s making this about race? EVERY single TIME something happens to a black person it is instantly about race. EVERY TIME. What about the couple in Tennessee who were raped, tortured, and murdered by a gang of Black thugs, including a female? Underreported. The 100+ Black teenagers who attacked white people in a Kroger parking lot in Memphis not too long ago? Underreported. I am not kidding you. Knockout game? Don’t tell me it isn’t real because I myself have been a victim of it and when I didn’t fall, I fought back, several nearby Black ADULTS jumped in screaming “Beat his white azz, Beat his white azz”. Why? I had the audacity to be on my way home from work and had to transfer busses. So STFU about this “we’re so innocent” BS. Black teenagers are perpetrating hate crimes and violent crimes at record levels, all underreported. This is such BS. That “teen” was not shot because he was Black. Period.

    • You poor thing. Here’s a clue; when you are only able to get corresponding agreement about some story pulled from a right wing website. This should alert you to the fact that the story was pulled from the tail of a fiction writer. If you want the story verified for you post it to any of the hosts’ pages from MSNBC. If it’s true the people that read their pages and posts will verify the stories for your lazy ass.

    • God. You’re one of the fiction writers; wanting to be outraged and angry when others don’t get outraged over your lie. Shut Up your delusional mind.

    • Valencia Smith

      Do you know of any country ever in history that has ever eliminated any “isms?” If so, go there.

  • bosslady

    And… For those who like to throw Affirmative Action around, the primary beneficiaries are white women, far greater than any other minority group.

  • Just Gloria

    Sharing this again. It seems the looters needed more hair extensions. Posted an hour ago: “An owner of Beauty Town pauses while cleaning up inside her business on West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson on Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2014.” http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/one-store-vandalized-another-set-on-fire-in-ferguson/article_309231ff-6846-58ca-8ea3-7289c01365c5.html#.VCJmTBD8yiI

  • My friend Jesse Lee Peterson wrote Yes, There Really Is A War On Black Males http://www.bondinfo.org/blog/yes-there-really-war-black-males and I highly recommend this to all members of the human race. May Americans begin praying for the way to bring peace and justice to all our people.

  • rashid noman

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  • Zoe Smith

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