Zo: Even Buzzards Tripped On The Ferguson Scavenging.


The looters looted over Michael Browns Death. The left wing media shoots and spins trying to scavenge all the ratings they can by instigating race and class warfare.
The protestors try to scavenge every ounce of white guilt they can get. The race Hustlin’ Hyenas stay rich by keeping people angry, making excuses for inexcusable behavior, and keeping people marching in a circle. Hear more in this ZoNation

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  • Nyla James

    But what about the real issue behind it all? Why isn’t anyone discussing the puppet masters??? https://www.commonsenseforlife.com/ferguson-story-goes-deeper-eye-can-see/

  • Nyla James

    WAKE UP!! The end goal is total domination and wiping out all liberty and freedom. And it’s being done right under our noses while we look at riots and racism and Obama and bicker about the honor of our local PD.

    ALL current politicians are part of the lower level problem. The offices have been infiltrated and America is already on its knees. That is what the RAP (www.thereclaimamericaproject.com) is all about–taking our country back at the polls.

    It’s the only way we can fight back against those much bigger and much badder than Obama or the current administration–the ones hiding in the shadows behind world banks and corporations, from taking over, raping and stomping these United States.

    It’s like all of America is at a puppet show. And we are watching the show and being moved, entertained, incensed, motivated, devastated–in a word DISTRACTED by what we see and meanwhile the Puppet Master is cleaning us OUT, walking through the theater aisles, rifling though our pockets, chaining us to our seats, and stealing our children because he could, because we allowed it, because The Puppet Master’s distraction was a success and we were all fixated on it and never noticed a thing….until it was too late.

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