Afterburner with Bill Whittle: It’s a Miracle!

“Barack Obama said something stunning. He thinks that government is responsible for private sector success, not individual initiative and hard work. This doesn’t surprise Bill Whittle, who reminds viewers that Obama was surrounded by socialists growing up, and even started his political career in the living room of a radical, violent socialist. See a detailed history of Barack Obama’s left-wing background, on this Afterburner.” Declaration Entertainment

  • Yet again, the good folks from PJTV do the work the LSM (Lame Stream Media) won’t do! Excellent job Mr. Whittle, and thank Zo for the tip.

  • uksofie

    Wow! Keep up the great work Zo of spreading the truth. Gawd Bill Whittle is so nerdy and spot on! We need you and the the Whittles for this election!

  • Zan

    People like to say “oh, he was taken out of context, he meant that you didn’t build the roads and bridges”. Even in this context, what Obama said is horrible. If you and I put in money to build a road, it’s so that we can both use the road. That’s it. If I use the road to go visit my family, and you use the road to build a business, that doesn’t mean I was responsible for creating your business, nor am I entitled to the fruits of your hard work from that business. Obama seems to think that I should get credit for building your business just because we both use the road.

  • Shawn Clever

    I’ve listened to the President’s comments here, over and over… Even granting that he might have been referring to the statement he made 3 sentences back about “roads and bridges” you cannot escape the overall thrust of his argument, that government is responsible for the success of business and that in the President’s mind, the individual sacrifices and risk taking of bold investors and businessmen and women is nothing compared with the debt owed for infrastructure support. Yes, Mr. President. WE DID BUILD THAT. WE paid for roads, bridges, schools, sewers, high-speed data. WE PAID with our taxes, bond issues, fees, and purchases of products from existing businesses that allowed them to expand and fund city development. Those things don’t exist APART from business– they exist BECAUSE of business.

  • BurnerT

    So let’s say O is right the majority of companies “didn’t build that” referring to the roads and infrastructure. Does that not insinuate that all infrastructure is built by big brother? I am aware of several small to mid-size companies that DID, in fact, “build that.” My family is one of those companies that started from nothing and found success building “that.” You see, the majority of companies building roads and the associated infrastructure that accompanies said roads (i.e. excavation, bridges, retaining walls etc) are all privately held firms. Once completed, they are turned over to the state or feds for plowing snow or mowing the median. We DID build that!

  • Guest

    Obama will win and this is the reason. You’re all stuck with old tactics that failed in 08, hoping against all logic that they’ll work now. Oh, we got this!

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