Kareem Shoots, Scores, and Misses the Point On Ferguson

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar says, in Time Magazine, that Ferguson illustrates deeper problems than just racial inequality—class-warfare! Hear Zo’s response.

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  • urbanvrwcmom

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is a Muslim. What he said reeks of taquiyya; lying for the benefit of Islam or an individual Muslim. Therefore, what KA-J says, should be taken with a grain of salt.

  • Scott M. Kruchell

    This was good, I really liked it. I have lost count of how many times I have had someone talk to me about RICH, WHITE REPUBLICAN’S, and how they don’t care. I usually come back with some thing like, name 5 of these so called rich white republicans. They can’t or they say somebody like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Oop’s both of those are democrat’s. How about rich democrats? The Kennedy’s, the Rockefellers, GEORGE SOROS, Al Gore, the Clintons, the Obama’s, Oprah… I think I have made my point. How do we get this point out to the “uninformed”. When everything is geared to entertaining and keeping them that way. That is the problem, it seems like were dumbing down America to it’s LOWEST common denominator.

  • Sherry Jones

    Excellent point, as always Zo. I think the next time someone starts in with that “evil, rich people” nonsense I’ll use that as a rebuttal. We’ll see how many liberals I can get to swear at me lol

  • d thater

    Great logical argument that can’t be refuted. Common sense, realistic and simple terms that all conservative minded people prove and invoke every day in every thing they do. Great plan, one only has to believe in its basic wisdom and implement. The rest will fall into place. Well done sir, well done

  • Sunshine Kid

    Hey, when it comes to evil rich people, I can think of the Clintons, Obamas, Pelosi, Reid, Wassermann-Schultz, . . . .

  • AlwaysRight

    Yes, the wealthiest people in the House and Senate are Democrats. Oh, but they care.

  • white lightning

    This is the classic problem with Soviet economics. It’s all fun and games until you run out of other people’s money.

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